Mercenary Games are crazy video games where you can play like a mercenary character and fight for money. These kinds of games highlight adventures & dangerous yet thrilling life of a mercenary. In mercenaries RPG games, you have the full freedom to choose your mission, leader, and combat tactics.

With action-packed combat and tough choices, the best mercenaries games give you an RPG experience all about surviving, being free, and gaining power in a violent world.

In this article, we’ll dive into the features & highlight the best Mercenary RPG games out there. So strap on your armor and get ready to battle your way to dangerous missions where money talks louder than morals.

List Of Best 20 Mercenary RPG Games To Play In 2023

Here we’ve listed the best of all 20 Mercenaries games RPG you can play right now.

  • Wartales – Best Mercenary Games PC
  • Mount & Blade – Mercenary Game Online Free
  • Battle Brothers – Mercenaries Games
  • Kenshi – Mercenary RPG Game
  • The Age of Decadence – Best Mercenary Game PS4
  • Stoneshard – Open World Mercenary Game
  • Shadowrun Returns – Mercenary Management Game
  • Gloomhaven – Open World Mercenary Game
  • Stellar Tactics- Mercenaries Games RPG
  • Vagrus – The Riven Realms [Mercenary RPG Game]
  • Legends of Eisenwald – Mercenary Games PS4
  • Life of A Mercenary – Open World Mercenaries Games
  • Fear Effect Series – Mercenary Game PC
  • Final Fantasy VII – Mercenary RPG Games
  • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  • Cyber Punk 2077 – Mercenary RPG Game
  • Mordhau – Open World Mercenary Game RPG
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 [Mercenary Games PS4]
  • The Witcher 3 – RPG Mercenary Games Online Free
  • Legend Of Gimrock 2 – Medieval Mercenary RPG Games

If you want detailed information on each mercenaries RPG game, continue reading till the end.

Wartales – Best Mercenary Games PC

wartales mercenary games rpg

Wartales is a squad-based mercenary RPG game PC focused on open-ended tactical combat and survival in a gritty. As the squad leader, you traverse a gritty open world and engage in challenging turn-based battles. Through tactical decisions on the battlefield, you must position and maneuver your mercenaries game to achieve victory against enemy forces. 

Careful management of your team is crucial, as combat mistakes can result in permanent character injuries or deaths. By successfully completing missions and battles, your squad will increase in strength and renown.

Key Features Of Wartales Mercenary Video Game RPG

  • Open-world exploration with random encounters and discoveries.
  • Challenging turn-based tactical battles using skills and terrain.
  • Develop and customize mercenary characters and builds.
  • Manage resources, supplies, and salaries in camp.
  • Make choices that affect faction relations and reputation.
  • Permanent death forces careful decision-making.

With its focus on leading an RPG mercenary company, Wartales provides an immersive experience of trying to survive as a sellsword in a harsh medieval world.

Apart from Wartales, you can also play the Snake Google game on your device as it is also a challenging & fun game.

Mount & Blade – Mercenary Game Online Free

mount & blade mercenary rpg game

Mount & Blade is an open world mercenary game PC set in a medieval fantasy realm. As a customized mercenary, you journey across expansive landscapes, recruiting followers and building a reputation. 

Hard-fought victories and conquests allow you to eventually attain power as ruler of the kingdom. Mount & Blade mercenary video game RPG provides an immersive medieval warfare experience through its blend of recruitment, relationship building, troop command, etc. 

For those looking for other gaming options beyond Mount Blade, you can play Roblox unblocked online games & create your own world using the Roblox platform & coding tools.

Key Features Of Mount Blade Medieval Mercenary Video Game

  • Open world map to explore villages, castles, and unique locations.
  • Real-time directional combat system with melee ranged weapons, blocking, and positioning.
  • Recruit followers and build a mercenary army.
  • Join factions, lay siege, and participate in massive battles.
  • RPG progression to upgrade skills and gear for you and your troops.
  • Rise from adventurer to commanding armies and governing fiefs.
  • Complex diplomacy system to make allies and enemies.
  • Trade goods across cities and towns to make money.

With its huge open world, emphasis on medieval combat tactics, and a blend of strategy, roleplaying, and action. Mount & Blade Mercenaries video game offers a dynamic and deep sandbox mercenary experience.

Battle Brothers – Mercenaries Games

battle brothers mercenary games rpg

Battle Brothers is a mercenary RPG game blending tactical turn-based combat and open-world traversal. As commander, you lead your customized band of medieval warriors across a procedural fantasy landscape. 

