6 Game-Changing Valorant Tips For New Players

Optimize your mouse sensitivity, play with a large minimap, play as a team, etc. These are some of the game-changing Valorant tips for new players. Despite being one of the best action-adventure games, it’s always hard for new players. 

The only way to win more fights and end victoriously in Valorant is by having a well-planned strategy and tactics that the enemy doesn’t expect. If you’re keen to get more wins in all your Valorant battles, we advise you to explore our best Valorant hacks handpicked. 

With such tools and the beginner-friendly tips below, your game experience will be encouraging. Learn more below. 

7 Game-Changing Tips for New Players in Valorant

Here are the 7 best game-changing tips for all the players who are new to playing the Volarant game. 

6 Game-Changing Volarant Tips For New Players

Optimize Your Sensitivity

Optimizing your sensitivity helps improve your aim and precision in Valorant. The sensitivity of your mouse depends on your preference. However, it’s essential to set it in a way that can easily lock on the target, aim, and fire. You don’t want to hover to and fro just to take out an enemy.

Generally, you can set your sensitivity to 180. The reason is that if you’ve got the ideal placement of your crosshair, a lot of your opponents should come in front of you. So, you precisely aim and take them down without having to turn around again and again. 

Thus, your accuracy is sure by lowering your sensitivity to 180 or according to your preference. You have to fix Valorant stutter so that you can complete the mission without any stuttering, frame drop, or mouse stuttering.

Play With a Large, Minimap

Playing with a big minimap is an excellent way of increasing your awareness. It gives you a comprehensive view of your environment and allows you to identify the movements of enemy players. Also, it makes it easier to flank enemies. 

On the Settings page, you can choose the size you wish the minimap to have. Leave it on the default size if it works for you. However, if you want to make the most of it, increasing the size of the minimap is an ideal tip for new players. 

Turn On Bloom

Many players prefer playing Valorant on low settings to get maximum performance. Most times, they disable all extra features. This can be a great thing to do for smooth buff-free gameplay. However, one recommended feature you must turn on is the Bloom feature.

When Bloom is on, it’s easier to see things like Sova Recons and character outlines. It can improve your gun skins and give you a more graphical visual in the free fire vs Pubg game. 

Do The Hold And Toggle Aim Trick

This trick makes it easier and faster to zoom in and out on a target while aiming. This hold and toggle aim trick comes in handy when giving headshots, especially as a sniper. Moreover, it works perfectly with sniper rifles. The aim is the major factor in any game. Therefore you should Increase merit in PUBG games to play with the pro players.

If you “Hold” and “Toggle,” it will scoop in and out on your target much more freely. By doing this, you can quickly get a scope on an enemy hiding in a corner, take him out, scope out, and look around for more. This volarant tip is most important to remember.

Practice Spray Control

If you want to get better at aiming and spraying, you have to practice spray control. Spend some minutes in the range and try to spray at a particular spot on the wall. Then check the preciseness of your spraying. 

If it’s good enough, you can proceed with your adventure. However, you can adjust the distance between you and the range to see how precise you can spray from a long distance. Observe if your first 7-8 bullets are landing in the same spot. You can increase the number of shots you spray with as you get more comfortable. 

The flying bots outside the range are excellent targets for spray control practice. The more you practice, the more perfect you become. So, as you join fights, you can spray on enemy players and effortlessly win more battles. If you live in a place where the most popular games have restricted the use a VPN to access them because VPN improve ping and provides you a stable network to play smothly.

Be A Good Team Player.

One of the game-changing Valorant tips to help you as a new player is fighting as a team. You can communicate with them and plan strategies before starting a match. If you will know all the tips and tricks then you should know about effective ways to promote mobile games to provide your knowledge to others.

Also, by playing as a team, you’ll get more tactical knowledge from them, especially if you have experienced Valorant players in your group. You can share suggestions, devise an unpredictable move, eliminate opponents, and take charge of the game. 

Conclusion: Game Changing Volarant Tips For New Players

As a new player in the Valorant gaming community, it’s ideal to follow these game-changing tips. They are easy to pull off and help you improve and make the most of your gameplay.

By optimizing your sensitivity, having a large minimap, using the hold toggle trick, and playing as a team, you’re sure to win many matches in your Valorant game.

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