No Lag VPNs Gaming Best Town Hall 14 Base Link [TH14 COC Base Layout]

Best Town Hall 14 Base Link [TH14 COC Base Layout]


Town Hall 14 Base

Do you wish to create a strong Town Hall 14 Base? With TH14 base defend your empire from powerful enemy troops & win COC battles.

The release of COC TH14 bases has brought exciting new defenses, hero levels, and strategies for base building.  Clash of Clans Town Hall lvl 14 offers the most robust defenses and most powerful attacking options. So protecting your resources & trophies can be challenging.

In this article, we will explore strong base-building strategies and principles to help you design an impenetrable level 14 Town Hall base.

What Are The Best Town Hall 14 Base War Designs?

Town Hall 14 players have an array of base design options to choose from when optimizing their war base. Popular TH14 COC base choices for war include the Crows, Island, and Hybrid bases, each with its own strengths.

While the versatile Crows base excels at protecting resources with its spread-out layout, the Island base prioritizes defending the town hall and Eagle Artillery with its centralized design. For those seeking a balance of offense and defense, the Hybrid combines aspects of both ring and compartmentalized bases.

Identifying the most effective COC TH14 war base comes down to understanding your own attack strategies and the types of opponents your clan typically faces in war.

How To Attack A Level 14 Town Hall?

Here are some strategies that you can use when attacking a Clash of Clans Town Hall 14 Base in Clash of Clans:

  • GoWiWi: GoWiWi armies leverage the brute force of giants and witches, supported by wizards, to carve deep into the TH14 base of enemies.
  • LaLoon: LaLoon attacks send lava hounds first to absorb blows from air defenses, paving the way for overwhelming balloon waves.
  • Hog Rider Spam: Another way to attack the TH 14 base is to spam large packs of hog riders, relying on their speed and numbers to dodge and destroy defenses.
  • Witch Slap: The Witch Slap attack is a simple yet powerful TH14 COC base strategy using Witches and Wall Breakers to crush bases. Its straightforward approach demolishes many base designs.
  • Queen Charge: The Queen Charge is a powerful attack that utilizes the Queen to spearhead an assault on key defenses, paving the way for the main force. Queen’s far-reaching firepower can unlock even max Town Hall 14 base in COC.

So if you want to attack a Town Hall 13 base or even a Town Hall level 14 base, these attack tips can be useful for you.

What Are New Features In TH14 Bases In COC?

In Town Hall lvl 14 base, the below features are new ones:

  • Eagle Artillery: Long-range weapon hitting both ground and air.
  • Scattershot: Splash damage defense targeting multiple troops.
  • Upgraded X-Bow: Versatile X-Bow fires at air and ground units.
  • Upgraded Wizard Tower: Enhanced wizard tower attacks both ground and air.
  • Upgraded Bomb Tower: A more powerful bomb tower deals elevated damage.

Best Town Hall 14 Base Link 2023

With the arrival of Level 14 Town Hall bases, Clash of Clans players now have more troop and spell options than ever before. This makes base designing trickier, as you must defend against a wide variety of attack strategies.

However, we have compiled some of the most effective TH14 base layouts to help you protect your village.

Town Hall 14 Trophy Base

Town Hall 14 Trophy Base Design

This max Town Hall 14 base thrives in both trophy-pushing and wars. The core employs a box formation housing the Eagle Artillery and Clan Castle, with Air Sweepers covering the diagonals.

An Inferno Tower topped by Builder’s Huts provides one dense defense point above the core. The TH 14 base lies shielded behind storages and defenses while Scattershots anchor each side. This balanced layout allows for solid protection on multiple fronts.

Town Hall 14 Base War Link

TH14 War Bases In COC

Town Hall lvl 14 base protects your resources and trophies with strategic defense placement. The Town Hall and Clan Castle anchor the right corner, supported by firepower. Inferno Towers roast the center, surrounding the Dark Elixir storage and heroes. Overlapping Air Sweepers disrupt air attacks.

The left edge houses the Eagle Artillery, fortified by the King and anti-air defenses. Multiple wall layers and traps also help thwart penetration. With defenses concentrated around the core, this design makes it difficult for enemies to overrun and loot your village.

With these Level 14 war bases, you can easily destroy small bases like Town Hall 9 Base or TH 5 base within a few attacks.

Anti-Air COC TH14 Base

Anti Air COC TH14 Base

Here Anti-Air layout has the Town Hall fortified in the right corner, surrounded by traps and flanked by X-Bows and Builders Huts. The Barbarian King, Grand Warden, and more X-Bows guard the front. The Clan Castle provides additional protection.

Inferno Towers roast the core, while Scattershots shielded by the Archer Queen and Royal Champion sit just outside. Overlapping Air Sweepers of Town Hall 14 base will disrupt air raids initiated by the enemy troops.

On the left edge, the Eagle Artillery has support from an Inferno Tower and Air Defenses nearby. With defenses concentrated around the Town Hall and core, this design thwarts air attacks.