Victory in challenging, high-stakes battles against bandits and monsters requires tactical positioning and cohesion from your varied fighter classes. Permadeath and injury mechanics make combat decisions weighty. Through completing missions and developing battle skills, you have to manage your company’s growth into a legendary order of sellswords.

Key Features Of Battle Brothers RPG Mercenary Games

  • Procedural open world with dynamic battles and contracts.
  • Challenging turn-based tactical combat emphasizing positioning.
  • Permanent death forces careful decision-making.
  • Develop mercenary characters with different skills and perks.
  • Manage finances, gear, and reputation of a mercenary company.
  • Hire and manage mercenaries with unique strengths.

With its focus on leading a successful mercenary company through smart preparation and tactics, Battle Brothers provides an immersive and risky mercenary management experience.

You can even explore & try the nostalgic game Google Dinosaur game offline if you want a less intense gaming experience.

Kenshi – Mercenary RPG Game

kenshi mercenary rpg games

Kenshi is a role play mercenaries game Reddit set in a dynamic sandbox wasteland. You control a customized character striving to survive and thrive in hazardous environments. Beginning defenseless, you recruit followers and construct settlements while interacting.

Unscripted events drive emergent narratives as the world responds to your choices. Through trade, combat, building, and exploration you ultimately shape your character’s path—from lone wanderer to settlement leader to martial arts legend—in a harsh yet vibrant post-apocalyptic world.

Key Features Of Kenshi Mercenary Game RPG

  • A huge open world to explore with unique factions and threats.
  • Sandbox gameplay with no set narrative path.
  • Recruit followers and manage a settlement.
  • Real-time tactical combat emphasizing positioning and skills.
  • Survival-focused gameplay including hunger, injuries, and healing.
  • Train skills and attributes of unique characters.
  • Protect settlement and members from raiding parties.

With its emphasis on building up from nothing and surviving against all odds, Kenshi mercenary management game provides an immersive open world mercenary games survival experience.

The Age of Decadence – Best Mercenary Game PS4

the age of decandence rpg mercenary game

The Age of Decadence is a story-driven mercenaries RPG game set in a low-fantasy Roman-inspired world plagued by conflict. With open-ended quests and choices, you have to craft your character’s background, abilities, and morally grey path through intricate faction power plays.

Diplomacy, subterfuge, and combat skills all factor into a reactive narrative shaped by your actions. Praised for reactive writing, logical consequences, skill-based progression, and political depth, The Age of Decadence offers impactful player agency and freedom in a harsh, declining empire.

Key Features Of The Age Of Decadence [Mercenary RPG Game]

  • Choice-driven narrative with branching paths.
  • Consequence-heavy decisions shape the story and world.
  • Complex skill-based character system.
  • Tactical turn-based combat.
  • Multiple solutions to quests based on skills and choices.
  • Factions with unique agendas and relationships.
  • Dark and gritty low-fantasy setting.

With its emphasis on impactful choices, and a harsh unforgiving world, The Age of Decadence provides a deeply narrative-driven mercenary video game RPG experience.

Stoneshard – Open World Mercenary Game

stoneshard mercenaries game rpg pc

Stoneshard is a challenging turn-based RPG mercenary game set in an open medieval fantasy world. Begin your adventure as a penniless sell-sword and gradually develop your attributes, skills, & reputation. Through gritty wilderness exploration, impactful quests, and lethal tactical combat.

With permanent death looming, survive treacherous ruins, fight factions, and unravel sinister plots by planning meticulously and executing strategies flawlessly. 

Stoneshard encapsulates lethal difficulty and rewarding progression in a gritty, unforgiving realm that responds to your every decision.

Key Features Of Stoneshard Mercenary Video Game RPG

  • A gritty low-fantasy open world to explore.
  • Turn-based tactical combat emphasizing positioning.
  • Permadeath mode for high stakes.
  • Survival mechanics like camping, hunger, and diseases.
  • Procedural generation creates unique worlds.
  • Classless character system with flexible builds.
  • High difficulty and consequences for failure.

With its emphasis on difficult tactical battles and surviving the harsh medieval wilderness, Stoneshard provides an immersive and punishing open-world RPG mercenaries gaming experience.

Shadowrun Returns – Mercenary Management Game

Shadowrun Returns - Mercenary Management Game

Shadowrun Returns fuse fantasy and cyberpunk in a riveting mercenary game RPG experience. Based on the popular tabletop roleplaying world, you command a team of shadow runners undertaking dangerous missions in a dystopian urban future.

