No Lag VPNs Gaming BGMI Rank List 2024

BGMI Rank List 2024


BGMI Rank List

As all players know, every season BGMI update takes down tier levels according to player tiers. This BGMI level drops for all players right from the beginning and every Battleground Mobile India player proceeds via this downgrading procedure for the player.

Because of that today we will discuss about the ranking system of Battleground Mobile India for all players. This Post will give you more important and worthwhile details about the ranking system and BGMI rank list players. So that you can move forwards according to it in every season.

BGMI Tier Rank List 2024

BGMI rank tier list helps to show you on which level you will drag down after every season tier. So just have look below in order to know how the BGMI Rank tier list works.

Current BGMI Tier Rank New BGMI Tier Rank 
Conqueror & Ace 6* Plus star Platinum Level 1
Ace Level 1* To 6*Platinum Level 2
Crown Level 1Platinum Level 3
Crown Level 2 & 3Platinum Level 4
Crown Level  4 & 5Platinum Level 5
Diamond Level 1 & 2Gold Level 1
Diamond Level 3 & 4,5Gold Level 2
Platinum Level 1 & 2,3Gold Level 3
Platinum Level 4,5 & Gold 1Gold Level 4
Gold Level  2 & 3,4,5Gold Level 5
Silver Level 1 & 2,3,4,5Silver Level 1,2,3,4,5
Bronze Level 1 & 2,3,4,5Bronze Level 1,2,3,4,5

(BGMI) Battleground Mobile India Tier Drop System

As we are concerned about the new update of the BGMI rank list 2024, the rank of each player will be demoted based on their current BGMI levels. Also, players will also be informed about the top tiers of BGMI mobile.

You can aslo see the 5 tiers in each level and you have to complete the whole tier to go on to the next tier level.

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BGMI Rank List 2024 With Points

Below you can see the all rank points of BGMI and tiers too, so you can push your rank of play with full knowledge of the game. So read it carefully in order to push your rank or want to be a good player in BGMI.

  • Bronze Tier(1200-1700) points
  • Silver Tier (1700-2200) points
  • Gold Tier (2200-2700) points
  • Platinum Tier (2700-3200) points
  • Diamond Tier (3200-3700) points
  • Crown Tier (3700-4200) points
  • ACE Tier (4200-4700) points
  • ACE Master (4700-5200) points
  • ACE Dominator (5200) points
  • For Conqueror, you have to come in the Top 500 players

ACE 6+ Stars Level Of BGMI

ACE 6+ Stars Level Of BGMI

The Top Tier BGMI Rank List players are Ace Gold Stars, and Ace 6+ Stars, although these 3 tiers of Battleground Mobile India will drop onto Level Platinum 1.

So players have to re-rank from Platinum to the top rank and it will be a kind a little bit difficult to do this work in BGMI but this is not impossible.

The 2nd higher tier of BGMI is ACE levels, 1, 2, and 3, 4, 5, 6, and accordingly, players drop down to the platinum II levels. If you face log issues, use PUBG No lag app to come out in this type of situation.

After accomplishing the 6+ start on the ACE level you will reach the highest level in BGMI which is called Conqueror Rank. You have to be in the top 500 player list for one day, then you will get the title of Conqueror and other mythic emoji.

BGMI ACE 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Star Level Rank

If the BGMI players of ACE 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 will start pushing rank as soon as possible. That will help the player to reach the top list of the BGMI rank list and also Conqueror the higher rank position of BGMI.

Players of Ace level will be dragged down to the Platinum level. This Ranking system is highly moderate in BGMI games as it makes upper-level players more likely to play with lower-level players as well.

There is no five-tier like other rank systems, then you can see 3-level ACE rank points – 4200-4700, ACE Master rank points – 4700-5200, and ACE Dominator points – 5200.  After reaching the ACE Dominator tier, the players are highly experienced in playing the same tier players.

Crown Tier Of BGMI

Crown Tier Of BGMI

In the BGMI rank list, players at Crown level go down onto the Platinum 3, which is not too low tier but it will become hard for players to rank push again with all servers also trying for the same. Although the players in the lower league are more possible than ever to stay in the position.

These are the BGMI rank points that you have to complete in order to increase your rank in the BGMI game. The Crown Rank tier V points are 3700-3800, crown tier IV points are 3800-3900, crown tier  III points are 3900-4000, crown tier  II points are 4000-4100, and crown tier I points are 4100-4200. 

BGMI Tier Rank Of Diamond 

BGMI Tier Rank Of Diamond

You can see the five tiers of Diamond V to Diamond I. A Diamond tier Rank V points are 3200-3300, diamond IV points are 3300-3400, diamond III tier points are 3400-3500, diamond II points are 3500-3600, and diamond I points are 3600-3700.

