No Lag VPNs Gaming Free Fire Vs PUBG – Which Is Better Game To Play In 2024?

Free Fire Vs PUBG – Which Is Better Game To Play In 2024?


free fire vs pubg

In this digital era, we all know that video games are how much booming nowadays. Computer games are arriving at new levels and going crazy as time passes. Online video games are played by a giant number of people. Here I’m going to compare the two most popular and trending online video games in the entire world Free fire vs PUBG.

Free fire and PUBG these two games are the most played multiplayer game in the world. So if you are confused by choosing these two games Free fire or PUBG (Playerunknown Battle Ground) then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll be going to differentiate between PUBG and free fire games in terms of size of the download, Graphics, Reviews, and many more.

Which Is The Best Game PUBG vs Free Fire?

To be honest when I play both games PUBG and Free fire It seems to me that PUBG is better than Free fire in all conditions. Even I found the PUBG rank list more convenient than Free fire.

These two games Free fire and PUBG are the most played games and there are millions of gamers who login into this game every day. But one thing is that if you play always and lots of time then there is also the PUBG side effect that is not good for you and your productivity.

Here we are Categorised as Free Fire vs PUBG – 

Free fire vs PUBG: Graphics

There are an exclusive number of gamers who preferred to play the PUBG mobile while others like the Garena Free fire game. PUBG game has so realistic and smooth graphics while free fire game looks like animated action shooting game. But still, there are the top 10 PUBG players in the world who are famous for playing PUBG games like a pro.

Free fire vs PUBG: Storages

If I talk about the storage of these two games then It both contains 2 GB of RAM in the device. When it comes to the storage size then Free fire contains 680 MB while PUBG contains 610 MB of required space. So in the matter of size and storage here PUBG is better than Free Fire while downloading on your devices.

PUBG game vs Free FIRE: Vehicles

In Both games, PUBG or Free Fire has a variety and many designs of vehicles that are used for travel and across the map. 

However, PUBG allows for water mobility via boats and a large number of vehicle selections, unlike the free fire game which has limited any other options and only allows for the purchases of cars and bikes. But you can get Free fire unlimited diamond on Cookole & buy anything you want. 

After describing these categories PUBG game is better than Free Fire. You also understand and are clear about which one to choose for your gaming. Many players wonder if PUBG is a pay-to-win game after having chicken for dinner. Such features and benefits are not provided to you by PUBG.

PUBG Vs Free Fire Users In The World 2024

As per the data PUBG game was downloaded by 100 million users, Where Free fire is downloaded by 500 million users and is downloaded through the apple app store and play store. But the PUBG game is so popular in 2022 than Free fire because of its graphics, performance & realistic gameplay experience. 

PUBG and free fire both games are both played for entertainment and both are available for mobile devices, laptops, or PC. Free fire and PUBG both are multiplayer games that are played with friends by connecting to the internet.  As the mobile gaming industry keeps growing and many online games come into the market, Here Are Five Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile Game as soon as possible with all guidance.

Which One Is The Best Game By Graphics (Free Fire Vs PUBG)? 

Best game by graphics

If I talk Compare the graphics of both PUBG and free fire then I feel that PUBG has superfine and HD quality graphics that give a different look and interface than free fire. PUBG also provides a low and balanced ping network so that you can play games without any issues. 

If you play PUBG then you should definitely know the best time for crate opening in PUBG to get amazing items. 

Free fire is also so popular game in the collision of PUBG. But when the matter comes to its Graphics then Free fire has animated types of Graphics and works so slow as compared to PUBG. So PUBG game is the best Game By Graphics. 

Why Did PUBG Become So Popular Than Free Fire?

Lots of users are confused & think which will be better to play Free fire vs PUBG, In the world of gaming PUBG is the most played game across the world. 

PUBG is played by a maximum number of people and most downloaded game. It become so popular among the users because of some comparisons that I mentioned below- 

PUBG vs Free Fire:


  • Superfine Interface
  • HD Graphics
  • A large number of gun categories
  • 30 min. of gameplay timing
  • Balanced or low ping 

In Free Fire

  • Animated types Graphics
  • Free fire has lower Graphics
  • There are total 4 Categories Of Gun
  • 12-15 min of gameplay

Now you will be able to select one between the Free Fire vs PUBG according to your preference and know Why PUBG become so popular as compared to the Free fire game. If you play Free fire then you much be aware of Free fire unlimited diamonds cookole which is a very good option for the players.

Whenever you play PUBG, you’ll experience realistic graphics, a better player than Free Fire & most important you can show your extra skills in your gameplay. On Free fire, you’re not able to show as many skills as PUBG. 

What Are The Latest Updates In PUBG Game?

As you know the PUBG game how much popular among users and also around the globe. So the developers of this game have added so many new features by updating it. 

Here below are the new updates that you should know if you play the PUBG Game- 

PUBG 1.8 New Features 

Aftermath Map 

Livik is the newly added map in PUBG mobile. Users can experience quick-paced action and unranked matches on this Livik map.

Royal Pass M7 

After the end of M6, the developers of PUBG added the M7 royal pass for better performance. They also fix so many bugs and glitches in this for its users. 

New Vehicles 

One of the most interesting features of the PUBG mobile is riding the vehicles. So the new vehicle features come out with new Coupe RB vehicles. It can reach a top speed of 150 km/hour in the game. 

Is PUBG Game Fater Than Free Fire?

Yes, it is. PUBG is faster than Free fire because it is running on the balanced ping with HD Graphics but Free fire Does not. 

Which Is The Best Game Free Fire vs PUBG?

PUBG is one of the most searched and most played by users Than Free fire. Free fire looks like animated graphics but PUBG has super HD graphics that looks very interesting. 

The Final Words 

After the discussion of Free fire vs PUBG, It’s clear that PUBG and the free fire game both are played for entertainment purposes. As per the categorization and comparison, you got to know and understand that PUBG Game is much better than the Free fire game And whether it is a matter of graphics, Performance, and interface. So play the Player Unknown’s battlegrounds game at a balanced ping and enjoy the game.