In tactical turn-based combat, you utilize your squad’s skills and abilities to complete runs ranging from extractions to investigations. With immersive writing, player choice consequence, and plenty of lore. Shadowrun Returns brings this beloved setting to life through a narrative-driven RPG perfectly capturing the essence of classic shadow-running adventures.

Key Features Of Shadowrun Returns Mercenary Games PC

  • Cyberpunk RPG set in dystopian future Seattle with magic and fantasy races.
  • Turn-based tactical combat, interactive story with dialogue choices.
  • Character customization, open-ended progression.
  • Single-player campaign and user-generated content.

Gloomhaven – Open World Mercenary Game

Gloomhaven - Open World Mercenary Game

Gloomhaven blends tactical combat and expansive campaigning in a rich fantasy cooperative experience. As an adventurer, you explore perilous ruins, undertake quests across intentionally interweaving narrative arcs, and develop your abilities in an ever-changing world. 

Strategic card play in challenging turn-based battles requires understanding your distinctive class’s strengths within a balanced party. With random scenarios and permanent consequences, your story emerges organically through collaboration in a dark persistent realm where decisions matter.

Key features Of Gloomhaven RPG Mercenaries Game Online 

  • Cooperative dungeon-crawling board game adapting an RPG.
  • Campaign with 95 unique scenarios, 17 character classes.
  • Hand management card combat system.
  • Legacy elements, persistent character growth.
  • High replayability, adjustable difficulty.

Stellar Tactics- Mercenaries Games RPG

Stellar Tactics- Mercenaries Games RPG

Stellar Tactics blends deep tactical combat with mercenary video game RPG progression in sci-fi space encounters. Select a captain and crew, customize your ship modules, then battle enemies or take on missions as you traverse a sprawling galaxy.

Combat plays out in challenging turn-based showdowns requiring shrewd use of unique character skills and environment. With permanent death and progression tied to your customized crew, victory goes to the cunning tactician able to make the most of their team’s strengths.

Key Features Of Stellar Tactics Medieval Mercenary Games

  • Turn-based tactical RPG set in a sci-fi universe.
  • Lead a squad of soldiers through story-driven campaigns.
  • Customizable characters and skill trees.
  • Procedural maps and missions.
  • Permadeath for soldiers.

Vagrus – The Riven Realms [Mercenary RPG Game]

Vagrus – The Riven Realms [Mercenary RPG Game]

Vagrus propels you into a fantasy world inspired by medieval Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. As a caravan leader, you traverse perilous wildernesses and settlements undertaking contracts, trading goods, and surviving brutal conflicts. 

With reactive storytelling, companion quests, gridless turn-based battles, and impactful choices. Your saga emerges from unscripted events shaped by your leadership, diplomacy, and combat tactics. Vagrus forges an unforgettable open world mercenary roleplaying game experience.

Features Of Vagrus Mercenaries RPG Game Online Free

  • Turn-based RPG focused on caravan management.
  • Explore the post-apocalyptic fantasy world as a caravan leader.
  • Recruit followers, trade goods, and resolve encounters.
  • Turn-based tactical combat, story events, and balance resources.
  • Permadeath, nonlinear open world, day-night cycle.

Legends of Eisenwald – Mercenary Games PS4

Legends of Eisenwald - Mercenary Games PS4

Legends of Eisenwald evokes medieval folklore through story-driven mercenary RPG games. Travel fantastical lands completing quests that shape an evolving narrative.  

Alongside knights and mages, confront mystical foes in turn-based tactical combat and make difficult choices that steer your hero’s journey. With meaningful consequences, random events, and different paths to follow, an intricately crafted folklore world responds uniquely to your legend in the making.

Key Features Of Legends Of Eisenwald Mercenaries Games Online Free

  • Medieval tactical RPG with knights and warfare.
  • Interactive story with morale, companions, and consequences.
  • Turn-based hex combat emphasizing positioning.
  • Knight progression, army management, diplomatic intrigue.
  • Multiple endings based on choices.

Life of A Mercenary – Open World Mercenaries Games 

Life of A Mercenary - Open World Mercenaries Games

The life of a Mercenary immerses you in the boots of a medieval soldier for hire. Survive gritty dangers, uphold contracts, and earn coin and glory across open worlds.

With tactical turn-based combat, complete missions using cunning, leadership, and combat prowess. Your customized mercenary progresses, but one false step could mean injury or permadeath.

Through prowess and ruthlessness, seize fortunes as you rise through the ranks of a storied mercenary order. Just survive to fight another day.

