No Lag VPNs Gaming Brawl Stars Tier List [Top To Down Brawl Stars Rank List]

Brawl Stars Tier List [Top To Down Brawl Stars Rank List]


brawl stars tier list

The Brawl Stars tier list more than 50 different brawlers available for upgrading in the Supercell games. With so many changes and additions, it’s getting harder to pick out the top browsers for the competitive edges.

In this piece of article, we will analyze and rank some of the most famous and recent characters of the Brawl Stars. 

Who Is The No. 1 Brawler In Brawl Stars Tier List?

While there is strong rivalry for the little of the best brawler, the top players concur that Eveis now the strongest brawler in the Brawl Stars tier list. Here are the reasons:

  • Happy Surprise Star Power: constantly creates minions, destroys enemies, fast supercharging for a lot of damage.
  • Versatile Abilities: With “Faux Fur” provides significant shielding and extra life allowing for quick respawns. Eve is a very dangerous component.
  • High Damage and Health: Effective against tanks with potent attacks and damage output.
  • Versatility in 3v3 Modes: Excels in lane control and aggression, especially in modes like Bounty.
  • Personal Playstyle Influences Strength: While individual style matters, Eve shines in capable hands, reigning in competitive play.
  • Close Competitors: Grom, Fang, and Janet challenge her for the top spot. 

Brawler strength is influenced by your personal playstyle and level of competence but Eve is a good choice in competitive play and dominates matches in the right hands. Grom, Fang, and Janet some are more brawlers who are fierce rivals for the top slot.

Is Spike Or Leon Better In Brawl Stars Tier List?

Spike beats Leon in overall strength and utility in the brawl stars tier list, Area denial, the quick super charge from poke damage, adaptable gadgets, and versatile gadgets and star pawers for healing or damage are all benefits of Spike.

Despite his dazzling performances, Leon struggles against organized teams because of his poor health and erratic supers.

While Leon shines in a lone showdown, Spike consistently performs well across all game types in this list of brawl stars tier rankings, Spike is the best option for competitive 3v3 play.

Who Is The Powerful Character In Brawl Stars?

If we’re looking at pure 1v1 unblocked game skills, El Primo surely stands out. In this blog tell why EI Primo is among the mightiest brawlers, which aligns with his placement in the Brawl Stars Tier List:

  • Highest HP in the game.
  • Remarkable burst damage at close range.
  • Gadget offers attack immunity.
  • Super jumps and stuns groups.
  • Star power grants 500 HP on each attack.

EI Primo dominates in head-to-head matches thanks to his fortitude and aggressiveness. His super is great at upsetting teams. Long-range opponents and skills knockbacks and stuns provide him with difficulties, though.

Which Legendary Brawler Is Best In Brawl Stars?

Which Legendary Brawler Is Best 1

Here are the best trio of legendary brawlers look at the top three winners in all their power and glory.

  • Sandy: Sandy is one of the legendaries due to area control and sustained damage. His super generates a huge mid-fight advantage, his star power is useful for the team. Functions excellently in practically every 3v3 mode.
  • Spike: Damage dealer with adaptable star pawers and equipment. excellent at quickly charging and area denial. Better selection overall than Leon. Reliable damage dealer with versatile star powers and gadgets. Great at area denial and quickly charging super. Better pick than Leon overall.
  • Crow: A threat with significant explosive damage potential is the revamped crow. He is a disruptive utility thanks to his shield star power and slow poison device, he is challenging to defeat due to his passive healing.

Even within the realm of impressive legendary skills, Sandy and Spike consistently outperform Leon and Meg in the Brawl Stars Tier List. 

Sandy, currently the standout legendary, showcases remarkable versatility and the ability to make impactful plays. Spike, in terms of power, closely follows suit in the Brawl Stars Tier List.

Which Is The Weakest Brawler in Brawl Stars Tier List?

The weakest all-brawler is considered to be Meg by most pros. Here are her major weaknesses:

  • Low HP in base form makes her easy to burst down
  • Short minimum range leaves her vulnerable to ranged attackers
  • The main attack is inconsistent and charges super slowly
  • Underwhelming gadgets and star powers compared to top brawlers

In the Brawl Stars Tier List, Meg experiences difficulties in the meta because a brawler with a higher range, more burst damage, and improved utility overshadows her.

The high skill ceiling she has results of her complex mechanics.

Effective in circumstances, such as bounty, skilled opponents take advantage of her weakness. The fragile option also includes mortise, dynamic, and 8-bit.

What Are The Best 3 Brawlers In Brawl Stars Tier List?

These are the top 3 strongest brawlers according to the current meta:

  1. Eve: She takes the top slots thanks to her incredible damage output and agility. Even rules thanks to her ability to create minions and her adaptable equipment.
  2. Grom:  He is now one of the best options for all modes thanks to his tremendous damage, range, and control. His strength is further increased through Gedgetry and Seller Pawer.
  3. Fang: Exception, mobility, survival, and damage consistency. He poses the threat because of his lifestyle, and stunt devices. even without star abilities, it functions well.

Janet and Lola deserve special recognition in the context of the Brawl Stars tier list for their consistent damage output and disruptive abilities, respectively.

Even though the meta is still evolving, Eve, Grom, and Fang stand out as strong players in the present environment. They are able to overwhelm opponents in the Brawl Stars tier list thanks to the offensive effectiveness and utility of their skill sets.

What Is A Brawl Stars Tier List?

A Brawl Stars ranks game characters based on their effectiveness in battles. Higher tiers indicate stronger characters, guiding players in team selection and strategy.

How Is The Brawl Stars Tier List Determined?

Tier placement is decided by factors like a character’s power, versatility, and usage in battles. Community feedback, game updates, and professional player input also influence rankings.


In conclusion, no brawl fits everyone according to the brawl stars tier list. Match result. Depends on team composition and individual abilities. But in competitive play, knowing meta and beta brawler gives you an advantage.

Eve, Grom, and Fang lead the pack currently based on damage output, survivability, and utility. Sandy, Spike, and Crow stand above the rest as the top legendary picks. At the other end, Meg and Mortis struggle to make an impact against good opponents.

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