No Lag VPNs Gaming  How To Get Unlimited UC in PUBG Mobile? [UC Hack 2024]

 How To Get Unlimited UC in PUBG Mobile? [UC Hack 2024]


How To Get Unlimited UC in PUBG Mobile

Do you want to get unlimited UC in PUBG Mobile? You have come to the right place because we will tell you how you can get unlimited UC without spending any money. 

This method will help you in different ways like to get Royal Pass for free & you can also get PUBG 10,000 UC free. I’ve shared tips and tricks to get unlimited UC(Unknown Currency) & RP(Royal Pass) in the past. So, without wasting any time let’s explore more about tricks. 

What Is UC In PUBG Mobile? 

Before going towards tricks, first, you should know about UC. Basically, UC stands for the unknown coin, which is used in PUBG mobile as money. With the help of UC, you can purchase legendary items in the game like outfits, gun skins, vehicle skins, Elite Royal pass and many more. 

How To Get Unlimited UC PUBG Trick 2024

How To Get Unlimited UC PUBG Trick

If you want free UC then stick to this article. Because now I’m going to tell you four legit UC hack tricks to get unlimited UC in PUBG mobile free. By using these below-mentioned methods you can get free UC & all methods are tried and tested. 

  • Get Free UC with Flipkart Plus Method
  • Google Play Redeem Code 
  • PUBG Elite Royal Pass 
  • Free UC Hack Method 

Let’s discuss each of them. 

Flipkart Supercoin Method For PUBG UC

This is the legit method to get free PUBG UC. You can get upto 660 UC midasbuy vouchers from Flipkart using 650 coins. But make sure you must have 650 coins in your Flipkart plus account. 

If you don’t have enough coins to purchase then you can easily earn by shopping and completing tasks from Flipkart. The steps have been listed below. 

Steps to get unlimited UC from Flipkart coin

  1. First, open your Flipkart app
  2. Go to Flipkart plus reward store 
  3. Choose and buy PUBG mobile 650 UC worth RS799 pack at 650 coin
  4. You will get redeem code from PUBG UC
  5. Now, copy code and open this link
  6. Then select PUBG UC to redeem a voucher 
  7. Enter your PUBG account id & past this redeem voucher
  8. You will get PUBG UC 650 which is worth Rs779 RP for free
  9. Now, Open gift on PUBG collect it and enjoy a free RP Session.  

Google Play Redeem Code

Play store redeem code is a free method to hack PUBG mobile. Basically, it’s another legit way to claim to get PUBG UC unlimited free. Here, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to get the Google Play Redeem code.

  • Firstly, Open Google Play Redeem Code & copy valid code 
  • After this open play store, you get 
  • Once code is successfully credit to your account head toward your PUBG mobile app
  • Now, click on the + UC sign 
  • Choose the value on your google play credit.
  • Your Google play credit will be applied to the order 
  • Now confirm your password to continue to payment 
  • Once your password matches your transaction will succeed instantly 
  • The UC you choose will be reflected in your account. 

You can try these tricks on logging other eligible Google accounts you’ll get a more PUBG 190UC for free. 

PUBG Elite Royal Pass 2024

In this Royal Pass method, you’ll get free unlimited PUBG UC by increasing RP number. There is two elite passes available on PUBG mobile. One is Elite royal pass which costs 660 UC and the second one is Elite Plus Royal Pass which costs 1800 UC. 

If you’re purchasing Elite Royal Pass then you will get a total of 600 UC for free by unblocking RP mission. On Elite Royal Pass you’ll get 1800 UC by completing mission of RP. But you need to buy Royal Pass first. 

Free PUBG UC Hack App 

I would like to inform you PUBG mobile UC hack apk is not the legit way to get free UC. This method is not safe to get unlimited UC in PUBG mobile for free. I’m not confirming whether this method really working or not, you can try it at your own risk. 

Many famous Youtuber & best PUBG players in the world also use this trick to get skins. You know PUBG is a very competitive game so, everybody needs PUBG UC to maintain status in a game, therefore, they buy a variety of skins for different things like guns, outfits, etc. 


As of now, you know UC is an in-game currency by which you can purchase any items on PUBG mobile. Many gamers want UC to buy their favourite outfits, skins, etc. 

So, I’ve shared some of the legit tricks by which you can easily get free UC for PUBG mobile. I hope this article will be valuable and informative for you. 

Is It Safe To Use Free PUBG UC?

Well, I’ve explained four methods to get unlimited PUBG UC for free. All methods are tested and tried except the last one PUBG UC hack app. 

You can try the Flipkart supercoin method, Google Play redeem code, & PUBG Elite Royal Pass these methods are safe to use for free PUBG UC. 

Can we get unlimited UC in PUBG?

There are many PUBG UC hacks websites available out there. These kinds of websites claim that if you enter your details, you will get free UC in your account. But all of these are scams, to get your details and users lose ownership of their account. 

How Can I Get 600 UC in PUBG Mobile Free?

It’s a very easy process to get 600 UC in PUBG Mobile. You just need to play or login into the game for a total of 2 hours in a day. Whether you complete it in one sitting or throughout the day is upon you.