Features Of life Of A Mercenary RPG Games

  • Low fantasy tactical RPG focused on leading a mercenary company.
  • Recruit and manage mercenary soldiers.
  • Turn-based combat emphasizes tactics and positioning.
  • Dynamic campaign map with quests, and resource management.
  • Permadeath for characters.

Fear Effect Series – Mercenary Game PC

Fear Effect Series - Mercenary Game PC

The Fear Effect games follow the dangerous missions of mercenaries in dystopian cyberpunk worlds. As an elite team of operatives, you unravel complex conspiracies while surviving hazardous environments using action skills, stealth, and strategy

With cel-shaded graphics and gritty settings, these vivid titles blend intense gameplay and mature storytelling into pulse-pounding sci-fi adventures. While challenging and violent, the Fear Effect series pushes graphic adventure games into dark new territory.

Key Features Of Fear Effect Series [Mercenary Video Games RPG]

  • Survival horror action games with anime cel-shaded graphics.
  • Play as mercenaries uncovering corporate conspiracies.
  • Real-time combat, puzzles, stealth, exploration.
  • Mature storylines and characters.
  • Alternate endings based on decisions.

Final Fantasy VII – Mercenary RPG Games

Final Fantasy VII - Mercenary RPG Games

Final Fantasy VII follows an ex-soldiers quest to save the planet from the corrupt Shinra Corporation. This seminal Japanese RPG features a captivating story of rebellion, self-discovery, and challenging destiny.

Strategic, real-time combat blends Materia’s magic, summons, and character abilities. With detailed 3D cutscenes, an expansive world, an impactful soundtrack, and iconic villains, Final Fantasy VII redefined the scope and immersion of the genre. Its blend of epic narrative, cinematic presentation, and deep systems created a landmark RPG experience.

Key Features Of Final Fantasy VII RPG Mercenaries Game

  • Landmark JRPG is set in a fantasy cyberpunk world.
  • An in-depth story following ex-mercenary Cloud Strife.
  • Real-time combat with customizable magic and abilities.
  • Materia system for gear and skill customization.
  • Mini-games, side quests, Chocobo breeding, and more.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Fire Emblem - Path of Radiance

Fire Emblem immerses you in a fantasy world of conflict centered on the heroic Ike. Lead your customized squad in tactical turn-based battles across story-driven maps.

With permanent death looming, navigate wartime challenges using character relationships, skills, and smart strategy. Political intrigue and mythic mysteries complicate your quest to liberate Crimea from tyranny.

Blending mature themes, customizable units, and impactful story choices, Path of Radiance provides a defining Fire Emblem experience.

Key Features Of Fire Emblem Mercenary Game PC

  • Tactical fantasy RPG set on the continent of Tellius.
  • Turn-based grid combat with rock-paper-scissors unit types.
  • Permadeath for units, relationship system impacts the story.
  • Manage army growth across story chapters.
  • Deep worldbuilding and character development.

Cyber Punk 2077 – Mercenary RPG Game

Cyber Pun 2077 - Mercenary RPG Game

Cyberpunk 2077 propels you into the high-tech gritty future of Night City as a cybernetically enhanced mercenary taking on jobs for crime factions. Immersive first-person action combines gunplay, hacking, dialogue, and urban exploration across detailed dystopian districts.

Night City dynamically reacts as you customize your cyberpunk hero and decide how missions unfold in an intricate sci-fi narrative dealing with transhumanism and corporate conspiracies.

Cyberpunk 2077 realizes a rich futuristic world where your choices drive a hard-boiled cyberpunk detective story.

Key Features Of Cyber Punk 2077 Mercenary Games

  • First-person action as a cybernetically enhanced gun-for-hire.
  • Customizable backstory and fluid classes like Netrunner, Techie, and Solo.
  • Gritty futuristic open world city with vertical exploration.
  • Complex gunplay with weapon mods and unlockable abilities.
  • Hacking and stealth options to complete missions besides combat.
  • Choices during missions impact the narrative and faction relations.
  • High replayability due to life path, build, and choice variations.

Mordhau – Open World Mercenary Game RPG

Mordhau - Open World Mercenary Game RPG

Mordhau thrusts you into visceral, skill-based medieval combat. Master melee weapons and sieging tactics across the battlefield, castle siege, and city fight modes. Fluid first or third-person action fueled by deep combat mechanics rewards mastery and versatility.

Customize and upgrade your warrior as you duel, fight in 64-player battles, or raid castles with catapults and towers. Raw, tactical, and unforgivingly realistic, Mordhau encapsulates the chaos, intensity, and grit of medieval warfare.

