How To Play Apex legends Mobile In USA 2024

Apex legends is a big free battle royal game, primarily this game is for PC alike from it they grab the mobile audiences too by launching Apex legends Mobile. The mobile version of this game is officially in beta version in many countries but not yet in the USA. The only way to play apex legends mobile in USA is to connect your store to the rest of the USA region.

Hence, enroll in Season 1 Apex legends Mobile and float in their amazing new battle royal concept game in Mobile. Latterly, get Apex Mobile in the US on Android and iOS.

How Do I Play Apex legends Mobile in USA on My iPhone?

To Play Apex Legends on Iphone in USA navigate to your Apple store and search for Apex Legends game. Now click on the install button and wait till the download is complete. 

The app was about 2.78 GB and for custom packs, maps and outfits download its size will reach 3.5 GB. If you don’t have Apex Mobile in a search result, then try to make a new Google account with a region where is Apex legends Mobile download available.

When Do Apex legends Mobile Come Out In America?

In America, Apex Mobile legends were released in two-part, First in PDT and CDT regions. There technically apex legends mobile release date is 16 MAY. In the majority region of America, it will release on 17 MAY 2022 remaining America region via East Coast US at 12 AM (EDT).

How To Download Apex legends Mobile On Android?

To download Apex Legends mobile on Android devices follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Go to Google Play Store
  2. Search the Apex legends mobile download
  3. Install & play Apex legends Mobile  
  4. Open game & run in the USA too.

When you are installing Apex Legends for Android, ensure that your phone is running Android 6 or later. Along with this, if you still facing problems with apex legends mobile download then visit Apex legends Mobile Offical site by EA Mobile games. 

If you have a great connection or are still not able to play Apex legends Mobile in USA, then get a VPN that also performs stable connection, security, and mainly a No Lag VPN connection.

Can You Play Apex Mobile With VPN?

Yes, you can play Apex legends Mobile with a VPN connection. It will provide you with low latency or geo-regional connections due to its unlimited secure servers located all over the world. However, VPNs provide you with any region network, allowing you to change your IP address from the United States and access all content outside of the US. Currently, stay apart from the United States, and get ultra fast speed, no lag, and unlimited device connections in a single pack to play Apex legends Mobile.

How Do I Get Apex Legends Mobile in USA?

To download Apex legends Mobile in USA, follow some below steps that involve only official & trusted platforms. 

  1. Open the Play Store and press the account symbol. 
  2. Now, add another account.
  3. Sign in with a fresh new Google account with the region outside the USA. 
  4. Connect that region also by using Best VPN for Android. 
  5. Get the Google Play Store 
  6. Settings > General > Account and Device Preferences > Country and Profiles.
  7. Choose Japan (Apex legends Mobile’s best server connection).
  8. Find apex legends mobile app store
  9. Install & Play Apex in the USA 

There are various options also to get apex legends mobile in USA. Although users choose the easy way in result they rely on third-party download links that can harm your device too. So it will be always better to rely on a trusted and secure method to go on.

Best VPN To Play Apex legends Mobile In USA?

There are so many Apex Legends mobile VPN available in the market, but choosing one of them is always harder than usual. So below here we have mentioned the best VPN services to use with Apex Legends mobile.

NordVPN – Play Apex legends Fastest

NordVPN recognizes the gaming community and has a separate section where you can easily navigate all of its features. With NordVPN, you can get a high-speed internet connection and, as a result, a zero-ping VPN for Apex legends for an unlimited amount of time in their single package.

ExpressVPN – Paid & Free Apex legends Mobile VPN

ExpressVPN has the largest VPN connection that provides ultimate 3000 + servers that fasten your reflexes & move with any network connection. Using ExpressVPN with Apex legends Mobile will work without any problem to deliver you the best gaming experience in each game. This VPN is the best choice if you want to play Apex legends mobile in USA.

CyberGhost- Cheapest VPN for Apex legends Mobile

The money-back guarantee feature of Cyberghost each plan, allows users to refund within 30 days. Their massive web Cyberghost VPN servers ensure security indefinitely to play Apex legends Mobile in the USA. In addition, they provided kill-switch capabilities that protect your identity even when you don’t have a solid connection while playing Apex.

Which VPN is Worthy To Use For Apex Legends Mobile Version?

According to us, NordVPN is the best VPN for Apex Mobile. You may try VPN and enjoy a risk-free deal with NordVPN 2 Year Plan @3.49$ only with the certainty of a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, it completely depends on your needs and budget which VPN you should use for Apex Legends mobile.

Is Apex Legends Available In America?

Yes, Apex legends are available in the USA, users can play apex on their console or PC device. Currently, they also released a mobile version, to play Apex legends Mobile in USA. 

Where Is Apex legends Mobile Available?

Officially, on MAY 17 Apex Mobile is accessible in a Beta limited version. Furthermore, Apex legends Mobile will be available in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia for Android and iOS.

Will Apex Legends Mobile Cross-Play With The Console?

No, Apex Mobile is categorized for mobile users only, apex legends mobile download is available on Android or iOS only. Other device players will play Apex legends on their PC, PS5, and Xbox. 

How To Play Apex Legends Mobile On PC?

Officially, no user can get apex legends mobile download on their PC to play Apex legends Mobile In USA.

Will Apex Mobile Be on iOS?

Yes, Apex Legends mobile is also available for IOS users they can download this game from the Apple store.