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Top 10 pubg players in world

Top 10 Pubg Players In World 2022

Hello guys, in this topic we will discuss the world’s top 10 PUBG players. As we all know Pubg mobile and PC are now on another level of gaming. PUBG has become the heart of all gamers and ever since the “PlayersUnknown Battleground” game arrived, it has topped charts globally. The popularity of Pubg keeps increasing and it has created some of the best Pubg players. You will see here top Pubg players all around the world and their team names and country. Let’s have a look at the list of top 10 Pubg players in world.

A List Of Top PUBG Players In The World

   Player’s name       Team    Nation 
1.XQF ParaboyNova EsportsChina 
2.XQF OrderNova EsportsChina 
3.BTR ZuxxyBigetron RAIndonesia
4.JonathanGodlike Esports India
5.RRQ EarnnyRRQ AthenaThailand
6.33Swan Four Angry MenChina
7.ScoutOPTeam SoulIndia
8.MortalTeam SoulIndia
10.TQ MarcoTeam QuesoUruguay 

This is the Top list of best players of Pubg all around the world. They are not even the best in rank pushing or maintaining k.d, they are best in all sectors of PUBG. They are on the list of top 10 Pubg players in world by their best performance they are now on top from bottom.

#1 XQF Paraboy PUBG Player In The World 

XQF Paraboy pubg player

The real name of XQF is Zhu Bocheng and he belongs from China, XQF Paraboy is on the top of the list because he is the like GOD of Pubg. Paraboy playing skills is on another level in Pubg and he is the Chinese assaulter, there is no other like him a player in the world of Pubg mobile. Paraboy play with 4 finger claw which is Pubg mobile best control layout.

His team name is Nova XQF, and he was the MVP player on PEC- 2020, also he won the PEL Season 2 and the PEC 2020.

#2 XQF Order 

XQF Order Pubg Plaber

Cheng Zehai is on second on our list of top 10 Pubg players in world. He is also a great player on his team and he is known as an XQF Order in-game. When it is on Pubg, he is China’s best player Pubg and he also played alongside Paraboy in PEL in 2019. In close-range combat, he is a destructor, and most of the time he does omnipotent work for his team. XQF Order is the second player on its team who is on the list of top Pubg players in the world.

#3 BTR Zuxxy

BTR Zuxxy Pubg player

Made Bagas “Zuxxy” Pramudita is belonged form the Indonesian Professional Pubg mobile player and currently he is playing from Bigetron RA. Zuxxy becomes the first winner of Esports Mobile Player of the Year by Esports Awards. He is a high-rank player of Indonesia Pubg Player and he also has his own YouTube channel. Zuxxy is the four-finger player with a gyroscope and he has over 1.7 million subscribers. He also has the award of Esports Award of Pubg mobile and he is in the 3 places of top 10 Pubg players in world.

#4 Jonathan

Godlike Jonathan Pubg Player

Currently Jonathan is on another level well-known Esports player in the Pubg game community. He is a top great level player of Pubg who completes all major leagues and tournaments of PUBG all over the world. Jonathan has over 2.09 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and he is two finger player who uses the gyroscope in-game. Jonathan uses the best PUBG sensitivity setting for mobile. He is one of the best players in the world in using gyroscopes and he also counts in the top 10 Pubg players in world.

#5 RRQ Earnny 

RRQ Earney Pubg Player

RRQ Earnny is a well-known Pubg assaulter, he plays a prime role in his team. Also, he rose to international prominence as a result of his 1v1 in close battle victories and he is the most skilled DMT user. Currently is one of the best Pubg mobile players and that’s why he is at no.5 on the list of Top 10 Pubg players in world. Earnny plays a significant role in his team’s evolution since joining RRQ Athena.

#6 33Svan

33svan Pubg player

33Svan is known as the best snipper and backup supporter player, he is widely regarded as the great player of Pubg. He also won the 2021 World Championship final of the PUBG Mobile World Championship League. 33Svan is the MVP of PMGC during the league stage and still, he maintains the name of  Damage Master and Last Man Standing at PMGC.

#7 ScoutOP

Soul Scout pubg player

If you are an Indian PUBG fan, you have heard the name ScoutOP. He is India’s one of the most considerable famous PUBG players and he is also known as Tanmay Singh. He also has a channel on Youtube for Pubg content and over 3.49 million YouTube subscribers with that he is in the top 10 Pubg players in world. As we know that he is the first Indian player who reaches on Conqueror level and he also won the first position in the Qume Bitcoin Cup and Fighting League 2018-India. Even he was the first Indian in the finished PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Asia in 2018.

#8 Soul Mortal

Soul Mortal Pubg player

Mortal is an Indian player and he belongs to Team Soul. The real name of Mortal is Naman Mathur and born in Mumbai or also raised in Mumbai. He created his youtube channel and now he has around 6.35 million subscribers. Mortal is one the best Player of Pubg in India and he uses four-finger clay to play with leading his team Soul as a Leader. He also won the Championships of PUBG India Series 2019 and Sprint Split India. That’s why he is in the top 10 Pubg players in world.

#9 Coffin

We all know that Coffin is a very well-known player of Pubg all over the world. He is also a content creator and publishes things related to PUBG on his Youtube channel, he has over 1.12 million subscribers. He is the best player in Turkey and uses two fingers in gameplay. He start his Youtube channel in 2017 and from that day he has never looked back. Everyone considered him as one of the Top 10 Pubg players in world.

#10 TQ Marco

TQ Marco pubg player

Marco Poppitti, is also known as TQ Marco. He has won the PUBG Mobile Pro League – Fall Split 2020 – America and also PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split – South America. He is treated as the crown king of Pubg in his country because as we all know that he plays very well. Marco’s success is increasing by his good performance that’s he is on the list of top 10 Pubg players in world.

The Best Players in the World 2022

These all are the best players in the world. They had won many championships through their hard work performance and they had also faced intense fights. They all started from the Bottom and now they are all in our hearts, they made Pubg an Esports Games. Even many people start playing Pubg by watching their performance on their streams.

How Many Players Play Pubg In World?

Over 363.84 players are playing PlayersUnknown Battleground (PUBG) according to the record of 2021. That’s why it is one of the favourite games in the world.

PUBG Player No 1 In The World

XQF Paraboy is no. one player in the world with his best performance and ability to play Pubg.

How To Become No Pubg Player In World?

In order to become a professional Pubg player, you need to give more time in-game. Skills matter but devices and internet connection also matter to become the no player in the world.

Which Country Plays Very Less PUBG?

There are few countries where fewer people play Pubg.

  • In Russia, only 6% of players play
  • In South Korea, 5.5% of players play 
  • In Japan, 4.3% of players play 
  • In The United Kingdom, 4% of players play 
  • In Germany, 6% of players play

Who Is The King Of PUBG In World?

According to the records, the no.1 team running is Suk from Pubg mobile Team Four Angry Men Topped on the kills chart of PMGC 2020 and also carrying 149 frags. Even he has also been awarded the League Terminator Title.

Is PUBG Pay to win?

Is PUBG Pay to Win?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds known as PUBG is a free-to-play online game. Battlegrounds is a multiplayer online game, created and launched by the PUBG Corporation and published by Krafton Microsoft Studios (Tencent Game) In South Korea. It is so popular game in entire the world and is played by lots of people for hours every day.

A lot of PUBG gamers think that is PUBG Pay to win and can I get money after winning the PUBG Game match? So here I provide the pieces of information about this, After reading this all doubts are clear regarding this question and also know more information about this game. 

Does PUBG Pay to Win in 2022?

The simple answer is NO, PUBG does not Pay to Win games. So many gamers think Is PUBG Pay to win then I cleared here that PUBG never pays to win if you win the match.

It’s an online skill-based shooter game that is played by a huge number of people. It is a completely free-to-play game, that is available for all devices like PC, Laptops, or mobile phones. Battlegrounds game played by two sets of players where hundreds of players are fighting and surviving from other team players.

In the Battleground if you survive at the last and with the match then you saw the popups with the message “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” and you got some points and rewards also. You can buy guns, skins, and many more assets that you can buy by using these points or rewards.

Is PUBG A Paid Game?

No, PUBG (PlayerUnknown Battle Ground) is not a paid game it’s a completely free-to-play online shooter game with lots of features and rewards. As you play the PUBG game then you get so many rewards and points that help you to buy clothes, guns skins, and many more. The game is published by Krafton Microsoft Studios located in Korea.