BGMI Rank List Platinum Tier

BGMI Rank List Platinum Tier

The Platinum Rank arrives behind the Gold rank. There are also five tiers of Platinum as I mentioned above V  to Platinum I. The Platinum V tier points are 2700-2800, platinum IV points are 2800-2900, platinum III tier points are 2900-3000, Platinum II points are 3000-3100, and Platinum I points are 3100-3200.

BGMI Gold Tier

BGMI Gold Tier

You will in BGMI the Gold tier is higher than the Silver tier rank. If you are on the Gold tier in BGMI rank list live, then you will be getting down onto the new season update on the Silver tier, and let’s have look at Gold v tiers points.

A Gold tier V points are 2200-2300, gold IV points are 2300-2400, gold III points are 2400-2500, gold II tier points are 2500-2600, and gold I points are 2600-2700.

Silver Tier Points Of BGMI 

Silver Tier Points Of BGMI

If you are on the Silver tier, there you will get more + than points even you if got died early stage of the match. These are the points you need to go on top of the BGMI rank list.

The Silver V tier points are 1700-1800, silver IV points are 1800-1900, silver III tier points are 1900-2000, silver II tier points are 2000-2100, and silver I tier points are 2100-2200. 

BGMI Bronze Tier Points

BGMI Bronze Tier Points

The bronze tier is the lowest tier or level in Battleground Mobile India and in the beginning, a player starts his journey from the Bronze level. After playing matches from Bronze Level, the player’s rank is growing up by playing each and each match.

The Bronze tier V points are 1000-1300, bronze tier IV points are 1300-1400, bronze III points are 1400-1500, bronze II points are 1500-1600, and bronze tier I points are 1600-1700.

By paying regularly your rank will increase tier by tier and also increase KD in PUBG with the daily practices in order to reach the top BGMI tier rank list. You have to play more and also try to get chicken dinner, so you can get more + than points in your BGMI rank tier list.

BGMI Rank List Name

There are 10 tiers in Battleground Mobile India (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, Ace Master, Ace Dominator, and Conqueror). Except for Ace and Conqueror, all tiers have 5 divisions and after completing 100 ranking points, a player will move on to the next tier.

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How Do I Rank Push Up In BGMI?

How Do I Rank Push Up In BGMI

There are a few simple steps that you have to follow Strictly in order to rank up in BGMI. let’s have look at the steps.

  • Play in Squad and go Solo in a battle royale as BGMI definitely has its very own thrill and challenge and helps you to get more plus rank points.
  • Putting Spawn Island to Good Use
  • Create an Unbreakable Defensive Territory
  • Commit to Gunfights
  • Survival Points are the Key to BGMI Rank Push

These are the steps you have to follow to get your rank up and reach on the BGMI Rank list. So just play with your best skill to get more battle experience in BGMI. If you are in a location where PUBG does not allow to access the use NoLagVPN coupon code to access easily and unblock the game easily with a discounted price.

How Many Points Do I Need To Reach Conqueror In BGMI?

First, you need to reach the Ace tier then you are required to get many positive points to reach Conqueror. The average points you need to have in BGMI is 4200 points required.

But it also depends on the other players’ points and the main you have to do is get placed on the top 500 players in the BGMI rank list.

What Is The Easiest Way To Push My Rank In BGMI?

For Push rank in BGMI first and the last thing mainly you need to focus on the survival points. Survival points matter most in the BGMI game when it comes to rank-pushing. You will get kill points but the survival points increase more with other points.

It is survival points that consist of 80% of the total points earned from a match in Battleground Mobile India.

How Do I Reach Conqueror In 3 Days?

How Do I Reach Conqueror In 3 Days

Here I will provide you with some initiative steps you have to follow in order to get Conqueror and the top of the BGMI rank list. Have a look at the given steps to reach Conqueror.

  1. Play Safe – A player must focus on survival time, it matters most in rank pushing.
  2. Rank Pushing – Players can join the new team who have just started the game or those who have a low tier in BGMI.
  3. Always use one mode while using rank.
  4. Players can also use different weapons.
  5. Players should use all types of accessories.

How Do I Check My BGMI Rank?

Go on the screen in the lobby then tap on the season tab. After that, you can check your BGMI rank by clicking on the season rank tab solo, duo, and squad ranking.

How Many Players Get Conqueror Tier In Battleground Mobile India (BGMI)?

In order to achieve BGMI Conqueror level, you have to get more points like at ACE points 4,200 – 4,700, Ace Master 4,7000 – 5,200, and Ace Dominator 5,200, and then you have to fight for the top 500 players list. After reaching under the top 500 you will get the Conqueror title.