Does VPN Protect You From Viruses? [Benefits, Alternatives]

VPN is known as Virtual Private Network. It increases your online privacy and secures your data. It also secures your data while using public network connections. VPN hides your personal data so, that third parties cannot grab any information, on this article, we will discuss “ does VPN protect you from viruses”. 

How VPN Protect You From Viruses?

VPN doesn’t protect you from viruses, It helps you in an indirect way, it only secures your online traffic, personal information, and makes your informations private. VPN also protects you from malware attacks but in an indirect way. Sometimes one question is always stuck in our mind that do I really need an antivirus if I already have a VPN? so, yes you will need both a VPN and antivirus software if you want to protect your device as well as your privacy also. This is because an antivirus program keeps you safe from danger, while a VPN protects your data through encryption.

 What Are The Benefits Of a VPN Connection?

VPN Benefits

There are some benefits of VPN, which are given below:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Security on Public Wifi
  • It gives you data privacy from your internet service provider
  • It gives you data privacy from your internet service provider
  • Smart savings 
  • Online banking security
  •  Avoid censorship 
  •  Online banking security

Which Best VPN Protect against Virus?

Norton VPN is security software and one of the best software on the VPN list. This VPN helps you to keep your online identity and activity anonymous when using 

the web. This security software protects your computer, tablets, smartphones, from getting attacked by malware and any other viruses. Norton 360 plans include both VPN & security. Plus it also includes additional features which help you to protect yourself from viruses. 

There are some alternatives of Norton VPN, that is given below in the table;

VPN Virus Protections
Alternate About it
Express VPNThis VPN software protects your browsing data without facing any trouble and keeps your activity safe.
Proton VPNAnother best alternative for your protection. It offers you different types and advanced features also

How To Protect Yourself From Computer Viruses?

If you are not knowing how to protect yourself from viruses, then follow the given steps;

  • Keep your software up to date

You keep your system up to date with three simple steps – the first is, use windows    updates, the second is to update your third-party apps regularly.

  • Don’t click on any links 

When you click on unverified links and download any suspicious apps then, it increases the level of risk for you. 

  • Use only free antivirus software for your computer 

If you want to protect your computer from viruses and any type of risk. So, you need to buy the premium version of antivirus, it helps you to protect your system.

  • Always take a backup of your data 

If you don’t take a backup of your data, you have no protection from calamities ranging from a Hard drive. 

  • For protection use a strong password 

A strong password is one, that is a complex mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols. When you use and want to strengthen your password keep it in eight characters at least

  • Install antivirus that works well with VPN 

Using an antivirus with a VPN may be the best option for you ever because by this you can protect your device and your internet connection at the same time. 

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What Is Malware?

what is malware

Malware is also known as, malicious software. This computer program was designed to damage the computer without the user’s content. Malware is a term of viruses, trojan, rootkits, spyware, keylogger, and more.

It makes sense to divide them into groups. Though varied in type and capability, malware usually has one of the following objectives. 

  • Provide remote control for an attacker to use an infected machine.
  • Send spam from the infected machine to the unsuspecting targets. 
  • Steal sensitive data
  • Investigate the infected user’s local network

Types Of Malware

  • Worm Malware
  • Trojan Malware
  • Ransomware 
  • Bots of botnets 
  • Adware Malware 
  • Rootkits
  • Fileless Malware 
  • Malvertising 

Can VPN Protect You From malware?

Malware is dangerous software and most users want to avoid this malware. And most people said that a virtual private network (VPN) is a good way to protect themself online.

But, this is not a true statement. VPN helps you to protect your data, just remove the place where your traffic joins the public internet. 

VPN creates a secure encrypted tunnel between your device and the VPN node. It doesn’t provide any additional malware protection. When you use a VPN for protection, you still need to use caution online, use a secure browser, and keep your farewell. 

 Can A Virus Infect mobile phones?

If you are confused between thus, androids phones are infected by virus or not then, the answer is No, it can’t get viruses. But Android phones are infected by other types of malware.

The most common ways that malware gets onto your iPhone or androids phone device:

  • Install/download apps to your phones
  • Download message attachments from an email or SMS
  • Connecting your phone from another device
  • Download any content from the internet 


In this above article, we solved all your quarry about the “does VPN protects you from viruses or not?”, and now you easily understand that VPN doesn’t directly remove viruses. If you have any other quarry regarding this problem and others, please let us know in the comments section. 

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