PUBG is playing with approximately 30 million daily active users globally. People like this game so much because of its free-to-play, superfine HD graphics, and beautiful eye-catching interface that attracts them to play. One thing that people think Is that PUBG pay to win. Then I clear that it’s not true, the game never pays to win. Whenever you play PUBG and win a lot of time, then you are able to increase merit in PUBG which is a major point for the player to increase their score.

Why Does The PUBG Game Become So Popular?

PUBG game is one of the most popular and most played games with approx 30 million active users per day including Adults, Mostly Children. It becomes so popular because of its Attractive Interface, Superfine HD Graphics, and no glitching while playing. No one wants any lags and glitches during playtime it is so hateful.

why pubg so popular

Everyone wants super smooth gameplay without any disturbance. After playing the match and if you and your team win the match then you got some rewards also and through it, you can buy clothes, skins, guns, and many more things. Battleground’s all these features make it so popular entire the whole world and people like it a lot.

Why Is PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) Free?

Here is the time 2022 and PUBG is free to use. PUBG became free as announced during game awards 2021 and Curd said “We came to make Battlegrounds free because we feel it is the right time to do this”. You can play this game for free and get online entertainment and enjoyment with your group of friends.

PUBG has gone free-to-play, which has resulted in a huge spike in the battle royale game’s popularity. Because of free, it has become so famous in the entire world. As you know that over 30 million daily active users play this game per day globally. So you can think of how popular it is. A lot of PUBG players play games with the best server for PUBG Mobile, which gives super smooth gameplay at a balanced ping.

Is PUBG Game Worth Playing? (Advantages and Disadvantages)

By now you must have known that the PUBG game how much popular in the gaming world and how much peoples play it. Whether PUBG pay to win or not then I want to say that the PUBG game Never pays after winning the match.

But in actuality, there are no advantages that give benefits to you. it’s just a waste of time. There was a time when games are available only for computer games. But the time changed when the PUBG game come and become so popular after 2018. 

Below I discuss some Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing PUBG games.


Relief from Daily life problems – 

It’s no doubt that video game gives you relief from your daily life problems. After a tiring day when you come home and play a PUBG game then feel some fresh relief from tiredness.

Multi Tasking –

If you play PUBG games on the daily basis then your multitasking skills are increases and you can perform more than one task at one time.

Increasing Focusing Power – 

Let’s make a scenario for this if you are in PUBG gameplay and you are in the open field and you saw an enemy from approx 500m away and kill them and also you safely hide in a safe place. This is all the sign of your Focusing power and as you play your Focusing power goes on the increase. 


Losing Concentration Power – 

Anything that is good benefits also has bad benefits. If you play PUBG Games for hours of time then it impacts your mind and decreases your Concentration Power and you lose your thinking power. 

Waste Of Time – 

PUBG’s One gameplay is approx about 30-35 min, and if your play supposes 5-6 games then you waste approx 3-4 hours every day. So give the value of your time, and play within limits. 

Addiction –

PUBG is a multiplayer game in which you have to survive out of 100 players After finishing a 30-35 gameplay you want also to play more. Also, people think nowadays PUBG pay to win but it is not like that PUBG does not pay anymore. All these make you addicted and it impacts directly on your mental health and physical as well. 

How Much Money Earn PUBG Game Per day?

PUBG Mobile earns approx $7.4 Million per day. The user thinks PUBG pay to win the game but it is not like this, It’s a free-to-play online shooter game that provides you with HD Graphics and amazing graphics. 

The Final Wording Is PUBG Pay To Win Game

I hope that With the above information, you will know the answer Is PUBG pay to win? You also know about some of its advantages and disadvantages. The game is relatively easy to learn and can be quite addictive. So I am not stopping you to play the PUBG game but play for a limited time only for the mind refresh, not for addiction.

Is PUBG a pay-to-Win game?

No PUBG is a kill-based shooter online game. Rather than you have to pay to PUBG when you go to buy skins and guns.

Is PUBG’s new State Pay To Win?

The newest version of PUBG’s new state doesn’t have any pay-to-win behavior. PUBG New State game is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

Can I play PUBG without paying?

Yes, you can play PUBG without paying any money. It is a free-to-play game for all.

Will PUBG Pay Real Money To Win?

PUBG is a free-to-play online shooter game. After winning it never gives real money but if you participate in its tournament then you definitely win the real cash after winning.

How To Increase Merit In PUBG

How To Increase Merit In PUBG? Earn PUBG Merit Instantly

In the PUBG Mobile game, 100 Merit Points are awarded to players. This decreases by 30 per game in the event of killing your own players. The player must keep a minimum of 60 merit points on his profile in order to avail of the multigame feature, here I will show how to increase Merit in PUBG  “PlayerUnknown Battleground”.

A lower number of Merit Points available In PUBG Mobile has created a whole new source of frustration. With the increasing number of incidents involving using aimbots as well as hacks, PUBG Mobile has a new method of preventing cheating and hacking in the game.

Additionally, in the past, they have witnessed players being exiled permanently or confronting Merit Points issues that take a significant amount of time to correct. Take a look below in order to know how to increase merit in PUBG instantly.

How I Rise Merit Points If I Have Less Than 60 Merit In PUBG Mobile?

The player’s merit is reduced by 30 points if the player kills a teammate. It could happen following several warnings and, sometimes it happens in rare instances that it can decrease the merit by 50 or more points.

How I Rise Merit Points If I Have Less Than 60 Merit In PUBG Mobile

There is the solution to increasing merit in less time is quite easy.“How to raise PUBG merit

One and only way to increase merit points in PUBG is to play solo classic matches. Another possible way is the distribution of points based on the way you complete the game.

  • Complete top 10 you will get +3 points
  • Complete the top 11th-50th-place/Position game you will get +2 points
  • For the complete game between the range of 51st-100th, you will get +1 point

These are steps you need to follow to gain your PUBG mobile merit.

If you are crazy about PUBG then you should check out this to know the top 10 PUBG players in the world. You can also check who they are about their team and how they got on this list, it will help you to make improvements in your gaming thoughts and skills.

How To Increase Your Merit In PUBG Fast If You’re Not Having More Than 60?

These are the steps you need to follow to increase PUBG merit points, have a look below.

  • Start playing SOLO Traditional Matches.
  • The distribution of points is determined by how well you did the game.
  •  Maintain an eye on the merit of the point by simply visiting the profile

How To Increase Merit In PUBG Mobile Game Without Playing?

You have to play in order to improve your PUBG rank because there is only one way you can increase PUBG merit by playing as much as you can.

If you join forces with a cheater several times per week, for each offense 15 merit points be cut.

If you kill your teammates and are reported or discovered the merit PUBG points are recalculated in a proper manner.

If you are also facing high Ping problems, there is the “Low Ping VPN For PUBG” which will help you to play PUBG in a great way without any lagging.  Even you are also able to play with your best skill with the fastest speed and lots of servers, also carrying a huge discount so grab now by using the coupon code

Why Is My Merit Not Growing In PUBG?

Your rank will increase only when you take part in matches on your own and points of merits are earned based on your ranking. You must play more matches every day. If your score is lower than 60, then you’ll be limited to single matches only. 

You must play matches in solo mode to improve your standing. So just follow all the steps to know How To Increase Merit In PUBG, this is the only way you can grow your merit in PUBG.

Which Map Is Ideal To Increase Merit In PUBG?

Which Map Is Ideal To Increase Merit In PUBG

Six maps are available for players to increase merit in PUBG in these maps, which are Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Livik, and Karakin. Of the various maps in the game, you can play any map to get merit in PUBG. The main point here you have to play in order to get your merit up in PUBG mobile.

To become a great player in PUBG, you also need good sensitivity, this is an important part of your gameplay. Getting proper control in sensitivity lets you handle any fighting situation, So make a click to know the Best PUBG Sensitivity Settings For Mobile.

What Is The Reason For Merit Loss In PUBG?

They are killing teammates (detected through the program and then reported to teammates) 20-Merit penalty on the first offense. In the event of multiple violations within seven days, the second incident results in a 30 Merit loss. Each subsequent incident is a loss of 60 points.

What Happens If You Lose Merit In PUBG?

