What Is The Highest Level In PUBG? Ace or Conqueror!

Today Here we tell you about the highest level in PUBG from all around the world as you guys know PUBG is the most popular and fastest growing game worldwide.

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The highest level in PUBG is 100 and most of the gamers at that level are the ones who got into the game early and worked their way up over time.

What Are The Levels Of PUBG?

  • Bronze – less than 1500 points
  • Silver – 1500-1999 points
  • Gold – 2000 – 2499 points
  • Platinium – 2500 – 2999 points
  • Diamond – 3000 – 3499 points 
  • Master – more than 3500 points
  • GrandMaster – Top 500 players in the ranked leaderboard

Who Has Highest Level PUBG?

Who has highest level PUBG


 It is the highest level and elite rank in PUBG  which is achieved by a only few players in the entire community.

How Many Points Required To Conqueror In PUBG?

You require to first reach the Ace tier after that you need to try to get as many positive points as possible to reach Conqueror. Usually, an average of 4200 points is needed. It might change depending on the other player’s point.

Top 10 Highest Level Player Names In PUBG?

Given below you will see the mentioned Top 10 PUBG player names. which can help you to know more information.

XQF Paraboy Nova EsportsChina
XQF OrderNova EsportsChina
BTR ZuxxyBigetron RAIndonesia
33SvanFour Angry MenChina
RRQ EarnnyRRQ AthenaThailand
MortalTeam SoulIndia
ScoutOPTeam SoulIndia
JonathanGodlike EsportsIndia
TQ MarcoTeam QuesoUruguay

How To Level Up Fast In PUBG Mobile?

With the use of Mentioned steps, you can easily Know how to level up Fast in PUBG mobile. So read and follow the noted steps carefully.

  • If you want to level up fast in PUBG Mobile then you need to focus on Gameplay.
  • To Level Up quickly on PUBG Mobile, a player needs to get a high number of kills in each match.
  • You have to focus on high kills and more damage to get more points in the Game.
  • You need to survive longer in the match and also survive an early-stage fight.

What Is The Fastest Way To Level Up In PUBG?

  • Complete your challenges or missions
  • Stick to the Classic matches
  • Survive as long as you can
  • Find teammates that help you to play in the game
  • Keep Healing

Is It Hard To Reach The Highest Conqueror Level In PUBG?

Yes, It is hard to reach the highest Conqueror level in PUBG you would have to play this game to maintain your rank. One has to survive as well as to win matches. The top 500 users have a good kill ratio and survival time.

What Does 500 Level Mean in PUBG?

Level 500 means cheaters keep reporting the level 500 when you are killed by one and all are the cheater in level 500.

What Is The Highest Rank In PUBG?

Conqueror is the highest rank in PUBG. 

What Is EVO In PUBG?

Evoground mode is a mode to play quick matches in PUBG and it contains further three modes namely team death match (TDM), 

How To Increase Evo Level In PUBG?

Evo level is directly linked to player level. Whenever the players level up their Evo level automatically increases. This increases a player’s likelihood to get better rewards. But there is no shortcut to increasing the Evo level in PUBG. 

How To Reach Level 100 In PUBG?

If you want to reach level 100 in PUBG then you have to complete the all missions and daily challenges. After that, it will increase according to your achievement this is the only way to reach the 100 levels in PUBG. 

What All Can You Get From Levels In PUBG?

You can get rewards like dress, achievement, legendary items, mythic items, guns, car skins, etc from the levels of PUBG.

What All Can You Get From Levels In PUBG?

You can get rewards like dress, achievement, legendary items, mythic items, guns, car skins, etc from the levels of PUBG.

How to Increase Character level in PUBG Mobile?

If you want to know how to fastly increase the character level in PUBG Mobile then you have to follow the mentioned tips which are helpful for you.

  • Headshot
  • Stick to a particular mode
  • Skills
  • Do not be aggressive
  • Complete Mission
  • Phone
  • Earphones

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