Key Features Of Mordhau Mercenary RPG Games

  • Multiplayer medieval melee combat game.
  • Detailed combat system with directional attacks, and blocks.
  • Customize armor, weapons, and fighting styles.
  • Various game modes like duels, sieges, and horde.
  • Large-scale battles with up to 64 players.
  • Focus on skill-based combat rather than stats/levels.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 [Mercenary Games PS4]

Divinity - Original Sin 2 Mercenary Games PS4]

Divinity empowers you with deep RPG freedom in a fantasy world rife with conflict. Craft your original character and team in cooperative or single player then shape quest outcomes via combat styles, diplomacy, or subterfuge.

With intricate systems, open exploration, environmental interactions, branching dialogs, and impactful choices. Original Sin 2 encapsulates creative tabletop-style roleplaying in a vibrant reactive world. Few RPGs offer such narrative power and liberating gameplay possibilities.

Key Features Of Divinity Mercenary Video Games RPG

  • Co-op and solo play options.
  • Freedom through impactful narrative choices.
  • Turn-based tactical combat using terrain and spells.
  • 4 unique origin characters.
  • A reactive world that responds to your actions.
  • Manipulate elements like oil, poison, and fire.

The Witcher 3 – RPG Mercenary Games Online Free

The Witcher 3 - RPG Mercenary Games Online Free

The Witcher 3 concludes Geralt of Rivia’s dark fantasy saga with a massive open world mercenary game RPG adventure. Rich storytelling weaves a complex tale across wartorn lands while intricate combat and RPG systems provide depth.

Make difficult choices where morals are gray and consequences often unpredictable. Lauded for its narrative scope, living world, meaningful player impact, and compelling mythos. The Witcher 3 sets the benchmark for mature, nonlinear storytelling and freedom of approach in a modern action RPG epic.

Key Features Of The Witcher Mercenary RPG Games

  • Massive open world with dynamic weather and day/night cycle.
  • Customizable RPG progression systems for Geralt.
  • Craft weapons, potions, bombs, and oils to enhance abilities.
  • Track monsters using Witcher senses.
  • Tight gameplay integration with no filler content.
  • Two expansive story DLCs with 20+ hours each.

Legend Of Gimrock 2 – Medieval Mercenary RPG Games

Legend Of Gimrock 2 - Medieval Mercenary RPG Games

Legend of Grimrock 2 continues the first-person dungeon-crawling RPG series with challenging exploration and tactical combat. As prisoners cast into this island of ruins, traps, and monsters, you have to strategically maneuver a customizable party through treacherous environments.

With mechanical puzzles, hidden secrets, and no map, you must rely on wits over reflexes to survive harrowing depths and uncover their mysteries. Legend of Grimrock 2 raises old-school dungeon crawling to new heights.

Key Features Of Legend Of Gimrock Mercenary Games Reddit

  • First-person 3D dungeon crawling.
  • Challenging grid-based tactical combat.
  • Customizable party with unique roles and skills.
  • Environmental puzzles and secret passages.
  • Survival emphasis with hunger, thirst systems.
  • No in-game maps – must make your own.
  • Mysterious story and lore to uncover.

What Is The RPG Where You Play As A Mercenary?

The Witcher and Mount & Blade are two popular mercenary game RPGs where you can play as a mercenary character. In The Witcher series, you will take on the role of Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter for hire in an open world.

Mount & Blade allows you to create and lead a medieval mercenary company, taking on contracts and engaging in tactical combat. Both series will put you in the boots of a mercenary, taking jobs and quests for money in expansive RPG worlds.

What Type Of Game Is Mercenaries?

Mercenaries game is a tactical shooter game series where you play as different soldiers of fortune-style mercenary characters and missions in war-torn locales with destructible environments.

List Of Top 20 Mercenary Games For PC

Here listed are the top 20 Mercenary RPG games you can play on your PC.

  1. Mount & Blade: Warband
  2. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
  3. Wartales
  4. Jagged Alliance 2
  5. Cyberpunk 2077
  6. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  7. Middle-earth: Shadow of War
  8. Fallout 4
  9. Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare
  10. Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction
  11. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
  12. Expeditions: Viking
  13. Battle Brothers
  14. Silent Storm
  15. XCOM 2
  16. Dragon Age: Inquisition
  17. Kingdom Come Deliverance
  18. GreedFall
  19. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  20. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Is Wartales An RPG?

Yes, Wartales is an RPG mercenary game, where you can create a party of medieval mercenaries, explore an open world, and take on quests and story narratives.

What Is A Mercenary Leader Called?

Mercenary leaders are commonly called mercenary captains, commanders, chiefs, or simply leaders of their specific mercenary company or troop.