Well, if you have known” how to get your merit up in PUBG mobile”, you will be taken away from particular privileges and get penalties. The lower the Merit point you have, the worse it will become. Fundamentally, you have to keep your Merit points in PUBG Mobile above 90 points and simply, don’t let it fall below 60 points.

If you want to be on the list of the highest level in PUBG then must check out more information that will help you to know how to do that and also other benefits.

Get Conquerer achievement and more in-game level increase information like which PUBG level will give you great outfits and achievements.

How Do I Check My PUBG Merit?

These are the steps that will help you to know to check your merit, take a look below in order to know.

How Do I Check My PUBG Merit
  1. Start up PUBG Mobile from your mobile.
  2. Tap the icon of your player at the upper right edge of your screen.
  3. Select the Tier Overview tab, and the Merit score will appear in the lower left corner. For a reminder that the higher your score, the better, So try to score 100

You need to use the given steps in order to know your merit. So use these steps and start playing with your friends again.

Want to Play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with your best skill to become a great player? Then you need to check out Fragger’s meaning in PUBG, which will help you to know more about teamwork or skills and just overcome with your best skills.

How Do You Acquire PUBG Merit?

In order to increase merit in PUBG, you need to play the classic games, matches will help to earn the merit. You will get merits for finishing the top 10 positions, and you will earn 2 merits after finishing 11th to 50th place.

You will get a single merit when you die in position 51st to 100th place. This is the only way to earn or increase merit. Many online games are coming into the market and keep growing. As we all know, mobile games have kept growing since the pandemic, so just check out the Here Are Five Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile Game.

Does Merit Increase In PUBG Automatically?

The players can fix the merit via good manners in Classic Mode. They will obtain 3 merits for finishing in the top 10 positions, while a finish between 11th and 50th place would earn them 2 merits and single merit for 51st to 100th place. Asunder from this, there is no other method to raise merit.

All of this means you have to play in order to increase merit in PUBG and it will increase match by match just according to your positions. Even also it will help you to get more achievements too just by playing.

What Are The Merit Points In PUBG?

A player originally begins off with 100 Merit Points, which is the highest score on the ranking. Subsequently, any wrongdoing in the game through the player will be punished by a reduction in the player’s Merit score, when reported through a teammate for one special or multiple reasons.

What Is A Merit Base In PUBG?

Merit base is for teammates, which will help to play as a squad and if someone’s trying to ruin their teamwork. So it will decrease the merit of killing their teammate. At once it decreases then you have to play alone to gain again, so you can understand the value of teamwork.


You have to follow the steps in order to know “How to gain merit in PUBG mobile”. These are all steps to increase merit in PUBG and other stuff too, although if you are facing a high ping issue or network issue I will provide you with the greatest VPNs.

This helps you to play with less ping and includes a lot of networks so play in the whole world without any interruption.

Best Gun Combo In PUBG

Best Gun Combo In PUBG

PUBG Mobile provides some of the destroyed guns combo to players, which makes them the best weapon combo PUBG mobile for classic mode performance. In the Players Unknown Battleground game you have to pick 2 guns and 1 pistol, and other items like a pan, crossbow, etc.

But here in this article, we will discuss the best gun combo in PUBG, Which will help you to play in a better way with lots of kills. So with the help of the most effective guns in PUBG, you can achieve fragger in your squad very easily.

With so many loadout options, it can become problematic for players to pick the best gun combinations in PUBG Mobile.

An Excellent handgun combo helps you to get more kills and also helps you to react fast while fighting. Even also helps to save teammates in Various situations, So let’s have look at the top gun combo in PUBG mobile.

Best Weapon Combo PUBG Mobile In 2022

Here we will show you the top 5 guns combination for a classic mode of PUBG mobile. So let’s have a look below in order to know more about the combinations.

  • M416+AWM combo in PUBG Mobile
  • M416+DP28 Gun combination in PUBG Mobile
  • AKM+Mini 14 PUBG Gun combo
  • Groza+AUG A3 Weapon combination in PUBG Mobile.
  • M416+AKM combo in PUBG Mobile.

M416+AWM Best Gun Combination In PUBG Mobile

M416+AWM Best Gun Combination In PUBG Mobile

The most deadly PUBG gun combination is M416+AWM. An assault plus sniper rifle is the most effective gun in PUBG. This combo is mostly preferred by the best PUBG players in the world who love to give back up to their teammates. A sniper rifle helps to team in long-range fights, while an assault rifle is great in close-range combat battles in-game.

You will have 47 bullets in both guns with an extended mag. We can say that this combo is mostly used in PUBG Mobile and that is why M416+AWM is on the top of the best gun combo in PUBG.

M416+DP28 Combination PUBG Gun

M416+DP28 Combination PUBG Gun

The second most used M416+DP28 combo is dangerous, you can use DP-28 for mid-range and close range too. Both weapons are automatic guns which will help you to get more kills from mid-range and you will have 87 bullets in both guns with an extended mag.

It is really dangerous, even the most famous players also use this PUBG gun combo. In this combo, if in case you have to reload one gun, then you can instantly switch the gun to the other one. Which makes it the best gun combo in PUBG.

AKM+Mini 14 PUBG Mobile Best Combo Gun 

AKM With Mini-14 is the best combo gun in PUBG mobile, the player can easily take part in long-range to mid-range fights. As compared to any normal gun AKM is a beast gun with high damage in close, by a few bullets you can easily kill or knock out someone. 

AKM+Mini 14 PUBG Mobile Best Combo Gun

You can use Mini 14 in long-range fights by using a 2x to 8x scope and you can easily take down someone with 5 Mini-14 shots.

Groza+AUG A3 PUBG Excellent Combo For Close & Mid Range

An excellent combo for mid-range and close-range, but this combo is only possible when you had looted the airdrops or used a flare gun for these guns. Groza with AUG A3 is the best gun combination in PUBG mobile. 

Groza+AUG A3 PUBG Excellent Combo For Close & Mid Range

Groza is one of the most deadly guns in close-range battles and although AUG- A3 spray is way better than other guns and easy to control with high stability.

M416+AKM Most Used Combo Of PUBG Mobile

The last most used combo of the best combo guns in PUBG is the M416 with AKM. Usually, it is the most used combo by the assaulters in PUBG mobile. This combo is mostly used to knock and finish any player in PUBG without giving them any chance to revive.

M416+AKM Most Used Combo Of PUBG Mobile

Maybe you have ever watched this combo helps to kill continuously 3 to 4 enemies at one time. AKM provides magnificent damage over a close range, while M416 is used for close and mid-range spray in order to take down enemies. which is the best gun combo in PUBG mobile.

What Is The Best Gun In Arena (TDM) PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)?

What Is The Best Gun In Arena (TDM) PUBG

The most used and the best guns in TDM of PUBG Mobile game are Beryl M762, Vector, Kar98k, M416, and UZI. These are the most used guns you can practice from any gun in order to master the control of guns.

Top 5 guns for arena training

  1. Beryl M762 

Beryl M762 is a great gun with a good firing speed and also good damage. The bullet used for it is 7.62mm and it can load up to 30 rounds “40 with an extended magazine”.

  1. Vector

Vector is a gun with well-firing speed too with the use of bullets 5.5mm. Easy to control with less recoil best option for close-range combat.

  1. Kar98k

Karabiner 98 Kurz” is the full name of Kar98k and it is a classic bolt-action refile gun with bullet use of 7.62mm with a great sound of bullet plus more damage too. With one headshot you can easily knock out someone even in a 2-level helmet

  1. M416

All time everyone’s favorite gun M416 is an assault rifle with a use of 5.56mm, easy to control in close to mid-range, and with less recoil. Even if you can use M416 with any gun in Classic or TDM, it will make the best gun combo in PUBG.

  1. UZI

UZI is the god-tier weapon for close-range fighting with excellent firing and bullet-releasing speed. You can hit 24 bullets in split second with that gun to an enemy and low recoil. Although it is a great weapon that you can find easily anywhere on the PUBG map.

These are the best gun-used in Arena, most of the players use these guns and enjoyed their time with PUBG Mobile. You can also create your own best gun combo in PUBG.

What Are The Best Attachments For M416 PUBG GUN?

In order to control the recoil of the M416, you need to choose the right grips and attachments, so let’s have a quick look at the best attachments for M416.