TH14 War Bases Clash Of Clans

Town Hall 14 Base War Design

TH14 COC base design separates the Town Hall and Eagle Artillery, forcing tough choices for attackers. The Town Hall anchors one corner while the Eagle Artillery lies isolated on the other side. Enemies can’t easily take down both vital targets.

A clever gap behind the Town Hall channels raiders toward clan castle reinforcements including an Inferno Tower, Builder Huts, and traps. With balanced protection given to the Town Hall and Eagle Artillery, this layout provides a strong defense against diverse attack strategies.

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 14 Base Design

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 14 Base Design

Town Hall lvl 14 war base fortifies your buildings and stands against max TH14 offenses. The Town Hall takes the bottom corner, shielded above against air armies. Scattershots on the flanks have support from the Queen, X-Bows and point defenses on one side, and X-Bows with Air Defenses on the other.

The core contains the Grand Warden and Royal Champion under seeking air mines, plus the Clan Castle nearby. Up top, the Eagle Artillery has the Barbarian King and defenses forcing ground approaches. With layered firepower surrounding the Town Hall and core, this layout can withstand the toughest TH14 attack strategies.

Best Town Hall 14 Farming Base Layouts [4 Farm Town Hall 14 Base Layout]

A Town Hall 14 farming base centralizes storage and collectors behind layered walls, surrounded by key defenses to protect loot from raids. Outer buildings distract and trap troops, while compartmentalized fire zones force enemies through heavy fire.

Strategic obstacle placement and segmented defenses prevent most raiding parties from reaching the core loot storages. A solid farming base design lets you protect upgrades and accumulate resources for the next big project.

Town Hall 14 Farm Base Layout 1: Farm TH14 Base Link

Town Hall 14 Farm Base Layout 1

Safeguard your hard-earned resources with this clever Town Hall 14 farming base layout. Layered defensive compartments and segmented fire zones work together to thwart raiding parties.

Town Hall 14 Farm Base Layout 2: COC TH14 Farm Base Link

Town Hall 14 Farm Base Layout 2

Defend your loot storages and precious upgrades from raids with a sturdy Town Hall 14 base designed for farming. Strategic trap placements and inner walls prevent easy access to your centralized storage.

Town Hall 14 Farm Base Layout 3: TH 14 Base Farm Link

Town Hall 14 Farm Base Layout 3

Protect your precious loot from lower-level raids with this solid Town Hall 14 farming base layout. Funnel invaders into compartments packed with concentrated firepower to stop attacks in their tracks.

Town Hall 14 Farm Base Layout 4: Farm TH14 COC Base Link

Town Hall 14 Farm Base Layout 4

Preserve your hard-earned upgrades and gains with a formidable Town Hall 14 farming base. A centralized and reinforced core along with outer distraction buildings work in tandem to stop looters from snagging your resources.

Best TH14 War Bases Clash Of Clans [3 War Town Hall 14 Base Design]

Defending your village during the war in Clash of Clans requires a well-designed war base. These layouts focus on protecting the crucial Town Hall 14 while also securing other vital buildings. A strong war base makes it challenging for even the most skilled attackers to earn stars.

The goal is to force the opponent to use many troops and spells chipping away at external buildings, ultimately running out of firepower before reaching your protected core. With a balanced, trap-laden layout and high-level defenses, a good Town Hall 14 war base can often deter attacks or cause a failed raid.

Town Hall 14 War Base Layout 1: Level 14 Town Hall War Base

Town Hall 14 War Base Layout 1

A maze of walls and traps surrounds the Town Hall, with wizard towers and x-bows poised to attack. Defensive clan castle troops reinforce the core, while storages and collectors dot the outskirts to absorb damage. It is great for attacking a Town Hall 12 base and plundering enemy resources.

Town Hall 14 War Base Layout 2: War Base TH14 Layout

Town Hall 14 War Base Layout 2

Interconnected compartments prevent easy access to the core, where the Town Hall and defenses team up. Traps and bombs await any breach, as do reinforcements from the clan castle. Crucial defenses encircle the Town Hall 14 base, supported by clan troops.

Town Hall 14 War Base Layout 3: TH14 War Bases

Town Hall 14 War Base Layout 3

Layers of walls direct troops along planned paths, right into bombs and giant bombs. Defenses barrage enemies at key junctions, as the Town Hall remains secure deep within. Traps are placed to surprise wall breakers and funnel other troops.

Town Hall 14 Trophy Base Layouts [3 Town Hall 14 Base Best Defense 2023]

In Clash of Clans, a Town Hall 14 trophy base aims to defend your village while gaining trophies. This strategic layout secures the Town Hall and key defenses to deter attacks. Yet it also provides openings to invite raids for trophy offers. The base balances toughness with tantalizing loot in collectors.

Multi-layered walls, traps, and supporting fire from defenses force heavy troop commitment from opponents. Ideally, they gain a few stars while you gain trophies from a defense.

With thoughtful trap placement and compartments, a Town Hall 14 trophy base helps protect what’s precious while luring attacks you can repel for trophy gains.

