No Lag VPNs Gaming How Much Money PUBG Earn Per Day? [Revealed]

How Much Money PUBG Earn Per Day? [Revealed]


How Much PUBG Earn Per Day

PUBG is the most dominating game in the online gaming industry. Not in terms of just popularity it also earns a massive amount of money. PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground) has various competitors but it defeats each and every competitor in every way. Here we will tell you How Much Money PUBG Earn Per Day from gamers. Keep connected with us for more explanation.

PUBG Mobile sets new earning records that are almost unbreakable for anyone. PUBG users growing rapidly in previous years and that’s why its earnings are also increasing every single day.

Why Are PUBG Moblie Earnings So High?

The reason behind PUBG’s high earnings is its amazing graphics, user-friendly interface, interactive gameplay, and mobile accessibility. PUBG is a battle royal game that won the hearts of a huge amount of people.  If you are feeling bored playing PUBG games the you can play Free Fire also which has similar features. To clear your doubt you should know about Free Fire Vs PUBG which will help you to choose the best one to play.

One of the biggest reasons for getting popularity is PUBG mobile’s engaging concept. It provides you complete freedom to play with your friends and also talk with them at the same time. You can also buy various skins, weapons, vehicles, and other resources.

How Much Money Does PUBG Earn Every Day?

The clear answer to this question is $8.1 million per day. PUBG Mobile reached the mark of $5.1 billion from lifetime player spending.  Which it accumulated $2.7 billion on 2020 only. 

If we talk about PUBG Mobile’s earnings then it increasing day by day. In 2020 PUBG game generated approximately $7.4 million per day. The first quarter of 2020 is the most profitable quarter because it generated $721 million dollars in just 3 months. On the other hand, the fourth quarter earned just $554 million.

But in 2021 it increases very much and now PUBG Mobile per day earnings is $8.1 million. Its first-quarter income is $709 million. Lots of players think that PUBG pays to win but there is no such type matter. Although if you want to get the skins and the new best gun combo in PUBG mobile then you have to pay for that.

How does PUBG Mobile Earn Money?

The biggest earning source of PUBG is players spending. PUBG sell various bundles for their users, by which you can play your game with the latest skins, weapons, vehicles, etc. 

All these resources are paid for. This means you can enhance your gaming experience by spending some money. This is the major source of PUBG Mobile’s earnings. If you live in a place where PUBG KR is not allowed to play then use here the best VPN for PUBG KR to unblock easily and enjoy this game without any issues.

What is the monthly income of PUBG?

PUBG Mobile constantly grew after its launch and right now its monthly income is $270 million. Which increases with time. PUBG creates this amazing earning record in lockdown, where all the world sitting on house whereas PUBG mobile records a huge increment in their revenue.

What is the profit of PUBG?

The net profit of PUBG mobile is $190 million which is more than 26% from last time and it increases constantly. 

What is the budget of PUBG?

PUBG is a very high graphics game and that’s why its development cost is very high. The overall budget of PUBG game is around $100k to $150k and it takes 1 to 2 year to make this game.