No Lag VPNs Blogs PubG Rank List With Points [Ace Tier Levels]

PubG Rank List With Points [Ace Tier Levels]


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PUBG is one of the top prominent online multiplayer games which is played by innumerable people worldwide. People are fond of playing PUBG game on mobiles, PC and, laptops. But some of them are not aware of the PUBG tier list. 

So, In this article, we are going to tell you about the tier of PUBG mobile game and all the features of the PUBG tier rank list which are significant for PUBG players.

PUBG Ace Tier Levels List With Points

tier points list in pubg mobile

There are 8 different PUBG tier list with points. We will discuss these tiers one by one in detail below:

  • PUBG Bronze Rank (1200-1700) points 
  • PUBG Silver Rank (1700-2200) points
  • PUBG Gold Rank (2200-2700) points
  • PUBG Platinum Rank (2700-3200) points
  • PUBG Diamond Rank (3200-3600) points
  • PUBG Crown Rank (3700-4200) points
  • PUBG Ace Rank (starts 4200) points
  • PUBG Conqueror Rank (top 50 allowed per server)

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PUBG Bronze Rank Tier (1200-1700)

This is the first and very basic PUBG rank that is given to the new player. In the bronze, there are five tiers from tier I to V and different points for each PUBG tier.

Bronze V1200
Bronze IV1300
Bronze III1400
Bronze II1500
Bronze I1600

PUBG Silver Rank Tier (1700-2100)

In PUBG mobile game, Silver is a second-tier that is given to players who have played a few matches in the PUBG battle. On this level, They play with the same level players and the game becomes a little bit difficult but they can easily increase their ranking in a game. Silver also has five different tiers and points levels.

Silver V1700
Silver IV1800
Silver III1900
Silver II2000
Silver I2100

Pubg Gold Rank Tier (2200-2600)

This is the next level in the PUBG tier list. This rank is given to players who have all the basic knowledge of the PubG game and understood almost every feature of PUBG. Gold has Gold tier I to V which are given to players who have great experience of the game. At this level, the battle becomes difficult and a player has to play carefully.

Gold V2200
Gold IV2300
Gold III2400
Gold II2500
Gold I2600

PUBG Platinum Rank Tier (2700-3100)

 This level comes after achieving the gold rank. It is given to those who are good at playing. If you make any mistake at this level then you can easily lose the match. The level of the game goes up and it is challenging to win the battle at this movement. There are five tiers from platinum I to V.

Platinum V2700
Platinum IV2800
Platinum III2900
Platinum II3000
Platinum I3100

 PUBG Diamond Rank Tier (3200-3600)

Diamond rank is on the fifth in the PUBG tier list. Diamond rank also has five tiers from I to V.This rank is given to those who are skillful and have become a great player in PUBG mobile. At this point, matches are like a hard nut to crack and hard to win.

Diamond V3200
Diamond IV3300
Diamond III3400
Diamond II3500
Diamond I3600

PUBG Crown Rank List Tier (3700-4100)

This is another rank in the Pubg tire ranking list that is given to skillful gamers who can make strategies, aims, loots in the right manner. Players who are on this PUBG rank have tremendous knowledge of the game and play a powerful battle. There are five tiers in the crown rank from I to V.

Crown V3700
Crown IV3800
Crown III3900
Crown II4000
Crown I4100

PUBG Ace Tier Levels (Starts from 4200 RP Points)

Ace is the second last rank in the Pubg tier list. Ace doesn’t have a five-tier level like other ranks of the game. Players who have an ace rank are kind of pro players in a game and can easily take decisions, use heavy weapons and inventories. You can say that they are experts at PUBG.

PUBG Conqueror Tier Levels (Top Allowed Per Server)

This is the last PUBG rank in the Pubg tier. This position is given to professionals who are perfect at playing. They have marvelous strategies to kill their enemy. Most of the conqueror rank players participate in paid tournaments. Each conqueror goes toe to toe with the other. Hence, they are professional players and can win even lose matches.

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Conclusion : pubg rank list with points

These are the different PUBG tier levels that are given according to your level in a game. If still, you want to improve your position in-game then you can use any no lag VPN which will help you to improve your ranking and your game will not lag while playing. It can be useful for your amazing experience in a game.

How to Maintain Higher PUBG Tier Levels?

If you want to maintain your rank in PUBG tier list in mobile game, Then you need to survive maximum time in a game round and take only necessary fights.

Will PUBG Tier Levels Go Down After Season’s End in PUBG Mobile Game?

Yes, Your PUBG tier list rank goes down by only one tier after the season ends.

Which Ranking is Given to New Players in PubG game?

There are two rankings that are given to new players in the PUBG mobile.

What is the Top PUBG Tier Levels in PUBG Mobile Game?

Conqueror is the top position for pro players in the PUBG game.

On Which Level PUBG is Difficult?

The game level becomes challenging on a platinum level.

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