Town Hall 14 Trophy Base Layout 1: Town Hall 14 Base Link

Town Hall 14 Trophy Base Layout 1

Traps and bombs protect the Town Hall deep within the base. External buildings are left exposed to lure attacks for trophies. Decorative buildings border openings to guide troops into core defenses. If you are still a Town Hall 3 base, then you can look forward to upgrading to this TH lvl 14 base for trophies.

Town Hall 14 Trophy Base Layout 2: Town Hall Lvl 14 Base

Town Hall 14 Trophy Base Layout 2

The Town Hall hides behind layers of meticulously placed traps to thwart attackers. Decorative buildings are positioned to guide troops toward giant bombs and other defenses. Key structures are enclosed within compartments to limit access.

Town Hall 14 Trophy Base Layout 3: TH 14 Base COC

Town Hall 14 Trophy Base Layout 3

Mazes of walls direct troops on lengthy paths to the Town Hall 14 base, taking heavy fire from x-bows and wizard towers. Reinforcements deploy from the clan castle to defend the core. Defenses are placed to counter common attack strategies.

Best Town Hall 14 Anti-3 Star Base Layouts [Top Anti Star TH14 Bases]

A Town Hall 14 anti-3-star base in Clash of Clans is designed to prevent any possibility of a 100% destruction raid. The convoluted, maze-like layout with interlocking compartments frustrates enemy attacks.

Layers of walls and centralized key defenses reinforced by clan troops keep the Town Hall and buildings safe. Thoughtful trap placement discourages even top players from attempting total victory.

Clash Of Clans TH14 Anti 3-Star Base Layout 1

Town Hall 14 Anti 3 Star Base Layout 1

The Town Hall 14 Base hides deep within a dense maze of walls, with traps awaiting any breach. Compartments contain defenses to limit troop access and damage. Funneling openings guide enemies into barrage zones.

Town Hall 14 Anti-3 Star Base Layout 2 COC

Town Hall 14 Anti 3 Star Base Layout 2

Hidden teslas and giant bombs surprise attackers at key junctions. Compartments separate defenses to restrict approach angles. Traps disrupt troop deployment across the intricate maze. If you are a Town Hall 10 base player then upgrading to this Level 14 Town Hall base can protect your resources.

Level 14 Town Hall Anti-3 Star Base Layout 3

Town Hall 14 Anti 3 Star Base Layout 3

Layers of walls direct troops on winding paths of resistance. Traps disable wall breakers and slow troop deployment. Compartments segment defenses to prevent clustering. Defenses bombard enemies at strategic points. The Town Hall resides deep inside with clan castle reinforcements.

Best Town Hall 14 Base Strategies To Win Battles

Here are some effective strategies for COC TH14 bases:

  • Hybrid Attack:  Use miners and hogs together. Send miners toward the core to take out key defenses, with hogs to clean up the outside buildings. Rage spells help miners, and heal spells keep hogs alive.
  • Lalo Attack: Use lava hounds and balloons. Lava hounds tank air defenses, and balloons destroy defenses. Haste spells to speed up balloons, rage helps take out the core. Use freeze on infernos.
  • Yeti Smash: Yetis and bowlers smash through walls. Jump spells give access to the core. Rage Yetis, heal bowlers. Funnel with heroes to guide troops into Town Hall 14 base.
  • Zap Dragons: Lightning spells take out key defenses like air sweepers. Use dragons to destroy & rage them as they approach the core, freeze infernos.
  • Hybrid Smash: Combines ground (pekkas, witches) and air (Electro dragons). Take out outer buildings with ground troops, and send electro-dragons for the core once the path is cleared.
  • Super Witches: Lots of witches + bat spells. Witches summon skeletons to distract defenses, bats destroy buildings. Jump, rage, freeze get witches to core.

The key for TH14 is using a royal champion to snipe key defenses, and pairing strong heroes with combinations of high DPS troops like miners, hogs, Yetis, and electro dragons.

These attacks and defense strategies are so strong that your base can even handle strong attacks if the Town Hall 15 base released in the future.

What Is Unlocked With Clash Of Clans Town Hall 14 Base?

Upgrading to Town Hall 14 in Clash of Clans unlocks a host of new defenses, buildings, and improvements for your village. When you upgrade your Town Hall to level 14, you gain access to the following:


  • 25x new Wall pieces
  • 1x Air Bomb
  • 1x Seeking Air Mine
  • 1x Skeleton Trap
  • 1x Bomb
  • 1x Giant Bomb

The Town Hall 14 unveils two new buildings – the Pet House for generating Pets and the Battle Builder Huts that enable builders to repair and defend your base. Remember that any unit can not attack the builder.

How Many Levels Are There In TH14 Base Clash Of Clans?

There are a maximum of 5 levels to upgrade in Town Hall 14 base. You will need gold and dark elixir to upgrade your TH14 COC base to the next 5 levels.

How Long Does Max Town Hall 14 Base Takes?

Upgrading TH14 bases to max takes a very long time. If you have only 2 builders it will take around  2 years & even with 6 builders it will take around 8 months.