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Top 10 Pubg Players In World 2024


Top 10 pubg players in world

Hello guys, in this topic we will discuss the world’s top 10 PUBG players. As we all know Pubg mobile and PC are now on another level of gaming. PUBG has become the heart of all gamers and ever since the “PlayersUnknown Battleground” game arrived, it has topped charts globally. The popularity of Pubg keeps increasing and it has created some of the best Pubg players. You will see here top Pubg players all around the world and their team names and country. Let’s have a look at the list of top 10 Pubg players in world 2023.

List Of Best PUBG Player In The World 2024 Top PubG Player Name TeamNation 
1.XQF ParaboyNova EsportsChina 
2.XQF OrderNova EsportsChina 
3.BTR ZuxxyBigetron RAIndonesia
4.JonathanGodlike Esports India
5.RRQ EarnnyRRQ AthenaThailand
6.33Swan Four Angry MenChina
7.ScoutOPTeam SoulIndia
8.MortalTeam SoulIndia
10.TQ MarcoTeam QuesoUruguay 

This is the Top list of best players of Pubg all around the world. They are not even the best in rank pushing or maintaining k.d, they are best in all sectors of PUBG. They are on the list of top 10 Pubg players in world 2024 by their best performance they are now on top from bottom.

NO.1 XQF Paraboy PUBG Player In The World 

XQF Paraboy pubg player

The real name of XQF is Zhu Bocheng and he belongs from China, XQF Paraboy is on the top of the list because he is the like GOD of Pubg. Paraboy playing skills is on another level in Pubg and he is the Chinese assaulter, there is no other like him a player in the world of Pubg mobile. Paraboy play with 4 finger claw which is Pubg mobile best control layout.

His team name is Nova XQF, and he was the MVP player on PEC- 2020, also he won the PEL Season 2 and the PEC 2020.

#2 XQF Order (Best PUBG Player in the World)

XQF Order Pubg Plaber

Cheng Zehai is on second on our list of top 10 Pubg players in world 2024. He is also a great player on his team and he is known as an XQF Order in-game. When it is on Pubg, he is China’s best player Pubg and he also played alongside Paraboy in PEL in 2019. In close-range combat, he is a destructor, and most of the time he does omnipotent work for his team. XQF Order is the second player on its team who is on the list of top Pubg players in the world.

#3 BTR Zuxxy PUBG Players

BTR Zuxxy Pubg player

Made Bagas “Zuxxy” Pramudita is belonged form the Indonesian Professional Pubg mobile player and currently he is playing from Bigetron RA. Zuxxy becomes the first winner of Esports Mobile Player of the Year by Esports Awards. He is a high-rank player of Indonesia Pubg Player and he also has his own YouTube channel. Zuxxy is the four-finger player with a gyroscope and he has over 1.7 million subscribers. He also has the award of Esports Award of Pubg mobile and he is in the 3 places of top 10 Pubg players in world 2024.

#4 Jonathan Best PubG Mobile Players

Godlike Jonathan Pubg Player

Currently Jonathan is on another level well-known Esports player in the Pubg game community. He is a top great level player of Pubg who completes all major leagues and tournaments of PUBG all over the world. Jonathan has over 2.09 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and he is two finger player who uses the gyroscope in-game. Jonathan uses the best PUBG sensitivity setting for mobile. He is one of the best players in the world in using gyroscopes and he also counts in the top 10 Pubg players in world.

#5 RRQ Earnny

RRQ Earney Pubg Player

RRQ Earnny is a well-known Pubg assaulter, he plays a prime role in his team. Also, he rose to international prominence as a result of his 1v1 in close battle victories and he is the most skilled DMT user. Currently is one of the best Pubg mobile players and that’s why he is at no.5 on the list of Top 10 Pubg players in world. Earnny plays a significant role in his team’s evolution since joining RRQ Athena.

#6 33Svan

33svan Pubg player

33Svan is known as the best snipper and backup supporter player, he is widely regarded as the great player of Pubg. He also won the 2021 World Championship final of the PUBG Mobile World Championship League. 33Svan is the MVP of PMGC during the league stage and still, he maintains the name of  Damage Master and Last Man Standing at PMGC.

#7 ScoutOP

Soul Scout pubg player

If you are an Indian PUBG fan, you have heard the name ScoutOP. He is India’s one of the most considerable famous PUBG players and he is also known as Tanmay Singh. He also has a channel on Youtube for Pubg content and over 3.49 million YouTube subscribers with that he is in the top 10 Pubg players in world 2024. As we know that he is the first Indian player who reaches on Conqueror level and he also won the first position in the Qume Bitcoin Cup and Fighting League 2018-India. Even he was the first Indian in the finished PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Asia in 2018.

#8 Soul Mortal

Soul Mortal Pubg player

Mortal is an Indian player and he belongs to Team Soul. The real name of Mortal is Naman Mathur and born in Mumbai or also raised in Mumbai. He created his youtube channel and now he has around 6.35 million subscribers. Mortal is one the best Player of Pubg in India and he uses four-finger clay to play with leading his team Soul as a Leader. He also won the Championships of PUBG India Series 2019 and Sprint Split India. That’s why he is in the top 10 Pubg players in world.

#9 Coffin

We all know that Coffin is a very well-known player of Pubg all over the world. He is also a content creator and publishes things related to PUBG on his Youtube channel, he has over 1.12 million subscribers. He is the best player in Turkey and uses two fingers in gameplay. He start his Youtube channel in 2017 and from that day he has never looked back. Everyone considered him as one of the Top 10 Pubg players in world.

#10 TQ Marco

TQ Marco pubg player

Marco Poppitti, is also known as TQ Marco. He has won the PUBG Mobile Pro League – Fall Split 2020 – America and also PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split – South America. He is treated as the crown king of Pubg in his country because as we all know that he plays very well. Marco’s success is increasing by his good performance that’s he is on the list of top 10 Pubg players in world.

How Many Players Play Pubg In World 2024?

Over 363.84 players are playing PlayersUnknown Battleground (PUBG) according to the record of 2021. That’s why it is one of the favourite games in the world.

Who Is The Best PUBG Player In The World?

XQF Paraboy is no. one player in the world with his best performance and ability to play Pubg.

How To Rank In Top 10 Pubg Players In The World 2024?

In order to become a professional Pubg player, you need to give more time in-game. Skills matter but devices and internet connection also matter to become the no.1 player in the world.

Which Country Plays Very Less PUBG?

There are few countries where fewer people play Pubg.

  • In Russia, only 6% of players play
  • In South Korea, 5.5% of players play 
  • In Japan, 4.3% of players play 
  • In The United Kingdom, 4% of players play 
  • In Germany, 6% of players play

Top 10 PubG Playing Countries 2024

Below we have shared the list of top 10 PubG playing countries 2024:

  1. China
  2. United States
  3. Turkey
  4. Germany
  5. India
  6. UAE
  7. Russia
  8. Japan
  9. Vietnam
  10. South Korea

Who Is The King Of PUBG In World?

According to the records, the no.1 team running is Suk from Pubg mobile Team Four Angry Men Topped on the kills chart of PMGC 2020 and also carrying 149 frags. Even he has also been awarded the League Terminator Title.

Final Thoughts : Best Players in the World 2024

These all are the best players in the world. They had won many championships through their hard work performance and they had also faced intense fights. They all started from the Bottom and now they are all in our hearts, they made Pubg an Esports Games. Even many people start playing Pubg by watching their performance on their streams.