How Long Is A Rugby Game? [Rugby Game Time Duration]

A standard Rugby game time duration is 80 minutes. Each Rugby match consists of two 40-minute halves, making it 80 minutes Rugby match duration.

Do you want to know how long is a Rugby game? Well, Rugby is one of the most popular sports and is played across the globe. Although there are many rules, stopages, and break during the games due to which many viewers wonder how many minutes for Rugby games.

That is why, here we will provide you with complete Rugby union lenght of game along with Rugby 7s game duration. Also, will tell about time duration of other Rugby games including womens game, wheelchair game, etc.

How Long Is A Professional Rugby Game 2023?

An international Rugby union game lasts a full 80 minutes. This consists of two 40-minute halves with a 10 to 15-minute halftime break. The clock runs continuously except for injuries, scores, or other stoppages, so elapsed Rugby game time duration often exceeds above 40 minutes per half.

Major international tournaments like the Rugby World Cup and Rugby Championship all adhere to this full 80-minute format for men’s rugby union games at the international level. So if you are in the USA then you must Watch Packers Game Tonight with family and friends.

How Long A Rugby 7s Game?

Rugby 7s, otherwise called rugby sevens, is a high-speed variation of Rugby association intended to be played quickly parts. The game is played on a standard Rugby field, with seven players for each group on the pitch at one time. The condensed nature of Rugby sevens leads to an exciting, free-flowing match.

The Rugby sevens game duration is only 14 minutes that consist of two seven minute halves. Apart from this, there is a two minute half time break in between that exceeds the overall Rugby sevens match time to 16 minutes in total if clocks runs continuosly without any other stoppage.

While half is meant to be just seven minutes, the elapsed time often ends up being slightly longer due to stoppages. Still, rugby sevens deliver non-stop, end-to-end action, perfect for tournaments.

Its short match length also allows sevens tournaments to complete multiple games per day. The fast pace duration of Rugby sevens has made it a popular spectator sport, featured at events like the Hong Kong Sevens and even the Olympic Games.

How Long Is A Junior Rugby Match?

how long is a junior Rugby match

Junior Rugby games are shorter in length compared to professional senior matches. Although, there is not any speicifc time period for the same and it completely depends on the governing body of the game.

However, for Under-6 matches, the Rugby match time may only be 5-10 minutes per half. For Under-12s usually play 25-minute halves. 

By under-14, halves increase to 30 minutes. Under-19 games are 35 minutes per half, on par with club rugby for adults. Junior rugby aims to gradually acclimate young players to full match lengths as they get older. 

Shorter games help maintain engagement and intensity for developing kids. The reduced time also lowers injury risk. So while professional rugby lasts 80 minutes, junior rugby games range from 10-35 minutes per half based on the age of the players.

How Long Is A Rugby 15s Game?

A standard 15-a-side rugby union game lasts a full 80 minutes, divided into two 40-minute halves. The 15 players per team play two halves, each running for a continuous 40 minutes. However, because the clock stops for scrums, lineouts, injuries, scores, and other delays, a half typically lasts closer to 45 minutes in actual elapsed time. 

There is a 10-second break at halftime between the two periods of play. Significant homegrown and global rugby association rivalries like the Six Countries, Rugby Title, and Rugby World Cup all stick to this standard brief design for customary 15-a-side rugby. The full match length allows for strategy and endurance while providing over an hour and a half of intense rugby action.

How Long Is A Wheelchair Rugby League Game?

Wheelchair rugby league is a modified version of rugby for wheelchair users. Games are significantly shorter compared to able-bodied rugby league matches. A standard wheelchair rugby league game consists of two 20-minute halves, resulting in a total match time of 40 minutes. 

The clock runs continuously except for stoppages. There is a 5-minute break at halftime between the two halves. Shortening the game allows for the intense pace that wheelchair rugby is known for while accommodating athletes with disabilities. Reducing game length also helps minimize fatigue for wheelchair players. The shorter 40-minute timeframe makes wheelchair rugby league an intense, fast-paced spectator sport open to all.