What Are The Best Attachments For M416 PUBG GUN

Best M416 Attachments Build:

  • Muzzle: Compensator.
  • Foregrip: Vertical Foregrip.
  • Stock: Tactical Stock.
  • Magazine: Ext. Quickdraw + Extended.
  • Scope: Viper A-space Sight.

These attachments will help you to play in much control so you can get more kills and also protect your teammates. M416 is one of the best gun combos in PUBG.

So, if you are facing issues like high ping on mobile data or on Wifi, then there you have a great option for these problems.

Best Gun That Carries Highest Recoil In PUBG

The high recoil weapon in PUBG is AKM which carries 7.7mm bullets and has the highest recoil among all the assault rifles in PUBG Mobile. AKM also gives high damage even though you can easily knock out or kill someone with a few bullets. 

But it is not easy to connect all bullets to the enemy because of AKM’s high recoil. If you like to use AKM most of the time, then I will recommend you to use the compensator and quick+extended mag. It helps to reduce the recoil and take close-range fights with this gun in PUBG.

Which Bullet Has The Most Damage In PUBG?

Which Bullet Has The Most Damage In PUBG

The AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum) is the most powerful PUBG gun which includes the 300 Magnum ammo. 

This gun can penetrate level 3 helmets in just a one-hit and it carries a massive rate of damage of 120

What Is The Most Effective Weapon To Use SCAR-L Or M416 In PUBG Mobile?

Here we can say that M416 is stronger than SCAR-L. Let’s look at the firing rate of M416 which is (0.086) is a tiny bit more elevated than SCAR-L which has a (0.096) firing rate.

Although we can say that M416 is a bit stronger than SCAR-L but as M416 gives a higher firing rate, it also runs out of ammo with (3.28s).

Which Is The Best Scope For PUBG M416 Gun?

Normally everyone has their viewpoint according to their need or comfort zone. But you should switch the scope for M416 for different ranges of fire. In close or short combat you should use a scope like a red dot or 2x scope.

A red dot scope creates the crosshair steady when you spray bullets. That’s why M416 is on a list of the best gun combo in PUBG.

Most Stronge AR Gun In PUBG

The Beryl M762 is Arguably the best Assault Rifle in PUBG (always alongside best-of talks with the M416), merely eclipsed by the AUG, which happens to be crate-premier.

M762 uses the bullets of 7.62 and also damages high the enemy and you will have a chance to get the enemy one-on-one.

The Most Used Weapon Combo In PUBG?

M416+AWM is the most used gun combo in PUBG because you got the best guns in this combo. First, the AWM is best in all things and hit greatly in one shot, it makes the worth having risks of “AIR DROPS” for AWM. M416 is one of the best AR guns, which is good in spray, handling, and bullet speed.

Weapons always become a factor in close-range fights and for that, you also need to have good sensitivity. So you can easily cover all ranges of fights if you are facing an issue with selecting which PUBG sensitivity settings for mobile just make a click and know more details about it.

What Are The Best Guns In PUBG?

There are several best Guns in PUBG, but we choose the most used and the favorite guns let’s have look at that.

  • M416. 5.56mm. Assault
  • AWM. 7.62mm. Sniper
  • DP-28. 7.62mm. Assault
  • AKM. 7.62mm. Assault
  • Kar98. 7.62mm. Sniper
  • UZI. 9mm. SMG

These are the best guns in PUBG mobile which are great in close and long range with their bullet fire speed. You also create your own best gun combo in PUBG mobile according to your strength and skills.

If you also want to know what is the highest level in PUBG and want to reach the top rank list on the PUBG server. Then just have a look at it carefully and get reach the top ranking list of PUBG mobile. You will know each & everything like how many points you need and what you have to do to reach the Conqueror tier.

Deadliest Gun Combos In PUBG Mobile

There are several deadliest gun in PUBG mobile, which provides high damage plus are more effective according to their strength. So let’s have a look below in order to know about the deadliest guns.

  1. AWM – an airdrop gun
  2. Groza – an airdrop weapon
  3. Mk14 – weapon of airdrop
  4. AKM – no airdrop gun
  5. UZI –  no airdrop weapon
  6. S12K Shotgun – in-game normal weapon
  7. M416 – in-game normal gun 

These are the most effective guns in PUBG, with their damage, firing speed, and range too.

Is M249 More Profitable Than M416?

In the medium or medium-long range, the M416 wins effortlessly. So the greatest real advantage gift the M249 has is Mag capacity.

Which Gun Has The Less Recoil In PUBG Mobile Game?

The AUG A3 is a less recoil gun in PUBG mobile and is even known as the gun with “no recoil”. The recoil of the gun is incredibly low and any player can handle it very easily, even if they are a beginner.

PUBG Side Effects

PUBG Side Effects – Top 9 Side Effects Of Playing PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a multiplayer online battle royale video game that gained immense popularity. Despite the fact that this game is fantastic and popular, there are several players who are addicted to PUBG which makes significant concern for others. PUBG is fantastic, but many players get PUBG addiction to it, affecting their physical and mental health.

A new study has found that playing PUBG can have negative side effects on your health. The study, which was conducted by the University of California, found that players who spend more than two hours a day playing the game are at risk of developing health problems. We are here to tell you about PUBG Side Effects, you should know these negative effects.  

Top 9 Side Effects Of PUBG Game

Side Effects Of PUBG Game

In recent years, the PUBG game has become increasingly popular, especially among young people. However, there are some PUBG side effects of playing this game that people should be aware of. These side effects can include:

PUBG Mobile Makes Your Nature Aggressive

As we all know that in PUBG games, the goal in PUBG is to kill numerous opponents and become the last player standing. Although if someone is playing PUBG for 6-7 hours per day, need to shoot down other players in order to win. It leads makes nature aggressive and the gamer soon begins to show signs of aggression in real life.

The brain forms aggression because of the difference between reality and the virtual world, due to the fact that he is unable to do this activity in Clash Royale.

Social Anxiety Raises

Due to PUBG, gamers less interact with the social world and faces problems in developing conversations with others.

If you’re someone who enjoys playing PUBG, be sure to take some time out for yourself every now and then. Don’t let the game take over your life and affect your mental health in a negative way. 

Shallow Focus

PUBG makes your focus shallow because it is an addictive game. Players who spend a lot of time playing PUBG, tend to have poorer attention spans and are more likely to be distracted.

So if you’re looking to improve your focus and productivity, it might be worth taking a break from PUBG for a while.

Poor Performance

People who play PUBG for more than two hours a day are more likely to report poorer performance in other areas of their life, including work and relationships.

Gamers claim that playing PUBG is a relaxing activity for them. Well, yes. But what about those who are consumed by this game all day long, without getting any work done or paying attention to the goals they set for themselves throughout their lives? 

Then, PUBG becomes a hurdle in your other activities. So, the gamers should play wisely and know the limit when he has to stop playing PUBG. 

PUBG May Cause Depression

While the game can be fun and exciting, at the same time it can also be very stressful and overwhelming. It may lead to some players developing depression as it is one of the PUBG side effects.

When you play PUBG all day, then you neglect your career. So when you think about a career and think that you are wasting your time. Then, it may cause depression among players.  

Physical Health Deteriorates

Playing PUBG lead to cause mental and physical health as it is an indoor game. Children have stopped playing outdoor sports and are now more into PUBG. It’s unfortunate that this is happening and nobody is taking it seriously. When you are jeopardizing your health then you may cause various health diseases. It leads to degrading physical health and becoming unfit. Also causes various diseases due to gaining weight and fats in the body.

Pain In Neck And Shoulder

PUBG addict’s habit consists of playing for 5-6 hours. As a result, he develops a compulsion to remain in one fixed position, or the seated or sleeping position for a minimum of six hours. This permanently fixed position can cause pain and stiffness in his shoulders and neck.

Difficulty In Sleeping

Researchers believe that the reason why PUBG players have difficulty in sleeping is that the game is so intense. It is also possible that the bright lights and loud sounds in the game can disrupt sleep patterns.

People have a tendency to enjoy PUBG more in the nighttime than in the evening while staying awake. The graphics and fun-induced excitement of the game provide stimulation that disturbs sleep.

Become Less Socially Active

As the mobile game PUBG continues to grow in popularity, some players are finding that they are becoming less socially active. 

