No Lag VPNs Blogs 4 Suggestions to Help You Optimize Old MacBook for Gaming In 2024

4 Suggestions to Help You Optimize Old MacBook for Gaming In 2024


Optimize Old MacBook for Gaming

If you have a relatively old MacBook model, the odds are that you will struggle to enjoy video games on the device.

First of all, Macs are not that great for gaming in the first place. For most gamers, the go-to pick for the hobby usually includes a gaming console or a custom-built PC.

The choice has a lot to do with the hardware. It also does not help that some video game developers simply do not bother with optimizing their IPs for macOS.

Now, having said all that, as a MacBook owner, you should not be too discouraged to try video games on a Mac. So long as you go for games with relatively low requirements and put some effort into optimizing the computer, you should be good to go. And for the latter, here are some suggestions that should come in quite handy.

Take Care of the Dust Inside

It is no secret that many old laptops will have too much dust inside them. Quite a few laptop owners do not bother cleaning the dust themselves because of the hassle. Taking a MacBook apart to clean it thoroughly is not that simple either.

The reluctance to risk damaging the device is understandable, but you still need to overcome the issue. Perhaps the best solution, in this case, would be to take the MacBook to someone who specializes in cleaning the dust.

Asking for professional help comes with its drawbacks. Mostly paying money and having to wait for the job to be over, but at least you will know that the computer is in good hands.

The reason behind cleaning the dust inside is to free up the clutter that clogs the internal fans. The internal MacBook fans need to cool the hardware.

In case you want to take an extra step, consider getting a cooling pad as well. If there is one accessory you can invest in to improve the overall performance of the laptop, then a cooling pad is the answer.

Check Background Processes

The resource-hogging your MacBook experiences could be the result of too many background processes. If the system cannot provide sufficient resources to the video game you are trying to play, then it is understandable why the performance feels lackluster, to say the least.

Activity Monitor is a built-in macOS tool that lets you manage background processes. Whether it is an app you forgot to close after using it or an app that is part of the startup item list, you can sort each active process in Activity Monitor and quit redundant resource hogs.

Freeing up memory and other resources ought to do a lot of good for the overall computer performance, which will also affect the gaming experience. 

Declutter the Drive

Storage issues are quite common on Macs because these computers do not offer that much space on the drive in the first place. And when you introduce video games that are known for the amount of storage they require, the problem becomes even more prominent.

You can check mac storage, but the information you see might only tell you so much. The state of the MacBook’s drive is only the first step.

What follows next is the process of freeing up the space on the computer’s drive. For starters, check what redundant files you delete permanently. Old downloads, localization data, images, media files, and so on should go if you no longer have a need for them.

Transferring some files to external storage accessories like a hard drive or a USB flash stick is also an option. You can even utilize iCloud, though the service offers only 5GB on free accounts, which is not that much.

Ultimately, the goal is to free up disk space so that there are more than just a few free gigabytes. At the very least, about 20 percent of total computer disk space should not be occupied.

Scan the Device for Malware

The last suggestion on the list is to make sure that your device is not running rampant with malware. macOS is relatively safe as it is not as prone to cybersecurity threats as its counterparts.

Nevertheless, you still need to install reliable antivirus software and scan the MacBook thoroughly. If a scan reveals corrupted data, you need to get rid of it right away.
Using antivirus software all the time is a good piece of advice if you want to improve the overall device security. And in case you need more, you can also consider a VPN which also adds to one’s privacy. These days, it is common to use virtual private networks for gaming because the service is known to improve the experience.