PUBG Weapon Damage Chart 2024 – Choose The Best PUBG Guns with Stats

PUBG weapon damage chart is the most important thing for PUBG lovers because it provides you complete information about each and every PUBG Mobile weapon. If you don’t have the appropriate knowledge of PUBG weapons then you can not be able to survive longer.  You must have aware of PUBG weapons damage stats.

PUBG is the most loving and rapidly growing game in the last few years. All this happens just because of its unique idea. Where all the players are fighting with each other to survive and get chicken dinner with their team. 

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This mission becomes very easy if you have the right weapons with you or you have the correct knowledge of the best PUBG weapons. Which you can get from the most updated PUBG weapon damage table.

Why Do You Need to Know About PUBG Weapon Damage Chart 2024

One of the most popular things about PUBG is its amazing weapons which you can use to attack the enemies in the game. You can get various types of weapons here like different-2 guns (Scar L, Sawed-Off, AWM, S1897, etc), Bombs, Vehicles, etc. Which helps you to survive longer and kill your enemy as fast as possible. 

But you should keep in mind that your PUBG enemies can also have these same weapons. They can also attack you with those PUBG weapons. So to protect yourself from various attacks and survive from them you need to know about PUBG weapon damage stats.

That’s why we are providing the complete PUBG weapon damage chart that helps you a lot while playing PUBG Mobile.  

What is the Benefit of PUBG Weapon Damage List?

The most basic benefit of the PUBG Weapon list is that if you have the correct knowledge of PUBG guns or weapons then you don’t pick the low-power weapons. You exactly know which PUBG guns you want to get and how it is beneficial for you. 

The other benefit is that by mistake or by chance if you can’t get the best weapons. Then also you can survive with less powerful Weapons because knowing is the superpower. So before going to play PUBG just read about the PUBG weapon damage chart at least once.

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List of Different-2 PUBG Weapons Damage Stats 2024

These are the different types of PUBG weapons that you can use during PUBG gameplay. 

Pistols and Sidearm Damage Stats 

Here is the list of different Pistols and sidearms that you can use while playing PUBG. In this table, we provide each and every single detail of Pistols and sidearms. You can go through this PUBG weapon damage chart before playing PUBG and choose more efficiently your weapons.

WeaponBase DamageTime to KillDPS (Damage Per Second)Fire Rate Shots to Kill (Chest)Shots to Kill (Head)

Submachine Guns Damage Stats

If you love SMGs in PUBG then this PUBG weapon damage stats 2024 is perfectly suitable for you. SMGs (Submachine Guns) are one of the best PUBG weapons.

WeaponBase DamageTime to KillDPS(Damage Per Second)Fire Rate Shots to Kill (Chest)Shots to Kill (Head)
Tommy Gun400.3434670.08653

Sniper Rifle Damage Stats

Best PUBG Sniper Rifles

Here is sniper’s special PUBG weapons. These are the most dangerous PUBG Weapons. Sniper Rifles are best to kill enemies in just one shot.

WeaponBase DamageTime to KillDPS(Damage Per Second)Fire Rate Shots to Kill (Chest)Shots to Kill (Head)

Melee and Other Weapon Damage Stats

If we talk about this category then Crossbow and Pan is the deadliest PUBG weapon. So if you saw both of these weapons anywhere in PUBG then don’t miss this. This is the benefit of PUBG weapon damage chart 2024 that it shows all the weapon’s capabilities.

WeaponBase DamageTime to KillDPS (Damage Per Second)Fire Rate Shots to Kill (Chest)Shots to Kill (Head)
Superman Punch38438152
Punch 182.97550.33104

Assault Rifles and LMG damage 

Best PUBG Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are the most common PUBG weapons that we can get easily. But if we see its stats in PUBG weapon damage charts then it really impresses you by its Fire Rate and DPS.

WeaponBase DamageTime to KillDPS(Damage Per Second)Fire Rate Shots to Kill (Chest)Shots to Kill (Head)
Beryl M762470.2585470.08642
AUG A3430.2575020.08642
Mk47 Mutant490.34900.142

Shotgun Damage Stats

These are the most limited Weapons in PUBG. But its impact is very strong. With this shotgun like S686 or S12k, you can kill an enemy in just a single shot. Whether you hit on his head or chest. That’s why this is the best PUBG weapon. 