The study also found that these players were less likely to have close friends and were more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

Can PUBG Cause Death?

In recent years, the popularity of the online game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, has skyrocketed. The battle royale-style game pits players against each other in a fight to the death and has been praised for its intense gameplay. However, some experts are now warning that PUBG can have dangerous consequences, and in some cases, even lead to death.

The game is a battle royale-style shooter where players are dropped onto an island and fight to the death until only one player is left standing. While the game is meant to be enjoyed by people of all ages. There have been reports of young people becoming obsessed with the game and even harming themselves or others while playing.

A recent study tells that many players died due to playing PUBG. Therefore, you should know how to control yourself from playing PUBG. You can play PUBG but in limited. 

Does Playing PUBG Damage Eyes?

People who played the game for more than two hours a day were more likely to experience symptoms of eye fatigue.

Symptoms of eye fatigue include dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches, it is the Side effects of PUBG mobile. The study’s authors say that these symptoms can lead to long-term damage to the eyes.

They advise people who play PUBG to take breaks every 20 minutes and to make sure they are using proper lighting when playing the game.

So, you should be very careful when you play PUBG. Otherwise, it can lead to various health problems. You have read the above outlined side effects of PUBG mobile, so you guys know about PUBG addiction.

Is PUBG Bad For Students?

Yes, playing PUBG can have a negative impact on students’ grades because it is an addictive game. It was found that students who played PUBG for more than two hours a day had lower grades than those who didn’t play the game.

PUBG is a popular online game that has been downloaded more than 100 million times. The game is played by millions of people around the world, including many students.

While PUBG can be a fun game to play, the study shows that it can also have a negative impact on students’ grades. So, if you’re a student who plays PUBG, you might want to consider playing less to improve your grades.

Is PUBG Harmful To Health?

The study does not prove that PUBG is harmful to health, it does suggest that there may be some risks associated with playing the game. If you experience any symptoms of discomfort after playing PUBG, you should consult a doctor.

Is PUBG Game Dangerous?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a massively popular online game with over 400 million players worldwide. But some experts are concerned that the PUBG addiction could be dangerous, especially for children and teenagers. One of the main disadvantages of PUBG is that it is highly addictive. 

Conclusion – PUBG Side Effects

It is important to be aware of the potential side effects of playing PUBG. While the game can be fun and addicting, it can also lead to physical and mental health problems. If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the PUBG side effects mentioned in this article. It is important to reduce the time to play PUBG and give time to other necessary activities. 

BGMI Redeem Code Today

BGMI Redeem Code Today 2022 – [100% Working]

BGMI Redeem Codes Today: BattleGround Mobile India is the most famous and most played game in Inda. The BGMI build after PUBG Mobile got banned in India, Crafton releases the new version in India and that is specially made for Indian users.

Now, most people have BGMI on their mobile, although we can say that, even every 5th person in India probably has BGMI on their Phone. BGMI is a multiplayer game 4 people can play together which is called a squad, as everybody knows BGMI is a very entertaining survival game.

In the BGMI game, you will have different maps, outfits, and weapons. By this article, we will provide you BGMI redeem code today. 

Redeem Code Of Battle Grounds Mobile India

Article NameBGMI Redeem Code
Name of the Game BattleGrounds Mobile India
Type of the Game Multiplayer Survival Game
Launched on 2 July 2021 (Android)18 August 2021 (iOS)
Users Krafton
Name of the developer Resident of India
Official Website
Redeem Code availability status Available

Today Redeem Codes for BGMI My Blog Hut

As we all know that the price of UC is very high in India and there are many players who could not afford them. In order to help the users with amount issues. By using the redeem BGMI code, these users will get help in reducing some amount of UC free of cost. 

The BGMI redeem codes can be used by everyone and they can easily use anywhere in any country in BGMI. By using the redeem code of bgmi, players can get different kinds of rewards and UC.

In this article, you will get more information related to BGMI redeem code today, like how to redeem, redeem sites, and other things.

Latest Redeem Codes Of BGMI 2022

Here you will get all redeem codes of BGMI which will work 100%, although in case there might be a chance redeem codes not working due to any reason. Then you can choose another redeem code. So let’s have look below at the given redeem codes.

Latest Redeem Codes Of BGMI

Redeem Codes For all BGMI Stuff

  • MIDASBUY-COM: Free rename card
  • TIFZBHZK4A: Legendary Outfit
  • GPHZDBTFZM32U: Gun Skin (UMP9)
  • KARZBZYTR: Skin (KAR98 Sniper)
  • SD71G84FCC: AKM Skin
  • SD33Z66XHH: SCAR-L Gun Skin
  • R89FPLM9S: Free Companion
  • S78FTU2XJ: New Skin (M31A4)
  • PGHZDBTFZ95U: M416 Skin (First 5000 users)
  • UKUZBZGWF: Free Fireworks
  • 5FG71D33: Falcon
  • 5FG81D44: Outfit

These are the BGMI redeem code today 2022, so go and use codes in order to get more exited items on BGMI.

Battle Ground Mobile India Running Redeem Codes 

DKJU5LMBPY Silver Fragments
BBVNZBZ4M9 Football and Chicken Popularity
BBKRZBZBF9 Free Cannon Popularity
UCBYSD600 600 UC
DKJU9GTDSM Thousand Silver Fragments
VETREL2IMHX Bumble Bee Set
RNUZBZ9QQ Any Random Outfit
LEVKIN2QPCZ Gold Racer Set
TQIZBZ76F Motor Vehicle Skin
EKJONARKJO M41 Gun Skin (For 1st 500 users)
TJXFTNLZMYS Assassin Bottom/ Suit
7HVKDSKFAWEK Unknown Rewards
MIDASBUY Free Rename and Room Card
BMTCZBZMFS Pretty in Pink HeadpiecePretty in Pink Set
BOBR3IBMT Desert Ranger Set
BBKVZBZ6FW Two Red Tea Popularity
SIWEST4YLXR Assassin Suit or Bottom

BGMI Redeem Code Today For UC

BGMI Redeem Code Today For UC

Here we will provide you the 41 redeem code for BGMI today. You will get a discount on purchasing UC or you can also get free UC and all just you need to do is use the 100% working redeem codes. If in case you face a problem like redeem code BGMI is not working then just try it again or use another. So, just have look below to watch all redeem BGMI code

  3. HAL696HMTW9M8G5V
  9. 9AXT6X9DVL1HAT36
  11. 345DDBD209L124AS
  12. CY282BKNDOZLT743
  13. 3TY5XCXDK40ZHXG9
  14. JM0GY87U5F0VE9JK
  15. 8KW0L536HEK6ZAJK
  16. CUJF3N28F9WK97HG
  17. 8ENNB044910XR3YZ
  18. 62RWSEUDBJ6Y3GU0
  19. JFJ3AY1FHYGD4P35
  20. 15S86GNV8YCXAS04
  21. 5ZZ7P66Z6UWUXVA5
  23. 97MDM1KCGKCNP77G
  24. 63ZB5YY7XBGTFEJ6
  26. FWT9D0VF2ZD1V1CK
  27. 93TLXWL11BU214JC
  29. 85WL5ZH69XNPPX8N
  32. 0HNY3C5HZU4AGJ66
  34. 5MYK43Y3RA3TL59A
  37. 33F69EJ75JKM3G98
  38. A0AAYDZA0GEV0R95

Go and use these redeem BGMI codes in order to get free UC or other benefits too.

You can also learn from the Top10 Pubg Players In World 2022, who is on top and how much K.D they have just take look at their layout and other information too here. Click and get more information that can be helpful for you in order to become better players like them.

How To Apply BGMI Redeem Code Today?

There are a few simple steps you need to follow in order to redeem code BGMI, take a look below and just follow the steps as they are given.

  • Now Visit the authorized official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India-
  • Then look for the BGMI Redemption Centre link and now fill in your details for verification.
  • Directly Enter your Character ID Redeem Code you have and enter Captcha.
  • Now make a click on the redeem link and now you have to confirm all the details and click on the OK button.
  • Then just click on the OK button, confirm the BGMI redemption code, and claim the prizes.

These are the simple steps you have to follow as they are given and after that just enjoy your reward in-game. Also, show it to your friends so they can also get cool gifts and rewards.

