Rio 3 Release Date [Everything You Need To Know]

Get ready to see your favorite talking birds’ story again in Rio 3. If you want the latest updates on the Rio 3 2023 release date, trailer, story, characters, or any news about the next Rio movie, you’ve come to the right place. 

The Rio movies about two Macaw birds started in 2011 with Rio 1. The Rio story is about a rare blue parrot named Blu who can’t fly. He meets a female parrot named Jewel. Together, they have fun adventures in Rio with their new friends Rafael, Pedro, and Nico. 

After the success of Rio 1 and Rio 2, the filmmakers have decided to release Rio 3. This article will tell you everything about the Rio 3 movie release date, like when Rio 3 is coming out, Rio 3 cast and what might happen next. 

Is Rio 3 Confirmed?

Yes, the upcoming movie Rio 3 is officially got confirmed on January 12, 2022. It was confirmed that the screenplay is written by Jim Hetch. Rio 3 premiere will come on Disney+. So wait for its most adventurous season Rio 3 release date which comes as soon as possible.

Will Rio 3 Be Released?

Yes, Rio 3 is expected to be released but the official release date has not yet been confirmed. The first two Rio films were loved by most of the fans and were released by Fox and Blue Sky Studios. So the studios have confirmed plans to continue with Rio 3 in the future and it is expected to Rio 3 release date on February 9, 2024 by Blue Sky Studio

Until then you can have a Clash of Clans Town Hall 15 release date which is the biggest update for COC fans. They will get new and update correctors, map, weapons, etc.

Is Rio 3 Coming Out In 2024?

The first Rio movie came out in 2011. Rio 2 was released in 2014. In 2022, they announced that Rio 3 is happening and Rio 3 movie release date should be out in 2024. The Rio films are made by Carlos Saldanha. The scripts were written by Yoni Brenner and Jenny Bicks.

Is There A Movie Called Rio 3?

Yes, after the success of both movies Rio 1 and Rio 2, it was decided to make Rio 3. The Rio 3 was officially announced on January 12, 2022, and will continue the story of the rare macaws Blu and Jewel sweet love story.

What Happened In Rio 3?

Rio 3 movie is confirmed but Rio 3 release date is not yet announced the speculation is that it will be released in 2024. So you can relate Rio 3 story with its past sequels. The first two films tell a complete story about Blu and Jewel’s relationship and discovering their origins. 

The movies are animated comedies made by Blue Sky Studios and featuring colorful tropical birds. They have generally positive reviews and were successful at the box office.

Blu and Jewel are happily living in the Amazon with their kids and Jewel’s family. One day, a new threat emerges that puts all the blue macaws in danger. Poachers have found their secret location and want to capture the rare birds.

Jewel wants to fight the poachers, but Blu suggests they flee for safety. This causes conflict between them, similar to the first Rio movie where Blu was more domesticated and cautious compared to the wild Jewel.

Eventually, Blu realizes he needs to overcome his fears to protect his family, going on a character growth arc similar to Rio 2. With the help of friends Rafael, Pedro, and Nico, Blu, and Jewel are able to outsmart the poachers and save their flock.

In the end, the blue macaws are safe once more. Blu finds bravery in himself he didn’t know he had. Blu and Jewel’s bond is stronger than ever after overcoming this new challenge together. They look forward to more adventures with their kids in the exotic, musical world of Rio.

Rio 3 Trailer Release Date

Rio 3 trailer - No Lag VPNs

Fans are excited about the next Rio movie, Rio 3 after it was announced there would be a sequel. The Rio 3 movie release date is expected to come out in 2024. No trailer or release date for the Rio 3 trailer has been revealed yet. 

Fans are eagerly waiting to see a trailer for Rio 3 to get a sneak peek at what the next movie’s adventure will be about. The trailer will likely be released sometime in 2023 before the actual movie comes out in 2024, but the exact trailer of the Rio 3 release date is still unknown.

Why Can’t Nigel Fly In Rio 2?

In the Rio 1 movie, Nigel was injured in a fight with Blu and Jewel. His wing was damaged so badly that it did not heal properly. Since Rio 2 happens after the first film so in Rio 2, Nigel still can’t fly because his wing is still damaged from the first movie.

Rio 3 Cast: Who Will Be In A Rio 3?

It is assumed the main voice cast will stay the same for Rio 3. But if there are any new characters added, those details will be announced as soon as possible. Here are the characters expected to be seen in the upcoming Rio 3 movie:

  • Jesse Eisenberg as Blu
  • Anne Hathaway as Jewel
  • Eddie Redmayne as Blu’s long-lost father Sam
  • Natalie Portman as Blu’s long-lost mother Stephanie
  • George Lopez as Rafael
  • as Pedro
  • Jemaine Clement as Nigel
  • Tracy Morgan as Luiz
  • Andy Garcia as Eduardo
  • Izaac Wang as Tiago
  • Mckenna Grace as Bia
  • Olivia Cooke as Carla
  • Bruno Mars as Roberto
  • Maya Rudolph as Mimi
  • Philip Lawrence as Felipe

Why Did Nigel Become Bad In Rio?

Nigel was taken from the wild when he was a baby bird. People were mean and hurt him. This made Nigel angry at humans and other birds. He joined the bad guys who steal birds to get back at them. That’s why Nigel is the villain in Rio.

Is There A Movie Called Rio 3?

Yes, there is great news for Rio fans the Rio 3 was got confirmed on January 12, 2022. And Rio 3 movie release date is assumed on February 9, 2024. So, wait for its official announcement which is coming soon.

Where Can I Watch Rio 3?

You can watch Rio 3 movies after Rio 3 release date on Disney+ Hotstar.

Who Is The Villain In Rio 3?

It is not yet known who the villain will be in Rio 3 but in Rio 1 and Rio 2, the villain is Nigel the cockatoo. So, it may be possible that you will see Nigel as a villain in Rio 3.


In summary, The first two Rio movies about the adventures of Blu, Jewel, and their family of rare birds have been hugely popular. Lots of people want to know when Rio 3 release date will come out. 

The upcoming Rio third movie is confirmed but Rio 3 movie release date is not officially confirmed. There is an estimation that it may be released on 9 February 2024 so wait for its official announcement which is coming soon.