WeaponBase DamageTime to KillDPS(Damage Per Second)Fire Rate Shots to Kill (Chest)Shots to Kill (Head)

DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) Damage Stats

Time to kill stats of DMR Rifles are very impressive. In this category, MK14 is the favorite PUBG weapon among users. You can also check out the PUBG weapon damage chart 2024. Which helps you to understand which PUBG weapon is best suitable for you.

WeaponBase DamageTime to KillDPS(Damage Per Second)Fire Rate Shots to Kill (Chest)Shots to Kill (Head)
SKS 560.25300.132

Which is the Best PUBG Weapons and Why ?

If we talk about the best PUBG weapons that come at the top of the PUBG weapon damage chart. Then below down we discuss the best weapons of PUBG on the basis of the damage list. 

Shotguns: Because of their kill shots, DPS (damage per second), and Fire rate it becomes the best PUBG weapon that you should definitely have. Shotguns are the best weapon to kill the enemy in just a few shots. 

You can clearly watch its capability in the PUBG weapon damage chart above.

Best Shotguns in PUBG

  • S686
  • S1897
  • S12k

You can also check its complete damage list in the above table.

Sniper Rifle: The best thing about the PUBG sniper rifle is that it is overpowered. It’s one shot is enough to kill the enemy. In fact, AWM time ko kill is just 1.85 sec. Top PUBG weapon damage list is here.

Best Sniper Rifle in PUBG

  • AWM
  • M24
  • Kar98k
  • Win94

Assault Rifles and LMG: If we talk about Assault Rifles of PUBG then M249 and Groza become your first love. It is capable to kill the rival in just a few shots. It is very helpful for you at various times. 

If you are chasing an enemy then these assault rifles are the best pick for you. Because these are lightweight machine guns and if you have any doubt about their capabilities then you can watch the PUBG weapon damage chart 2024.

Best Assault Rifle and LMG in PUBG

  • M249
  • Groza
  • Beryl M762
  • AUG A3
  • M416

Pistols and Sidearm: These are the handiest weapons that you can easily carry. If you are good at the use of PUBG Pistols then you can easily kill your enemies with them. Sawed-Off is the deadliest PUBG VPN that you can have its time to kill is 0.25 seconds. Which is one of the fastest speeds.

Best Pistols and Sidearm Weapons in PUBG

  • Sawed-Off
  • R1895
  • R45
  • P1911
  • P92

DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle): It can kill the enemy in just 2 headshots and if you target the chest then 3 shots are enough. MK14 is the most dangerous PUBG weapon its time to kill is just 0.18 sec. Even the SLR is also a great weapon it can also kill the enemy in just 0.20 sec.

Best DMR Weapons in PUBG

  • MK14
  • SLR
  • SKS
  • QBU88
  • VSS

Melee and Other Weapons: In this category, you can use various things as a weapon like a Crossbow, Pan, Machete, Superman punch, etc. All these small things play an important role if you are perfect in the use of them. It helps you when your enemy is very close to you or you don’t have a gun or other weapon. 

In the PUBG weapon damage chart, you can see its importance and its power.

Best Melee and Other Weapons in PUBG

  • Crossbow
  • Pan
  • Machete
  • Crowbar
  • Sickle
  • Superman Punch

Submachine Guns Damage: SMGs are also lightweight weapons that you can carry easily. With SMG guns you can easily run in case of a red zone and if you follow an enemy. It hits various bullets in a second.

SMGs can kill an enemy with 3 headshots and 5 chest shots. If you don’t how capable it is then do check out the PUBG weapon damage chart once. Then you can believe this.

Best SMG Weapons in PUBG

  • Vector 
  • UZI
  • MP5K
  • Tommy Gun
  • Bizon

These are the best weapons of PUBG which help you to make better your gaming experience and increase the chance of survival

Which Weapon has Highest Damage Capability in PUBG?

AKM is the best PUBG weapon in order to damage the enemy. It has the highest single-shot damage effect in comparison with other weapons.

Which Gun Kills Fastest in PUBG?

Micro UZI has the fastest firing rate. Which makes it the fastest killing machine in PUBG. You can also check its power in the PUBG weapon damage chart.

Which gun is the Best in TDM?

M416 and Beryl M762 is the suitable gun for the TDM. Both the guns have amazing power to kill enemies. You can choose whichever you want to choose. M416 and Beryl both can never disappoint you.