Getting Over It Unblocked [Play Free Online]

Play the unblocked Getting Over It at school or work without restrictions and conquer the climb using just a hammer. 

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy took the internet by storm with its frustratingly difficult platformer gameplay focused on climbing a mountain with a hammer. Now you can experience the full rage-inducing challenge of Getting Over It even at school or work through the unblocked version.

The unblocked Getting Over It game allows you to play the complete viral hit from restricted networks. Just access the game on an unblocked gaming site to enjoy the climb without any limitations, distractions, or need for downloads.

What Is Getting Over It Unblocked Games?

Getting Over It unblocked games refer to browser-based versions of the popular game “Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy”, that can be played on websites or platforms that bypass restrictions or blocks.

They allow you to play this viral 3D platformer game about climbing a mountain with just a hammer from school, work, or any restricted network. 

The unblocked Getting Over It games provide the full challenging experience without the downloads required.

Is It Possible To Play Getting Over It Without Restrictions?

Yes, it is possible to play Getting Over It without restrictions using the unblocked versions available on certain gaming websites. Unblocked Games 66, Unblocked Games 76, and other similar sites provide Getting Over It to play for free in your web browser. 

This allows you to access the full frustration of trying to climb the mountain with Bennett Foddy from school, office, or any restricted network. The unblocked Getting Over It game has no limits or modifications.

How To Play Unblocked Getting Over It Game Online?

To play the Getting Over It Unblocked Game online follow these steps:

How To Play Unblocked Getting Over It Game
  • Go to an unblocked gaming website like Unblocked Games 76, or Unblocked Games 66
  • Search for “Getting Over It” or find it in the platformer game section
  • Click on Getting Over It to launch the unblocked version
  • Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move the hammer
  • Press the spacebar to swing the hammer upward
  • Hold shift while swinging to move faster
  • Use these controls to try climbing up the mountain and Getting Over It all the obstacles
  • No download is required as it’s the browser-based unblocked version

Why Is Getting Over It Blocked On Certain Networks?

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is often blocked on school and workplace networks because it contains mature themes and some suggestive content that administrators deem inappropriate. 

The difficulty and rage-inducing nature of the game can also be disruptive in classrooms or office settings. Additionally, the game is blocked simply because it falls under entertainment and video game categories which are restricted by many network policies. 

However, the unblocked version of Getting Over It provides a way around these limitations.

Where Can I Play Getting Over It Unblocked?

There are several websites that offer free game unblocked Getting Over It which you can play in your browser without downloads. These Sites Provide a full Getting Over It game from school, office, or any restricted network easily.

What Are The Best Getting Over It Game Unblocked Sites?

Here are some top Getting Over It sites that allow you to access games even from restricted networks.

  • Getting Over It Unblocked Games 66 EZ
  • Unblocked Getting Over It With Izi Games 
  • Getting Over It Gaming Cloud 
  • Getting Over It Unblocked 911
  • Getting Over It Ultra Unblocked
  • Unblocked Game World Getting Over It 
  • Unblocked Games 76
  • Getting Over It Unblocked 77 Game
  • Ultra Unblocked Getting Over It
  • Max Unblocked Game Getting Over It
  • Getting Over It Unblocked Wtf

Can I Play Unblocked Getting Over It At School?

Yes, it is possible to play online Getting Over It Game unblocked at school by using unblocked gaming sites that bypass school firewalls and filters. 

Sites like Unblocked Games 76, Unblocked Games 66, and Ultra Unblocked allow access to Getting Over It from school networks. However, it is important to follow school rules and only play during approved times, like breaks. 

How Do Schools Prevent Access To Getting Over It And Other Games?

There are some main ways schools use to prevent your access to Getting Over It and Other Games 

  • Firewalls and filters – Schools use specialized firewalls and web filters to block access to gaming sites and categories such as Getting Over It.
  • Blacklisting specific sites – School IT admins actively blacklist certain sites known for games like Getting Over It to block them.
  • Limiting devices – Some schools limit network access to approved devices only, blocking personal phones/gadgets with unfiltered access.
  • Network monitoring – School networks are monitored for gaming activity and traffic to detect and shut down access.
  • Browser restrictions – In-school browsers often have tightened restrictions or monitoring extensions installed.
  • Acceptable use policies – School internet policies prohibit access to unapproved entertainment sites including games.
  • Traffic shaping – Network traffic shaping limits bandwidth to gaming sites making them inaccessible.
  • Student tracking – Monitoring student screen activity and browsing history to identify gaming.

Are There Any Getting Over It Unblocked Versions That Are Safe?

Yes, there are unblocked Getting Over It versions available such as Unblocked 66, Unblocked 77, etc. It is important to use only trustworthy unblocked sites because not all unblocked versions are safe because they can potentially contain malware or other harmful elements. 

Are Using Getting Over It Unblock Sites Illegal?

Bypassing blocked school sites normally violates school policy and rules but is not outright illegal unless done maliciously with external laws broken. Students should still avoid unapproved circumvention.

Is There Getting Over It Unblocked 2 Available To Play?

Yes, there is a version of Getting Over It called Getting Over It 2 that is available to play unblocked. You can play it on your browser or on a mobile device for free without any downloads.

Can I Play Getting Over It Unblocked For Free?

Yes, you can play Getting Over It Unblocked For free. There are several websites where you can find the game and play it without any restrictions.


The Getting Over It Unblocked version allows you to play this game even from restricted networks such as schools or workplaces. Schools often block the game due to its mature themes and rage-inducing frustration.

So, by following the above steps play an unblocked version of Getting Over to get full access to this challenging game from restricted networks.