How Many People Play PUBG In India 2024?

PUBG is the most popular battleground game with a huge following worldwide. PUBG is the most popular game in the youth of India. Everyone is crazy for PUBG and the game has increased its popularity day by day. Recently BGMI was banned in India. 

Today here we discussed How many People Play PUBG In India. If you are also curious to know the number of people who play player unknown’s battleground in India then connect with us at the end of the blog and grab more advanced information from here.

PUBG User In India

According to the record for the sensor tower and PUBG has more than 175 million installations in India alone which account for 25% of the total installation worldwide. This indicates clearly that India has a large market for PUBG.

Why Is PUBG So Popular In India?

There are many reasons behind the popularity of PUBG in India. If you also want to know the reasons then read the mentioned steps. 

  • PUBG is Completely Free
  • Completely New Concept
  • PC-type gameplay
  • No restriction to playing the game from anywhere
  • Multiplayer concept
  • Frequent updates

What Is The Maximum Number of Players Per Day?

Currently, it looks like the game has an average of at least 30 million players logged in daily. According to recent Player, the highest registered height players in the data they made public is over 58.54 million players.

Is It Necessary To Use VPN To Play PUBG In India?

Yes, If you live in a restricted area or region like India where PUBG is banned. So in that situation, VPN is necessary to Use to Play the player unknown battleground (PUBG). VPN helps you to connect with another country region to play PUBG in India without any restrictions. It also makes your real Identity secure from the ISP’s service. VPN makes it easy for you to access restricted games like PUBG in India with complete privacy.

If you are in confusion to select the best VPN then I recommend you to use NordVPN which is the most efficient VPN ever with secure features. It makes secure your all online activity or information from external attacks like hackers, or cybercriminals.

How Much PUBG Earn Per Day In India?

PUBG earns Rs 33 crore per India because In India PUBG is the most played game by everyone. But As you know PUBG is banned in India so you can take the help of a VPN which allows you to access PUBG from anywhere.

Who Is The No 1 Pubg Player In India?

Mortal Mortal is the no 1 PUBG player in India which is known as Aman Mathur. He is born in Mumbai and created his YouTube channel Mortal is one of the best esports players.

How Many Players Does PUBG Has In 2024?

Given below I mentioned the table which helps you to know the number of players has PUBG in 2024

MonthAvg playerGain%GainExtreme Player
Jan 2024242, 322.4+8,8651.5+57.69%696,704
Feb 2024241,174.5-1,147.9-0.47%532,109
March 2024226,114.9-15059.6-6.24%535,587
April 2024223,541.4-2,573.4-1.14%527,433
May 2024200,854.2-2,2687.2-10.15%468,207
June 2024181,187.8-19,666.4-9.79%413,426
July 2024177,018.2-4,169.6-2.30%391,255

Which Is a Good Ping For Gaming?

Any ping which is below 20ms is considered to be great. 

What Is The Most Playing Game In India?

PUBG is the most played Game in India.

Why People Like To Play PUBG In India?

PUBG is weaponry and the character, location everything seems to be inspired by real-life that all the things make player unknown’s battleground (PUBG)  more immersive and intense. These are the reasons why people like to play PUBG in India.

Is PUBG Mobile Still Popular?

PUBG Mobile has 30 million daily active players. India’s ban of PUBG Mobile dropped the game’s daily active users by more than half.

Which Country Play Most PUBG?

China was the top country for PUBG in the USA in 2019 and the second one is China. Russia was the third largest PUBG player country.

Who Is The Most Popular PUBG Streamer?

When ranking the most overlooked PUBG streamers, Dr. DisRespect Shroud, TSM Viss, summit1g, and Lirik are definitely in the top 10. Further good PUBG players to oversee include CDNThe3rd, UberHaxorNova, etc.