No Lag VPNs Gaming How To Get PUBG 10000 UC Free? [With 4 Simple Ways]

How To Get PUBG 10000 UC Free? [With 4 Simple Ways]


How To Get PUBG 10 000 UC Free

If you are looking for a method to know How to get PUBG 10000 UC Free then you are in the right place because here we mentioned some important information related to this topic which can help you to solve your queries. 

But if you think that you can access this game for free then you are wrong because you need UC(Unknown currency) to buy the session royal pass, Legendary Outfits, gun skin, and many more items. UC currency helps you in PUBG to get more legendary items.

So without wasting any time connected with us at the end of the blog and grab much beneficial knowledge from here. 

What Is PUBG UC?

Many people play PUBG but they don’t know the meaning of UC and the benefits of UC in PUBG. So here we will tell you about UC. 

UC stands for Unknown Currency which helps you to buy vehicle skin, gun skin, Legendary Outfits, etc. With the use of UC, you will be compatible to collect legendary items in PUBG. PUBG UC is very important and it can help you to unblock a lot of things in the game which can help you to boost your weapons in PUBG.

What Is The Cost Of 1 Uc In PUBG?

Given below you will see the UC value in various countries:- 


How Can I Get 10000 UC Free In PUBG?

With the use of 4 simple ways, you can get 10000 PUBG UC free so see carefully all the methods and get free UC in PUBG. Here you also get free skins in PUBG Mobile which is really helpful for you while playing PUBG.

  • Online Survey

 Online Survey is the easiest way to earn free UC in PUBG and there are many websites available on the internet where you get real money. Where You can easily buy PUBG 10,000 UC for free. Google opinion rewards are the best app for online surveys.

  • Google plays free credits

Google Randomly sends Google Play Free Credits in Your Google Play Store. Check It regularly and Claim that Gift card if available. These gift cards can be used to purchase PUBG UC for free.

  • Google Play Gifts Cards

Some websites and apps give money and google play gift cards to users for playing games and completing their tasks. Even you can share a good amount of money by sharing referrals.

  • PUBG Elite Royal Pass

PUBG Elite Royal pass is the best way to get free 10,000 UC every season.

You have to buy an Elite royal pass once and complete the RP mission of every season. At the End of the Season, you will get 10,000 UC, and Now you can purchase a Royal pass with this UC.

How Get Free UC For PUBG Mobile?

Follow the given below steps and get free UC for PUBG mobile.

  • Download a VPN from the google play store.
  • Connect to any server location like South Korea.
  • Open PUBG Mobile
  • Go to the message part and collect your free UC cash.

How Much Does 10 000 UC Cost in PUBG?

Here I mentioned the 10 000 UC Cost in PUBG so see the mentioned table carefully. 


How Do You Get Free UC in BGMI QUORA?

There is no shortcut to paying the money and getting the UC free. All software or apps that claim free UC then they are fake so don’t trust them at all. 

There is another option is that you have to participate in a PUBG giveaway. But you never get free UC PUBG.

How To Get Free PUBG UC Without Human Verification?

There are many sites that give you Free PUBG UC without human verification such as the PUBG UC generator which gives you over 5000+ UC without any cost. But according to me, those sites are not trustworthy that claiming a free UC in PUBG.

Does UC Expire in PUBG Mobile?

You have to buy it again for the next session but if you reach the 100th session then you get 600 UC back. Buy it again in the next session for free.

Is PUBG Giving 10000 Free UC?

Unfortunately, PUBG doesn’t give 10,000 free UC to players but if other players give you free UC then it’s fine. 

Is It Possible to Get Free UC in PUBG?

No, You never get free UC in PUBG But in case if your friend gives you UC as a gift then it’s free UC for you.