Do you also like to know the Fragger meaning in PUBG and even desire to understand the term Fragger in PUBG then it is the correct place for you? Because here you gain knowledge about Fragger in PUBG just click on given like to know more.

Is There Any Redemption Center For BGMI?

Unlike with PUBG Mobile, Krafton does not officially fix up a redemption center link for Battlegrounds Mobile India eventually. While there are many BGMI redeem code today available for PUBG Mobile, they cannot be utilized to redeem items in BGMI.

If you are facing high ping issues, even on your wifi there is a great option that will provide you Low Ping VPN For PUBG. These VPNs let you play in low ping so you can get dinner and achieve more kills, through using these best VPNs you can improve your gameplay without any interruption of high ping or frame rate issues. With great discounts on it grab it now in order to use it for your game stream with smoothness.

How Do I Get Free Items On BGMI by Redeem Code?

First, open the BGMI app on your Android or iOS any device. Just head over to the game lobby and there you can see an ‘Events’ tab in the game. Click on the Event tab and you can see the in-game milestone event, you have to complete the given Event missions.

Simply make click on it and you will earn the free rewards and like the Permanent Galaxy Messenger outfit or many more. Although you can also get the BGMI to redeem code today, by redeeming the code also have a chance to get the car skins, suits, gun skins, etc.

Can I Get Free UC in BGMI By Using Redeem Code?

You can free UC by Event or you have to purchase it, also by using BGMI redeem code today 2022, this only way to get free UC. But you can get a Royal pass free if your friend or in-game partner gifts you a royal pass in-game.
I would like to also alert you from other fake apps and also from the person who told you to get in by paying any amount.

How Do I Get The M416 Glacier Skin Through BGMI Redeem Code?

No, there is no way to get M416 glacier skin by using redeem code BGMI. In order to get M416 glacier Skin for free in BGMI, you need to open the create or spend UC and always be sure of the trustworthy application.
There are only two ways to get I M416 glacier skin as I said earlier get an online M416 as a reward/gift completely free.


PUBG vs COD 2022 – Which One Is Better?

PUBG and COD both are the most popular games among gamers on the mobile platform. Both games have their own unique gameplay mechanics and features that make them stand out in the crowd.

Gamers are confused about which one is better PUBG vs COD. So you can read the article that helps you understand which one you should choose.

Gameplay Between PUBG vs COD

Both PUBG and COD have different gameplay, but there are also some similarities. You should know the COD vs PUBG gameplay differences so that you can differentiate each game. 

PUBG has more slow gameplay than the COD. It provides a more tactical and moderate approach to the players. If you are a beginner, then PUBG will be best suited for you as it has one mode for shooting. You can get the low ping VPN for PUBG to increase the speed and quality of the game.

While COD has a faster and full-on action-packed game. In COD battles, starting by choosing a battle royale style in the loadout phase and then dropping onto the battlefield is the typical procedure. Therefore, you can play COD when you become a pro as it has two modes for shooting. It is an advanced mode in which you have to aim and shoot a button to fire it.

Game Modes – Comparison Of COD vs PUBG

PUBG and COD Mobile feature several game modes. When looking at COD or PUBG, it’s important to first understand the game modes.

PUBG has game modes like Classic, including the original BR game mode, Team Deathmatch, and Domination. Also, Arcade game mode, has Quick Match, Hardcore Mode, and War.

Call Of Duty Mobile offers game modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, Frontline, Search and Destroy, Gun Game, Sniper Only, Battle Royale, Blitz, and more.

Difference Between PUBG vs Call Of Duty Mobile About Weapons

PUBG vs Call Of Duty Mobile

There are many differences between the weapons in COD and PUBG. One of the differences is weapons. 

Both PUBG and COD have realistic weapons that make the game real. But, weapons act differently in both COD or PUBG games. Also, the weapons are designed differently from each other.

In PUBG, gamers start playing without any weapon. While COD provides knives and classes that help gamers to win the battle.

If you are confused about the highest level in PUBG, you can check out and get yourself updated.

Graphics – PUBG vs COD Mobile

When it comes to graphics PUBG or COD, PUBG has more realistic graphics than COD. PUBG is developed on Unreal Engine and runs amazing on most devices. You can change settings easily such as texture quality and display colors. You can even alter the audiovisual resolution, allowing for more detailed image quality and more intensive frame rates or extended battery life, if you are willing to sacrifice graphics quality.

Call of Duty Mobile runs on Unity Engine and has an amazing visual style. It is supported on all the devices and runs smoothly. You can easily alter quality and system performance, too. COD has a dynamic color scheme, sharp edges, and an appealing aesthetic. 

Maps – Difference Between PUBG vs COD 

In PUBG Mobile, various different maps are provided in the Classic mode. It includes, Erangel, Vikendi, Sanhok, Livik, and Miramar maps are all accessible.

COD offers comparatively smaller maps than PUBG. COD includes Classic, Blitz, and Alcatraz maps. 

Is PUBG More Popular Than Call Of Duty?

Yes, PUBG is not only more popular than Call of Duty, but it is also one of the most popular games among PUBG or COD. There are a few reasons for the popularity of PUBG, which you can see below:

The first reason is that PUBG is free to play. It means that anyone can download and start playing without paying. If you are new to the gaming world, then you can definitely try out PUBG. You can check out the top 10 PUBG players in world and their team names with the country.

Another reason that PUBG is more popular than Call of Duty is that it is more accessible. It can be played on PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices. People who do not have access to a traditional gaming console can still enjoy the game. Also, you can read the COD vs PUBG comparison which we have provided above.

Which Is No 1 Mobile Game In World?

Both PUBG and COD are popular. According to our research, we want to let you know that PUBG is the No.1 mobile game in the world. The PUBG has been downloaded over 600 million times and has a player base of over 50 million.  

Which Is More Difficult PUBG or Call of Duty Mobile?

According to me, Call of Duty is more complicated than PUBG. COD has different mechanics at play, such as being able to drive vehicles and use medical items. This can be overwhelming for some players, and lead to them making mistakes that cost them the game.

Conclusion – COD And PUBG

In conclusion, PUBG and COD both have their pros and cons. A lot of people have been wondering which is better – PUBG or COD Mobile? It really depends on the person’s preferences as to which game they would enjoy more. PUBG is more realistic and has better graphics, while COD is more fast-paced and action-packed. 

If you are new to the gaming world, then you can opt for PUBG as it is a moderate game. When you want an advanced version, then you should go for COD. 

COD Mobiles game modes are very enjoyable to play, together with you can enjoy playing a lot of classic maps.

We are hoping that you have understood all the points regarding PUBG vs COD.

Low Ping VPN For PUBG

Low Ping VPN For PUBG – Get Access To PUBG VPN

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, is an online multiplayer Battle Royale game developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole.

As we all know PUBG is one of the most popular games across the world but this game is always in the news headlines. There are various countries where PUBG is banned. Do not worry! There are ways that help gamers in playing PUBG with low ping and great speed

The gamers can use the low ping VPN for PUBG to reduce lagging problems and server issues. A VPN can help you get a low ping by routing your traffic through a server that’s closer to the game server. 

In this article, we’ll show you the best VPN for PUBG Lite low pings.

What To Consider Before Choosing A VPN For PUBG?

When it comes to choosing a PUBG Lite VPN Low Ping, there are a few things you need to take into account. Here are some features to look for in a VPN:

  • AES 256-bit encryption: It is the most important feature that provides encryption and will make sure your data is safe from prying eyes.
  • Great number of servers: Select VPN for PUBG that gives a large number of servers, you can choose any server according to your choice.
  • No logs policy: A PUBG VPN will have a strict no logs policy, so your activities can never be tracked by anyone.
  • Fast speeds: You need a fast VPN connection so you can enjoy PUBG smoothly without any lag.
  • Kill switch: This important feature will cut off your internet connection if the VPN ever goes down, so your identity is always protected.

These are the necessary features that you need to consider before choosing the best VPN for low ping PUBG.

Top 8 Low Ping VPN for PUBG Lite

Top Low Ping VPN For PUBG

If you’re a PUBG player, you know that a low ping is essential for a good gaming experience. 

When it comes to online gaming, one of the key factors is having a low ping. A high ping can result in laggy gameplay, which can be frustrating for gamers.

