Where Can I Get Free Skins In PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile offers a variety of skins & rewards to the players, which allows players to personalize their weapons, vehicles, outfits, and many more. You can even use other items to refine them further on the battlefield by using these free skins.

While many legendary skins, mythic rewards, and cosmetic upgrades are available, but require money to be spent and not everyone can afford them. 

Players are always looking for a way where can I get free skins in PUBG mobile? So, that they can get some gun skins and free outfits in their game inventory.

In this article, we’ll look at all the ways PUBG mobile offers free skins to its players and how you can get those free skins. 

How To Get Free Skins In PUBG Mobile?

There are many ways to get free skins in PUBG mobile but these free skins are not mythic or legendary. I’ve mentioned all ways to find free skins in PUBG mobile below. 

Redeem Section 

The player who is looking to acquire some basic and new outfits, gun skins, and other items can visit redeem section in the shop. PUBG mobile allows players to purchase epic outfits, gun skins, parachutes, and more by using silver fragments. 

These rewards are updated every season and new skins come at the start of the new season. You’ll get a variety of epic outfits and weapon skins here. 

  • Open PUBG Mobile App
  • Click on the Shop button
  • Then, go to the Redeem Section
  • Click what you want to purchase and pay by using silver fragments. 

Free RP Reward

Pubg Mobile free RP reward

This is another option to get free skins in PUBG mobile. The Developers of PUBG mobile release RP (Royale Pass) at the start of every season in the game. You just need to complete your daily mission to increase your RP and get rewards

You’ll get emoticons, outfits, and a gun skin every season if you complete your mission. 

  • Open the app PUBG Mobile 
  • Click on the RP button
  • Now, you can see the rewards you’re getting 
  • Complete your mission and get rewards 

Unboxing Crates 

Pubg mobile Unboxing crates

PUBG Mobile offers a lot of amazing outfits, weapons & vehicle skins as a reward in crates. Crates are very important in PUBG mobile to get epic or legendary rewards for free. 

The game offers many crates as an event but there are main three types of crates Premium, Classic, & Supply creates. If you open these crates then you’ll have a chance to get a permanent and premium skin of outfits, weapons, and others. 

So, how can you get these crates? By playing games and you can exchange crates with a G pass you can get this pass by completing the event mission

Additionally, Try to open lots of crates at a time to get a mythic and legendary item. I’ve also used this trick and it’ll work in my case. 


Pubg mobile events

There are a lot of events going on a daily basis you can take benefits and get free skins in PUBG mobile. Majorly two events are daily events and limited-time events that reward players. 

If you participate in these events, you can get permanent and temporary skins. If you’re lucky enough then you can get even get a cool weapon finish and legendary outfits also. 

However, you’ve to play those events and complete your task to get skins. 

For your information, the task is pretty easy and by playing a few rounds you can complete those missions. 

Redeem Codes

Pubg Mobile Redeem code

This one is also a significant way to find free skins in PUBG mobile & get stunning outfits and skins. A player can simply visit the official page PUBG mobile redeem website to redeem a code and get various items into their account directly. 

The only problem you’ll find with redeem codes is that most of them are limited-time codes & have a usage limit also. So, if you are willing to use redeem codes then use them as soon as possible.