How Long Is A Rugby Match Six Nations?

The Six Nations Championship is an annual rugby union competition held between the national teams of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy, and France. As an international rugby tournament, Six Nations matches adhere to the standard 80-minute structure. 

Each Six Nations game consists of two 40-minute halves with a 10- to 15-mminute halftime break in between. While a half is allotted 40 minutes of playing time, the clock is stopped for scrums, lineouts, penalties, tries, and injuries so the elapsed time per half often exceeds 40 minutes. 

The same continuous clock and 80-minute total lengths is used for all Six Nations matches, whether it’s the men’s or women’s tournament. Six Nations games feature top-tier international rugby union teams and follow the official World Rugby rules and match timings.

The 80 minutes of play allow for intriguing strategies and intense competition between European rivals.

How Long Is An International Rugby Game?

An international rugby union game adheres to the standard 80-minute structure consisting of two 40-minute halves. Though each half is allotted 40 minutes, the clock stops for scrums, lineouts, penalties, tries, and injuries, so the elapsed time per half typically exceeds 40 minutes. 

A 10- to 15-mminute halftime break separates the two periods of play. This full 80-minute format is used for men’s and women’s international test matches between national teams, such as New Zealand vs England or Australia vs Wales. 

Major international rugby tournaments including the Rugby World Cup, Six Nations, and The Rugby Championship also follow this standard international match length. The 80 minutes of play allow top-tier nations to showcase high-level rugby with intriguing strategy and exciting competition.

How Long Does A Rugby Match Last?

The length of a rugby match depends on the code but is generally around 70-80 minutes in total. In rugby union, the standard duration is 80 minutes divided into two 40-minute halves with a 10-15 minute halftime break. 

Rugby league games are slightly shorter at two 35-minute halves making 70 minutes total. Rugby sevens are the shortest code at just two 7-minute halves for a total of 14 minutes. Youth and school-level rugby use shortened match times based on age, anywhere from 10-35 minutes per half. 

Though the allotted time is consistent, the actual elapsed time is longer due to stoppages. In summary, a full rugby match provides around an hour to an hour and a half of dynamic playtime before a winner is decided.

How Long Is A Rugby Game On TV?

While a regulation rugby union game lasts 80 minutes, the broadcast of a match on TV can last over 2 hours with pre and post-game programming. The 40-minute halves typically run 50 minutes in real-time, with the clock stopping frequently. 

Halftime analysis, commercials, and broadcaster replays also extend the runtime. Post-match, there are player interviews, analysis, and match highlights. Rugby fans enjoy the expansive coverage TV provides.

The pace of rugby also complements television well with natural breaks in play for analysis. So for the viewer, a rugby match on TV is an immersive, two-hour experience rather than just 80 minutes of game time. The extended broadcast allows more context and discussion around the action.

How Long Is A Rugby Game In The Olympics?

Rugby at the Olympics is played in the sevens format with 7-minute halves. An Olympic rugby sevens match only lasts 14 minutes in total. This is much shorter than traditional 15-a-side rugby, which is 80 minutes long. The condensed game length makes rugby sevens an exciting Olympic event.

How Long Is A Rugby Game, Including Halftime?

A standard 80-minute rugby union game lasts around 100 minutes total when factoring in a 15-minute halftime break. Each 40-minute half typically runs 50 minutes with stoppages. So the full 80 minutes of play, plus 15 minute halftime means a rugby game in its entirety spans about 100 minutes from kickoff to final whistle.


Rugby union games last 80 minutes total – two 40-minute halves with a 15-minute halftime break. The rugby league is slightly shorter at two 35-minute halves. Rugby Sevens is the fastest format at two 7-minute halves. When factoring in halftime and TV coverage, a rugby match can last over 2 hours from start to finish.