No Lag VPNs Gaming Free Fire Rank List 2024 [Bronze To Grandmaster Rank]

Free Fire Rank List 2024 [Bronze To Grandmaster Rank]


free fire rank list 2022

This is the complete guide to the Free fire ranking system, where I will share the complete details of how to reach Bronze to Heroic and Grandmaster. Here is all your required information on the Free fire rank list in Free fire season. 

If you want to reach the Grandmaster tier, then you should definitely know the importance of the Free Fire rank point list. After reading this article you’ll be ahead in the race of professional players.  

Free Fire ranking decides your skills, humor, and determination in the ranked events. So, it becomes important to sharpen your performance for the highest rank in the Free Fire. 

Free Fire Rank List 2024 (Bronze To Heroic Grandmaster)

free fire rank list

Here I’ve simply put the list of free fire clash squad rank list. By following this list you can reach the top tier of Free Fire. 

  • Bronze (1000-1300) RP
  • Silver (1301-1600) RP
  • Gold (1601-2100) RP
  • Platinum (2101-2600) RP
  • Diamond (2601-3200) RP
  • Heroic (3200+) RP
  • Grandmaster (3200 to top 300)

Free Fire Bronze Rank Tier 

This is the first and the very basic Free Fire rank which has been given to the new player. When we talk about the Bronze has 3 tiers with different points.

Bronze III1150 RP
Bronze II1050 RP
Bronze I1000 RP

Free Fire Silver Rank Tier 

The player who has played a few matches and won a game has been promoted to the Silver rank on Free Fire. After this tier, the game becomes pretty difficult and you’ll be improved as a player. It has also 3 tiers. 

Silver III1450 RP
Silver II1350 RP
Silver I1250 RP

Free Fire Gold Rank Tier

This is the next level in the Free Fire rank list 2024. The player who comes to the Gold tier has all the basic knowledge of Free Fire and understood almost every feature of Free Fire. 

Gold has 4 rank tiers. 

Gold IV1913 RP
Gold III1788 RP
Gold II1663 RP
Gold I1550 RP

Free Fire Platinum Rank Tier 

From Platinum, increasing the free fire clash squad rank list becomes difficult. If you make any major mistake at this level, you will easily lose the match. 

Basically, this Platinum rank has I to V tiers with different points. 

Platinum IV2413 RP
Platinum III2288 RP
Platinum II2163 RP
Platinum I2038 RP

Free Fire Diamond Rank Tier 

This Diamond rank is one of the fifth in the Free Fire rank list. This rank also has 4 tiers & reaching this rank means you don’t have any chance to do mistakes during games. Players are also skillful at this level so you’ve to play carefully. 

Diamond IV2975 RP
Diamond III2825 RP
Diamond II2675 RP
Diamond I2538 RP

Free Fire Heroic Rank Tier

Heroic is the second highest in the Free Fire rank point list. Reaching this tier is very difficult because you’ll need 3125 RP and most of the players on this tier are professional and you’ve to play hard to get a Booyah. 

On this rank, you’ll get amazing rewards like 5000 Gold coins and a Season Heroic avatar. 

Free Fier Grandmaster Rank Tier  

This is the last rank in Free Fire Rank List 2024. The Grandmaster is achieved by only professional players who are perfect at playing Free Fire. You’ll get amazing rewards like Grandmaster Avatar and legendary Grandmaster Banner. 

After reaching this position, You’ll be on the list of Free Fire top 300 players in the region. Hence, they are a professional player and win even losing matches. 

How To Push Free Fire Heroic To Grandmaster?

Rank pushing is not a new term in the battle royal games. Most important how are you pushing the rank? If you push Free Fire ranks in a proper way then you’ll easily push rank from Heroic to Grandmaster. 

If you want to reach the Free Fire highest rank or top of the Free Fire rank list 2024, then avoiding some basic and major mistakes becomes extremely important.

The major problem most users complain is about lags, you can easily tackle this problem by using VPNs like Nolagvpns and many more.

So, follow the below-mentioned tips to avoid mistakes and perform better to improve Free Fire ranked levels. 

Choose Squad/Duo over Solo

  • Play a game with the squad or join the squad rather than playing solo. 
  • Pushing rank with the squad is fun and becomes easy for you to reach the highest rank in Free Fire. 

Don’t Push Rank With Random Players

  • If you join the lobby with random players then they land you at the hot drop. 
  • If they land you late, enemy pickup gun before you pick and kill you in no time.


  • They don’t give you backup and support during a fight.
  • If you knock out maybe they don’t give revive. 
  • And yes they’ll steal your kill & loots. 


  • Randoms can stop the cars in front of enemies & you’ll eventually die.
  • Maybe they don’t communicate with you & not listen to your call.
  • They won’t stop vehicles to pick easy fights. 

How To Improve Free Fire Rank List? 

Here are some basic tips to improve the Free Fire rank tier and become a professional Free Fire player. 

  • Land safe place with squad and loot medkits especially.
  • Restore health regularly if your health is down.
  • Give damage to enemies from a long distance.
  • Revive your teammate to get support points.
  • Kill the maximum amount of enemies to increase kill points.
  • Try to win Booyah in every game. 

If you’re not a skilled full player then first learn the skills like recoil control, close range fights, and more. Because pushing Free Fire ranks is always hard when we compare it with PUBG tier rank list

What Comes After Grandmaster In Free Fire?

Grandmaster is the last and the final title in the Free Fire clash squad rank list. After the completion of the season, you’ll be ranked downgraded to the Platinum rank

What Is RP In Free Fire Rank List?

The simple meaning of RP is Ranking Point, you may be confused about it from the elite pass. But the Ranking point is different from elite passes like for dresses, or skins. 

How Many Levels in Heroic On Free Fire Rank List?

There are no levels in the Heroic rank tier, This is the second highest rank in Free Fire. After serving this rank you’ll need some points to get the Grandmaster title. 

Who Is The Fastest Player In Free Fire?

Basically, it varies from season to season, because every season different players come at the top of the Free Fire rank list. 
Currently, Stupid Sarkar is the fastest Free Fire player in the world.