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How To Fax Through An iPhone?


Fax from iPhone

Know how to use fax through an iPhone to send docs and PDF anytime with use of online fax services on iPhone in 2023.

Fax machines, like VHS tapes and floppy disks, may seem like relics of outdated technology, and that perception is mostly accurate. Nowadays, few people possess fax machines or even multifunction printers that can handle faxes.

However, there are still occasions when you might find yourself needing to send a fax, even if it’s just once a year. In such instances, there’s no need to obtain a standalone fax machine for fax through an iPhone. or visit a local print shop.

You can easily fax from iPhone using the right app. Along with it, a virtual private network can assist you in unblocking so many things, for instance, the best VPN for Gameloop through following easy steps.

Can I Send A Fax From My iPhone?

Yes, you can send fax through iPhone by using a different app and services on your device. Some of the faxes are free and some are paid, you can see some of the apps and services including iFax, Fax From iPhone, WeFax, FaxZero, and FAX.PLUS. 

Does Apple Have A Free Fax App?

No apple does not have its own free fax app. However, there are many apps available on the Apple App Store that you can use. iFax and fax From iPhone are some of the examples of free Fax apps for iPhone users. 

But there are some problems with the free fax apps on iPhone come with many ads and also can steal your data. which sometimes irritates and unsecured so if you are okay with that then you can go with the free fax iPhone apps.

Best Ways To Send And Receive Faxes On Your iPhone

there are variety of different fax apps and online services for iPhone which you can use it anytime on your phone.

  • iFax
  • Fax From iPhone
  • WeFax
  • FaxZero

iFax Free App Fo iPhone

Looking for a top-notch fax through an iPhone this app offers free options and a comprehensive free trial? Look no further! iFax allows you to send up to 5 pages per month for free, including international faxes. Alternatively, you can choose one of our premium packages.

By signing up for the 7-day free trial of iFax Plus, you will be able to send and receive 500 pages per month. Opt for our Premium package and enjoy a generous allowance of 1000 pages per month. Plus, if you cancel before the trial period ends, you won’t have to pay a cent.

Fax From iPhone

The Fax App is capable of processing a wide range of fax-ready documents and they are all available in high resolution. This is one of the best mobile faxing services as it offers security features, a powerful scanner, and provides good image quality.

You don’t need a complex mobile fax setup, it can be handled by a user of any skill level fax through an iPhone. It’s quite easy to figure out how to fax an iPhone, since you only need to register, and select a file and a recipient. You will also be able to receive a fax to your address, which you set when registering.

Here are some key features that will assist you in grabbing the best application to fax your essential documents with budget budget-friendly app.

  • Add electronic signature: With the reliable Fax App, you can organize and schedule your faxes. To make your fax more secure, you can use an electronic signature. Sign documents & and fax them back quickly and securely.
  • Built-in scanner: The application replaces a fax and can work as a scanner. It scans documents through your phone’s camera and prepares them for digital faxing. You can also edit scanned photos within the app.
  • Track fax history: The Fax App provides a document directory where you can track sent and received faxes. You can easily identify any failed faxes.
  • Send faxes quickly and easily: You can send faxes anytime, anywhere using the Fax App. It only takes a few minutes to deliver send a fax. Just select the document and local fax number.

WeFax For iPhone

If you’re on the hunt for a straightforward and user-friendly fax through an iPhone app that can handle faxing, look no further than WeFax. We’ve put multiple apps through rigorous testing and can confidently say that WeFax takes the crown.

What sets WeFax apart from the competition? It’s available for both iPhone and Android, eliminating the need to create an account or go through any verification process. Simply load up the app, and you’re ready to send and receive faxes. It’s that simple.

FaxZero Use on iPhone

FaxZero offers a convenient, browser-based fax service. It allows you to send up to 5 three-page faxes to the US or Canada without any cost, surpassing most competitors. However, these faxes will include the FaxZero logo.

Another option is paying per fax to send unlimited faxes per day, each with a maximum of 25 pages, and without any FaxZero branding. International fax sending is also available.

FAX.PLUS Online iPhone

Optimize fax for iPhone or iPad with FAX.PLUS – a secure and reliable online fax service that transforms your device into a robust fax machine. Enjoy the convenience of sending and receiving faxes, along with a multitude of features.

Get your online fax number and streamline your communication on your phone. FAX.PLUS is widely acclaimed as the top online fax service, providing unparalleled reliability and performance.

To effortlessly send faxes from your iPhone or iPad, simply utilize the built-in scanner to scan your desired document. Add the recipient’s fax number and send your fax instantly.

You can also simply attach files that are stored locally or on iCloud Drive. With FAX.PLUS, experience the power of mobile faxing at your fingertips.

How Do I Fax A PDF From My iPhone?

If you want to fax a PDF from your iPhone then you need to use a fax app or service. There are a variety of different fax apps and services available online, both free and paid, you can pick any one according to your requirements. You can see the below steps on how to use fax PDF on iPhone:

  • Download and install a fax app or service on iPhone
  • Create an account 
  • Open the fax app or service 
  • Select the fax option to send a fax
  • Now select the PDF file you want to fax
  • Enter the recipient’s fax number
  • Verify all the information of fax and send it

Can I Send A Fax From My iPhone Or iPad?

Yes, you can fax from iPhone and iPod by using an app or online fax services. All the online fax services act as virtual fax machines all these services work through the Internet. So that you can use it any time by just connecting to the internet. 

Can I Send A Free Fax From My iPhone?

Yes, you can access fax on your iPhone by using iFax, Fax From iPhone, etc. Use this online fax service anytime to send docs and PDFs.


The procedure for sending and receiving a fax is the same in most applications, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting to know each one. You can try each service and choose the best one for yourself.