If you’re looking for a PUBG lite VPN best that can help reduce your ping, here we have mentioned the best low ping VPN for PUBG below, such as:

  • NordVPN – Top PUBG Low Ping VPN
  • ExpressVPN – Best Low Ping VPN For PUBG
  • CyberGhost VPN – PUBG Lite Low Ping VPN
  • Surfshark VPN – VPN For PUBG Mobile
  • IPVanish VPN – PUBG Mobile Best VPN
  • Proton VPN – Low Ping VPN For PUBG Lite
  • Private Internet Access – PUBG Lite Best VPN
  • Private VPN – VPN Ping PUBG Mobile

NordVPN – Top PUBG Low Ping VPN

NordVPN is the top low pingVPN for PUBG that offers a fast and stable connection. This PUBG VPN has 5000+ servers across 59 countries that give gamers variety to choose from any server. The NordVPN service is reliable and provides excellent speeds. 

NordVPN uses the most up-to-date security protocols, including AES-256-bit encryption against WebRTC, IPv6, and DNS leaks. Also, this VPN helps in accessing geo-restricted content or websites all over the world. 

NordVPN is also one of the few VPNs that offer a money-back guarantee. In addition, NordVPN has a strict no logs policy, ensuring that your data is never stored or monitored.

Overall, NordVPN is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a VPN for PUBG or any other online gaming. 

Features of NordVPN

  • Meshnet
  • Threat Protection
  • Dark Web Monitor
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Strict no-log policy
  • Connect up to 6 devices
  • Split tunneling support
  • Onion over VPN
  • Uninterrupted streaming
  • 24/7 Support system
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

ExpressVPN – Best Low Ping VPN For PUBG

ExpressVPN is a great option for online gamers because it has low ping times. This VPN has servers in 94 countries which make ExpressVPN unique. The company’s extensive network of servers ensures that you’ll always be able to find a low-ping server, no matter where you are in the world.

The company offers a variety of features that make it a good choice for PUBG players, including low ping times, unlimited bandwidth, and 24/7 customer support. The PUBG VPN is also compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems.

ExpressVPN provides a secure and private connection to the internet, so you can play PUBG without worrying about your data being intercepted or monitored. With ExpressVPN, you can enjoy PUBG and a lag-free gaming experience with no interruptions.

Features of ExpressVPN

  • Hides IP address
  • Bypass blocked websites
  • Split Tunneling
  • Kill switch
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Threat Manager
  • Lightway Protocol
  • Public Wi-fi safety
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Defeat ISP Throttling
  • Supports 5 devices simultaneously
  • 24/7 customer support policy

CyberGhost VPN – PUBG Lite Low Ping VPN

CyberGhost VPN is a top low PUBG ping VPN that can help improve your gaming experience. With a CyberGhost VPN, you can reduce your in-game ping and enjoy a smoother gaming experience.

A CyberGhost VPN can also protect your privacy while you’re gaming, as it encrypts your traffic and hides your IP address. It means nobody can track your identity and misuse your confidential data and passwords.

Features of CyberGhost VPN

  • Zero Risks on Public Wi-Fi
  • Secure Gaming Experience
  • Your Favorite Shows Within Your Grasp
  • Personal Data Camouflage
  • Safe P2P File Sharing

Surfshark VPN – VPN For PUBG Mobile

Surfshark VPN is a PUBG low ping VPN that can help improve your gaming experience. If you’re a fan of the popular online game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), then you know that one of the key factors to success is having a low ping.

Unfortunately, many players suffer from high ping due to poor internet connections or distance from servers. This is where Surfshark VPN comes in, as it can help to reduce your ping by connecting you to a server closer to your game’s server. Additionally, Surfshark encrypts your traffic which can further reduce latency.

Features of Surfshark VPN

  • Hides the location
  • Block ads and malware
  • Stay safe on Public Wi-fi
  • Protect your identity
  • Avoid travel restrictions
  • Use the internet uncensored
  • Access content safely
  • Secure IPTV access
  • Unlimited devices

IPVanish VPN – PUBG Mobile Best VPN

IPVanish VPN is a low-ping VPN for PUBG. This makes it the perfect choice for gamers who want to reduce their ping and get the best possible gaming experience. IPVanish VPN has a global server network with servers in over 60 countries.

This gives you the ability to connect to a server that is close to your location, which can help reduce your ping. IPVanish VPN also offers unlimited bandwidth and speed, so you can play PUBG without any restrictions.

Features of IPVanish VPN

  • 2,000+ servers in 75+ VPN locations
  • Secure media access
  • Shared IP addresses
  • Encrypted web browsing
  • High-speed surfing
  • Verified no logs
  • 24/7 support
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Proton VPN – Low Ping VPN For PUBG Lite

ProtonVPN is a highly respected and well-recognized provider of VPN services. It offers a variety of features that make it a great choice for those looking for a reliable and safe VPN provider. The Proton VPN is very costly but offers great value for money. It also has an excellent customer support system that helps in solving your queries.

Proton VPN has a strong focus on security and privacy. It uses military-grade encryption and has a strict no logs policy. Proton VPN also offers a unique feature called Secure Core, which makes it even more secure. This VPN is available on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and routers.

Features of Proton VPN

  • Strict no-logs policy
  • All apps are open source and audited
  • High-speed servers (up to 10 Gbps)
  • Based in Switzerland
  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard protocols
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Private Internet Access – PUBG Lite Best VPN

Private Internet Access (PIA) offers its users a fast and secure connection. PIA has a strong focus on security and privacy, which makes it an ideal choice for those who are looking for a VPN service that can protect their online activity.

PIA has a number of features that make it a great choice for gamers who are looking for a fast and secure VPN connection. This is important for those who want to keep their online activity private.

Features of Private Internet Access

  • Advanced split-tunneling
  • Ad & malware blocking
  • WireGuard protocol
  • Dedicated IP
  • Secure Kill Switch
  • No-log feature
  • Open-source software

Private VPN – VPN Ping PUBG Mobile

A private VPN is a great way to keep your online activity safe and secure for low ping VPN for PUBG. By encrypting your traffic and routing it through a private server, you can ensure that your data is protected from prying eyes. A private VPN can also help to improve your online experience by reducing lag and improving speeds.

Private low-ping VPNs are very useful for gamers who want to enjoy their favorite online games without any lag. A private VPN can help reduce the latency of your game connection by establishing a direct, private connection to the game server. This can be a great advantage for gamers who want to have the best possible gaming experience.

Features of Private VPN

  • High speed and Servers in 63 countries
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • 2048-bit encryption with AES-256
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited server switches
  • VPN protocol includes OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, and IPSec
  • SOCKS5 and HTTP Proxy
  • Zero logging
  • Supports all operating systems platforms
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

How To Unblock Low Ping VPN For PUBG?

There are a few easy steps that you can follow to unblock low Ping VPN for PUBG. By following these steps, you will be able to improve your connection and reduce your ping.

  • The first step is to make sure that you are connected to the internet.
  • If you are not connected, then you will not be able to access the VPN.
  • Once you are connected with the best VPN for PUBG Mobile Lite, you need to open the VPN client and connect to the server.
  • Then, the next step is to select the country that you want to connect to.
  • It is important because it will determine the route that your data takes.
  • The last step is to click on the connect button and wait for the VPN to establish a connection.

With these simplest steps, you can get access to unblock PUBG low ping VPN and play PUBG with high-speed performance.

Can VPN Improve Ping?

A good ping is essential for playing fast-paced online games like PUBG. A high ping means more lag and can ruin your gaming experience. 

Ping is the amount of time it takes for your computer to send a request to the server and receive a response. Low ping is ideal, as it means less lag. A PUBG no lag app VPN can improve your ping by connecting you to a server that’s closer to the game server, and by encrypting your traffic so it doesn’t have to travel as far.

If you’re looking for a better gaming experience, a VPN can help improve your ping and give you an advantage over other players.

Which VPN Is Best For Gaming?

There are lots of VPNs available in the market. We also provide the top 8 VPNs for PUBG with low ping. If you’re looking for a great VPN for gaming, then NordVPN is a good option. It has fast speeds and low ping times, plus it’s very affordable. You can also take advantage of NordVPN’s military-grade encryption to keep your data safe from hackers.

If you want extremely brilliant features and do not have any budget issues, then you can go for ExpressVPN. It is one of the fastest VPNs on the market, and also got a great reputation for being reliable.

