No Lag VPNs Blogs 5 Tips to Leverage TikTok Live Streaming Features 2024

5 Tips to Leverage TikTok Live Streaming Features 2024


Tips To Leverage TikTok Live Streaming Features

TikTok is the best app in recent times. It has many valuable features that make every user engage and stay on the platform for a long time. One of the most engagement-driving features is TikTok Live. Most of them know TikTok Live and even more would have watched and tried to create the Live independently. Live has now become the connecting tool for the audience and the brands. 

But still, many need to be made aware of the Live features on the app. So kindly use the app to its fullest potential and gain more followers. Moreover, you should try using Trollishly, which enhances your visibility. So get ready to explore the Live features and then shall learn more! Let’s get started!

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is a short-form video application with many unique and niche videos on the platform. Each video delivers quality information. With TikTok, it is possible to make everything that would help you achieve your platform goals. Moreover, TikTok works on the algorithm, and every brand or user tries to crack it for better growth. The TikTok trends and algorithms would change often, but with constant efforts on the platform, you shall skyrocket your growth. 

TikTok Live Streaming

TikTok Live streaming is most commonly known as real-time videos. Most of the influencers and creators are creating real-time conversations with their potential audiences. You shall use features like polls, questions, live chats, and more to make your Live more engaging. Through Live streaming, even students are learning new chapters, organizations are having business discussions, etc., 

Benefits of Using Live Streaming 

Benefits of using TikTok Live Streaming

# Wider Audience Potential – Apart from Live, no other feature would connect a group of similar-minded people gathering together simultaneously and in the same place. It is a effective way to promote mobile gaming via live streaming to the mass audience.

# More Creativity – Going on Live is more like multi-tasking, whereas you have to speak a lot and then should make your audience interact with you. Even if you need to comment on your own Live etc., All these require more pre-preparation and creativity. 

# Reuse Live Videos – You can use any no lag screen recorder to record and reuse your live videos. These Live videos are available to use for other types of content. You shall turn your Live videos into promotional videos on other platforms. 

# Increase ROI – The live stream would derive more ROI without any initial investment. If you strategize your business efforts, you shall increase your Live performance. 

# Scalable Contents – Lives cannot be polished or pre-recorded. You do not need any high-tech equipment to record the Live. A smartphone is more than enough to record a Live video. 

# Establish Trust – Live videos deliver more transparency as anything is not pre-recorded. Many brands show behind-the-scenes sessions with office staff and much more on Live. 

# Affordable – Live streams are more affordable ones. Many people are doing Live campaigns which is a reasonable video marketing strategy. Moreover, Live streaming is not restricted to a single channel; where it touches multiple channels.

TikTok Live Streaming Features

Live Stream Scheduling 

You shall schedule your Live stream as per your preferences. There are in-built Live stream scheduling tools available on the platform. You should reach your audience at the right time; moreover, you won’t miss out on being a potential customer. Even if your TikTok account doesn’t have the scheduling tool, you shall get it from the internet. 

Inviting Guests

It is possible to invite guests to the Live. Once you send the invitation during Live, they shall even host the Live. For instance, the screen would be split into two, and then the Live would go on. Even both of the hosts shall handle the audience simultaneously. Even with influencers, it is possible to host the Live. Now your Live would reach a wider audience group. It will help if you buy tiktok likes to reach more audiences and enhance your online presence. 

Pin the Comments

Even the host shall pin the crucial comments on top. So that audience would see and get to know that these are important ones. If you are a brand, you must immediately reply to the audience’s comments. Only then would they feel connected to you. Another importance of the comments section for students is that the lesson links shall be pinned so they can watch the comments and use the link until the Live is available. 

Live Gifts

If the audience would like to send gifts to the most inspired Live host, they can now send virtual gifts online. Through TikTok Creator’s next program, it is possible to provide gifts. However, live gifts are more like motivation or encouragement to the hosts. So to get on more Live engagement, you need to strengthen your content. Furthermore, to drive more traffic, you should try using Trollishly, which amplifies your online exposure. 


Every Live host shall add the moderators. Moderators are once who manage your comments. To have a safe and secure Live, moderators are essential. Only the good comments should be on your Live. If your Live is public, the good comments drive more people to your Live: the more good comments, the more Live engagement. 

How to Go Live on TikTok?

  • Open the TikTok app and then click the plus symbol. 
  • Then below the record option, you shall swipe to the Live and add a title. 
  • Now click the ‘Live‘ option and then go for Live.  
  • You shall access Live for more than 90 days and shall replay it. 

Final Thoughts

Live streaming should be present in your marketing tactics. To maintain a competitive edge, it is essential to stream a Live on TikTok. Live streaming today is powering the digital world. You have to plan when to go on Live correctly and appropriately. Once you start to practice going Live, you know the tactics to handle your Live audiences. We hope the article is quite interesting and useful. The trends would be changing every day, so check on the platform and keep up with the trends. Get ready to connect with your audience through Live! If you find the article more interesting, you can leave your comments below!