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Why You Should Try Battle Royale Games?


Try Battle Royale Games

Relatively new and young for the gaming industry, the battle royale genre has made a lot of noise in the gaming community.

Since the release of PUBG, the esports direction of a new genre of shooter has begun to develop, where not only skill and tactics decide, but also survival and the ability to properly adapt on the game map and select moments for attack.

Hundreds and thousands of players poured onto the servers, which could not but lead to similar projects from the giants of the gaming industry. Someone launched a new format like Apex Legends from EA Games, and someone just added a new mode to their game, like Call of Duty did by adding Warzone.

Naturally – if you liked the format and genre of the royal battle, then you should try all the proposed projects, and not focus only on PUBG, since each new game tends to bring its own new features and ideas that you may like much more than the one originally proposed content, or mechanics.

If the genre of the royal battle is close and pleasant to you, but you can’t achieve really valuable results like a full victory on the map, or a regular entry into the top 3, then a Skycoach trainer can help you, who will prepare you for Apex Legends, Escape From Tarkov and other popular projects.

We will analyze each project and its strengths and weaknesses



The PUBG concept was developed on the ARMA 2 engine, but with arcade elements to remove a component of realism from the game, but leave combat authenticity.

The result is an interesting action game on a variety of maps.

PUBG has a weapon system and more or less correct bullet ballistics – this means that it does not fly directly like in CS:GO, but not along a fully realistic trajectory so as not to complicate the gameplay. You need to shoot above your head to hit it.

The developers have diversified the maps and added many potential landing zones, where each player will find their optimal start.

You can land in a big city and put the whole match on the map – either clear a lot of players and score points, or die right away and go to another match, constantly being in the adrenaline of combat and skirmishes and at the same time honing your skills in shooting, moving and quickly finding equipment – because that you will land with bare hands.

PUBG emphasizes team dynamics and the use of available means in tactical actions.

The main advantage can be obtained by finding various weapons and grenades, using the terrain and controlling sectors.

Main advantages of Player Unknown Battleground:

  • The progenitor of the battle royale genre.
  • Allows up to 100 players to participate in one match.
  • Powerful esports component.
  • Balance between realism and action arcade.
  • Unique weapon – frying pan.
  • Transport system.


Monotonous gameplay – yes, all matches are a new story and everything is new, but globally the overall picture of the game does not change, and if you consistently take the top 1 and places close to it, then the spirit of striving for victory will begin to wane, and with it the interest in PUBG.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends

The answer to PUBG from EA Games, who decided to refine and bring their vision to the design component of the royal battle, adding a class system in the form of agents and implementing a more dynamic and faster combat system.

Agents are different characters with different active and passive skills for fighting. Combining such heroes will allow you to achieve an advantage on the game map and systematically move to the top 1, but you need to overcome the other 25 players.

Agents can summon drones, generate first-aid kits and ammo bags, go invisible, set up portals between points on the map, regenerate their health, fire artillery, deploy a blocking shield, hunt down opponents, and so on.

Dozens of active matches on different characters will help you finally decide on the key hero, and if you play in a group, then here are examples of optimal agents for your squad:

  • Octane is a robotic agent who can generate his own health while not in combat and creates ammo for himself and his allies. A full-fledged tank in combat conditions, the main thing is not to get carried away, in order to leave at least a little health to start regeneration.
  • Lifelane is a drone master and combat medic who can generate health packs and aim his mechanical gadgets at allies to revive them from being knocked down to their death. This is the only hero that can pick up an ally and continue the fight until the friend returns to battle.
  • Bastion is a shooter, defense master and artillery hero. You can deploy a blocking shield that will prevent attacks on you and allies in a straight line, but is still vulnerable to flanking and rear attacks, as well as grenades if they explode in an area that the shield does not cover. Artillery volley allows you to knock enemies out of cover and terrain and prevents the enemy from retreating, dealing damage.
  • The Bloodhunter is a master hunter and target hunter. You will see the movement of enemies and even the elements of disguise. By footprints and smell, even those who are actively hiding, or even leaving the world while in a disembodied shell like the Wraith, can be found. By choosing this hero, you will always be aware of the situation around, which gives a good advantage in battle.

Pros of Apex Legends

  • Dynamic gameplay that surpasses PUBG in terms of pace and speed of battles.
  • An agent system that expands the possibilities of confrontation and relies not only on weapons and luck in finding their best options.
  • A system of gravity distortion, high jumps, moving around the map through portals and springboards.

Cons of Apex Legends

  • Lots of mechanics that fans of classic shooters and gameplay don’t like.
  • Many agents that require development.
  • In some places it looks difficult due to the large set of skills for each hero.
  • Sometimes matches go too fast.


These two projects cannot be globally compared, since PUBG brought completely new mechanics and, in fact, expanded the capabilities of the famous Arma 2, and Apex is a fully spectacular gameplay aimed more at the show than at realism, as it happens in PUBG. Of course, both projects are not about full-fledged immersion in combat zones and the actions of troops, but rather interesting and intriguing gameplay, in which it is interesting to take part and follow the events in the midst of esport tournaments.

You need to try out two projects on your own and choose the one that will be closer to your liking, because everything is individual, and you can always start over just by downloading another launcher.