Which Is The No 1 VPN For PUBG?

We have mentioned the best low ping VPN for PUBG, you can choose from the provided list. According to us, we would suggest you get access to NordVPN as it gives extremely excellent low ping and great speed performance

Which VPN Gives Lowest Ping?

ExpressVPN has a large number of servers, excellent speed, and the lowest ping. As we all know, the closer the server, the lower the ping will be.

How to delete PUBG account

How to Delete PUBG Account Permanently? [Updated Guide 2022]

PUBG (Players Unknown Battlegrounds) has been one of the most played games in the gaming industry. So, numerous users daily delete and create their PUBG Accounts for various reasons. 

Today, I’m going to talk about how to delete PUBG account permanently. Many users around the world face the problem of not deleting PUBG accounts. Actually, your Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Play account are connected with PUBG so, deleting an account creates a problem.

You don’t have to worry about deleting your PUBG account because here you’ll get all the information related to deleting your PUBG account. 

How To Delete PUBG Account On PC?

If you want to delete PUBG account on a PC, then you can follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  • First, log in to your account 
  • Go to the site (
  • Select “Remove account” from the drop-down menu
  • Enter your password to confirm 
  • Then click “Delete” 

How To Delete PUBG Account On Mobile?

On a mobile phone deleting an account is pretty easy, you just have to follow some simple steps. 

  • Open PUBG mobile on your mobile 
  • Click setting button on the lobby screen 
  • Now, tap on the Basic button 
  • Select “Delete Account” 

How To Unlink Email From PUBG Account?

How To Unlink Email From PUBG Account

If you want to delete your PUBG account then make sure to unlink the E-mail from your PUBG account. 

First, I’m going to tell you the steps on the Computer you can follow to unlink the Email.

  • Go to Delete Google service 
  • Click play games 
  • Now, read the message and confirm by checking required 
  • Then click Delete Play Games

You can follow the below steps if you’re unlinking your PUBG account on an Android phone. 

  • Open the Play Games App
  • At the top, tap more > Settings
  • Tap Delete Play Games Account & Data > Permanently Delete

How To Unlink Google Play Account From PUBG?

This is another most asked question while deleting the PUBG account permanently. Many users want to unlink their Google Play account from PUBG. So, here I’ve listed the steps or process you can follow to unlink Google Play Account From PUBG.

  • Visit Setting App
  • Tap on Google 
  • Select Account Service
  • Under Accounting Service, tap on Connected App
  • Scroll through PUBG mobile and tap on it
  • Select Disconnect

Now, You’ve successfully unlinked Your Google Play Account from the PUBG game. 

How To Unlink Facebook Account From PUBG?

How To Unlink Facebook Account From PUBG

Most of the users who are playing PUBG has connected their account with Facebook. So that they can easily find their friend on the game and play with them. 

I’ve also connected my PUBG account with Facebook & even many friends of mine have also connected their accounts with Facebook. 

So, today you’re going to learn how to unlink your Facebook account from PUBG. 

  • First, Log in to your Facebook account 
  • Head toward Settings 
  • Select Application & Websites
  • Click Delete next to the application

How Do I Permanently Delete My PUBG Account On Twitter?

Actually, Not many people use Twitter to connect their PUBG account. But the people who had used their Twitter to link their account with PUBG. Now, if they wanna permanently delete their PUBG account on Twitter can follow the below-listed steps. 

  • Log in to your Twitter Account or visit
  • Scroll down and Navigate to Account>> Apps & session>> PUBG mobile 
  •  Click “Revoke Access” to delete your PUBG mobile account

Reasons To Delete PUBG Account

There are many reasons to delete PUBG account permanently. Different users have different opinions on deleting the PUBG account. Because Tencent is a Chinese company and many people think it causes security threats in the long term if they play PUBG. 

Many gamers delete PUBG cause of lags, ping issues or they are not able to reach the highest level of PUBG. Different users have different reasons, so what‘s your reason comment down below. 


In the end, I would like to tell you that if you want to delete your PUBG account, You can easily remove or unlink your account in several ways I’ve already mentioned above. 

I hope You’ll get all the information related to deleting your PUBG account and disconnecting  it from our social network. 

Highest Level In PUBG

What Is The Highest Level In PUBG? Ace or Conqueror!

Today Here we tell you about the highest level in PUBG from all around the world as you guys know PUBG is the most popular and fastest growing game worldwide.

If you are curious to know the highest level in PUBG then connect with us at the end of the blog which can help you to get more beneficial information from here.

The highest level in PUBG is 100 and most of the gamers at that level are the ones who got into the game early and worked their way up over time.

What Are The Levels Of PUBG?

  • Bronze – less than 1500 points
  • Silver – 1500-1999 points
  • Gold – 2000 – 2499 points
  • Platinium – 2500 – 2999 points
  • Diamond – 3000 – 3499 points 
  • Master – more than 3500 points
  • GrandMaster – Top 500 players in the ranked leaderboard

Who Has Highest Level PUBG?

Who has highest level PUBG


 It is the highest level and elite rank in PUBG  which is achieved by a only few players in the entire community.

How Many Points Required To Conqueror In PUBG?

You require to first reach the Ace tier after that you need to try to get as many positive points as possible to reach Conqueror. Usually, an average of 4200 points is needed. It might change depending on the other player’s point.

Top 10 Highest Level Player Names In PUBG?

Given below you will see the mentioned Top 10 PUBG player names. which can help you to know more information.

XQF Paraboy Nova EsportsChina
XQF OrderNova EsportsChina
BTR ZuxxyBigetron RAIndonesia
33SvanFour Angry MenChina
RRQ EarnnyRRQ AthenaThailand
MortalTeam SoulIndia
ScoutOPTeam SoulIndia
JonathanGodlike EsportsIndia
TQ MarcoTeam QuesoUruguay

How To Level Up Fast In PUBG Mobile?

With the use of Mentioned steps, you can easily Know how to level up Fast in PUBG mobile. So read and follow the noted steps carefully.

  • If you want to level up fast in PUBG Mobile then you need to focus on Gameplay.
  • To Level Up quickly on PUBG Mobile, a player needs to get a high number of kills in each match.
  • You have to focus on high kills and more damage to get more points in the Game.
  • You need to survive longer in the match and also survive an early-stage fight.

What Is The Fastest Way To Level Up In PUBG?

  • Complete your challenges or missions
  • Stick to the Classic matches
  • Survive as long as you can
  • Find teammates that help you to play in the game
  • Keep Healing

Is It Hard To Reach The Highest Conqueror Level In PUBG?

Yes, It is hard to reach the highest Conqueror level in PUBG you would have to play this game to maintain your rank. One has to survive as well as to win matches. The top 500 users have a good kill ratio and survival time.

What Does 500 Level Mean in PUBG?

Level 500 means cheaters keep reporting the level 500 when you are killed by one and all are the cheater in level 500.

What Is The Highest Rank In PUBG?

Conqueror is the highest rank in PUBG. 

What Is EVO In PUBG?

Evoground mode is a mode to play quick matches in PUBG and it contains further three modes namely team death match (TDM), 

How To Increase Evo Level In PUBG?

Evo level is directly linked to player level. Whenever the players level up their Evo level automatically increases. This increases a player’s likelihood to get better rewards. But there is no shortcut to increasing the Evo level in PUBG. 

How To Reach Level 100 In PUBG?

If you want to reach level 100 in PUBG then you have to complete the all missions and daily challenges. After that, it will increase according to your achievement this is the only way to reach the 100 levels in PUBG. 

What All Can You Get From Levels In PUBG?

You can get rewards like dress, achievement, legendary items, mythic items, guns, car skins, etc from the levels of PUBG.

What All Can You Get From Levels In PUBG?

You can get rewards like dress, achievement, legendary items, mythic items, guns, car skins, etc from the levels of PUBG.

How to Increase Character level in PUBG Mobile?

If you want to know how to fastly increase the character level in PUBG Mobile then you have to follow the mentioned tips which are helpful for you.

  • Headshot
  • Stick to a particular mode
  • Skills
  • Do not be aggressive
  • Complete Mission
  • Phone
  • Earphones

After reading this post your all queries are solved and you get the perfect answer to the title What is the highest level in PUBG? If we are successful to give you the right answer then connect with us for the next post. 

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