How Long Is A Lacrosse Game? [Lacrosse Game Duration]

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Lacrosse is a multiplayer game played with a stick and a ball. The lacrosse game is divided into four quarters and every quarter will pass for nearly 15 mins. This means that the Lacrosse game is an hour long.

However, there are some breaks in the Lacrosse game while any half-time and injuries, so the Lacrosse game typically lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. Additionally, some leagues have overtime which may also add more time to the game.

In this article, we explore lacrosse game duration and factors that impact it. I have also explained the various points that can affect the length of a game, for example, the difficulty level of the game, So let’s move on to the article without wasting any time.

History Of Lacrosse Game

Lacrosse is a Local American game that has been played for a really long time. You can say that it was played for the past 1200 years. The Lacrosse game was a religious game for Local Americans. It was used for entertainment, to prepare for war, and to resolve debates. The game was many times played between towns or villages, and it was going on for quite a long time.

The Lacrosse game was played by Europeans from the seventeenth century. The French were especially keen on the game, and they referred to it as “La Crosse,” which signifies “the stick” in French. Lacrosse immediately turned into a famous game in Canada, and it was in the long run acquainted with the US.

Lacrosse is presently a significant game in both Canada and the US. It is played by all kinds of people, and there are proficient associations in the two nations. Lacrosse is likewise a well-known sport in a few different nations, like Australia, Britain, and Japan.

Overview Of The Lacrosse Game

Lacrosse is a multiplayer game that was played with a stick and a ball. The game is structured into four lacrosse time periods, each game lasts approximately 15 minutes. The main motive in lacrosse games is to score higher than the opposing team by propelling the ball into their goal. 

Gamers stand with the keep on with trap, skip, and shoot the ball better at some point of this lacrosse game fit. The stick has a protracted manage and a head with a net on the stop. And the net is used to catch and maintain the ball.

Here are some of the basic components of the game that are always in effect.

Game LevelQuartersDuration
Professional4 × 12 min/quarters65 min without overtime
College4 × 15 min/quarters78 min without overtime
High School4 × 12 min/quarters65 min without overtime
Youth4 × 8 min/quarters50 min without overtime

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Here are some additional details about the lacrosse game:

The lacrosse field was approximately 110 yards long with 60 yards wide, which provides a large area for a lacrosse game for boys. Two opposing teams of 10 players each compete to score goals using rubber balls similar in size to golf balls. Each team has 3 attackers, 3 midfielders, 3 defenders and 1 goalie with specialized roles

Players rely on lacrosse sticks, which have long handles and nets on the end, to catch, carry, pass and shoot the ball. Goals measure 6 feet wide by 6 feet tall that teams must shoot the ball into. Two referees officiate the match to ensure fair play. The team scoring the most goals by the end of the game’s regulated playing time wins the match.

How Long Are Boys Lacrosse Games?

The standard duration for a boys’ lacrosse game is 48 minutes total, split into four 12-minute quarters. During each quarter there’s usually a two-minute break. The half-time is 10 minutes long. 

This structured format of play divided by short breaks comprises the full timed length of a regulation boys’ lacrosse match.

This means a boys lacrosse game can remain somewhere from 60 to 70 mins, depending on the variety of half-time in the game.

In some cases, boy lacrosse games may be longer if they go into overtime. Overtime in boys lacrosse is played in 4-minute periods until one team scores. This means that a boys lacrosse game could theoretically last for up to 92 minutes if it goes to multiple overtime periods.

How Long Is Women Lacrosse Game?

How Long Is Womens Lacrosse Game

A women’s lacrosse game is 60 minutes long, divided into four quarters of 15 minutes each. There is a 2-minute spoil between each sector and a 10-minute 1/2-time

This means that a girls’ lacrosse game duration can remain somewhere from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the wide variety of stoppages in play.

In some cases, b. Overtime in women’s lacrosse is played in 5-minute periods until one team scores. This means that a women’s lacrosse game could theoretically last for up to 95 minutes if it goes to multiple overtime periods.

How Long Are High School Lacrosse Games?

High school lacrosse game duration is 48 minutes, divided into 4 quarters of 12 minutes each. However, the clock often stops during dead ball situations, so games frequently last longer than the 48-minute timeframe. Halftime is usually 5–10 minutes. 

Overall game time ultimately depends on the pace of play, the number of penalties called, injuries, and overtime if needed. High school rules also allow for shortened quarters or running time clocks to keep games within typical school schedules. So while 48 minutes is standard, high school lacrosse games duration can vary more in compared to higher competition levels.

How Long Are College Lacrosse Games?

The standard duration for a college lacrosse game is 60 minutes of total play, divided into 4 quarters of 15 minutes each. The game clock runs continuously with no stoppages outside of half-time, injuries, or overtime. 

The half-time break is typically 10 minutes. With the continuous clock and fast pace of college lacrosse, the full 60 minutes of play elapse in real-time. Games ending in a tie go into sudden-death overtime periods of 4 minutes until a goal is scored. 

So, while 60 minutes is the standard college lacrosse game length, overtime when needed can extend the total time beyond that. Commercial breaks and timeouts also add small increments.

This variable and extended duration is similar to ice hockey games. Which make also uncertain the how long hockey games are. The unpredictable total time of both lacrosse and hockey games differentiates them from sports with fixed lengths like basketball.

How Many Minutes Is High School Lacrosse?

A high school lacrosse game is typically 40-eight mins in period and divided into four components of 12 minutes every. There is two-minute damage in each area and a 10-minute half of the time. This shows that secondary college lacrosse games can last within the range of 60 to 70 minutes, contingent upon the number of stoppages in play.

In some cases, High school lacrosse games might be longer on the off chance that they go into additional time. Additional time in secondary school lacrosse is played in 4-minute durations until one group scores. This implies that a secondary school lacrosse match-up keeps going for as long as 92 minutes assuming it goes to various extra periods.

The time duration for a Lacrosse game is very short if you compare it with the MLB game duration. So you can enjoy multiple Lacrosse matches within the duration of a single MLB match.

How Many Periods In Lacrosse?

There are 4 durations in a lacrosse sport. Every Lacrosse game period is 15 minutes long, with 2-minute damage between every length and a ten-minute 1/2-time. This means that a regulation lacrosse sport is 60 mins long. However, there may be extra time durations, which are played in five-minute increments till one crew ratings.

Here is a table summarizing the different periods in a lacrosse game:

Quarter 115 minutes
Quarter 215 minutes
Quarter 315 minutes
Quarter 415 minutes
Halftime10 minutes

Are There 4 Quarters In Lacrosse?

Yes, there are 4 quarters in a Lacrosse game. Every quarter is 15 minutes in length, with a 2-minute break between every area and a ten-minute half-time. This means that a guideline lacrosse game is an hour long.

On What Platforms Can I Play Lacrosse Video Games?

You can play Lacrosse game in devices like PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, etc.

Can I Use Real Lacrosse Strategies In Lacrosse Video Games?

Yes, many lacrosse video games strive to incorporate real-world strategies and gameplay mechanics. Understanding actual lacrosse strategies and tactics can give you an advantage when playing these games.


In summary, lacrosse is a fast-paced, high-scoring game that normally lasts around 60 mins on the professional and collegiate tiers. The Lacrosse game length can vary based on the level of play, league rules, and number of breaks.

Overall Lacrosse game duration is impacted by the pace of scoring, amount of fouls called, injuries, commercial time-outs, half-time length, and overtime if needed.