No Lag VPNs Gaming How To Hide KD In PUBG? Hide K/D Ratio from spectators

How To Hide KD In PUBG? Hide K/D Ratio from spectators


How To Hide KD In PUBG

The kill-to-death ratio is a critical statistic in PUBG. It describes the number of kills a player scores before dying. In easy words, it is the number of kills divided by the number of deaths. The higher KD ratio, the better for the player. It also represents your form, and how good you are performing presently in PUBG.

Many users want to know How to Hide KD in PUBG. If you are also one of them then this post is helpful for you because here we discuss the method which helps you to hide KD In PUBG. Even you also know that PUBG is popular and many people play PUBG in India with full of excitement.

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Steps To Hide KD In PUBG

Many players don’t want to show their Kill per death ratio so PUBG helps you to hide your KD ratio. So you just have to follow the given below-mentioned steps which can help you to hide KD In PUBG simply without doing the extra effort. 

  • Start the game on your device.
  • On the main lobby screen, Press the settings icon.
  • After entering the settings menu, visit the basic settings section.
  • Scroll down in the settings section and try to find “Allow viewers to view tier information”.
  • PUBG enables the “Allow spectators to view tier information” by default, so you have to Hit and disable the option.

After following these so simple steps you will be able to hide KD in PUBG. PUBG is played by millions of users around the world and they also increase merit in PUBG to play with the pro players.

How Do I Hide Stats In PUBG?

In the Settings section, scroll down and search for the option “Allow others to see your results”. Disable that and all the results will be hidden from others means you hide KD in PUBG successfully.

How Do You Hide KD In Statistics PUBG Mobile?

To hide your KD in statistics PUBG mobile you need to apply those steps which are mentioned given below. So follow the all steps carefully.

  1. Open PUBG.
  2. Go to the settings section.
  3. Go to the basic section.
  4. Scroll down.
  5. Disable the allow tab for others to see your result.

Which KD Is Good In PUBG?

Most of the payers who play PUBG mobile carry a high KD ratio because it indicates their overall performances in PUBG games. If you have a decent KD of 5+ then it can boost your chances to be a part of a new team.

If you have a good KD then you don’t have to hide KD in PUBG from others while playing the PUBG. Apart from it if you play this game for long hours then it has also the side effects of PUBG that decrease your creativity and weak your eyesight. So play within limits and enjoy the game.

What Is The KD Of Athena?

Athena Gaming has also played 93 games on the KRJP server and has won 40 of them. This roughly summarizes a jaw-dropping K/D ratio of 43.01%. He has also racked 707 kills at an astonishing K/D ratio of 7.60.

How To Calculate F/D Ratio In BGMI?

In BGMI F/D ratio is the finished ratio which describes the average kill ratio of a player in each match. F/D ratio is calculated based on the total number of kills divided by the total number of games played. It is an essential factor as it characteristic of how skilled the player is in BGMI.

Is 1.61 KD Good?

KD is above the 1 means that is average if your KP is 4.0 so that is a good KD in PUBG.

What Is KD Full Form In PUBG?

In PUBG KD represent the Kill-Death-ratio of a player and displays the number of kills they achieved before dying.

How To Maintain KD In PUBG?

If you also want to know how to maintain KD in PUBG then here I mentioned the important tips which can help you to maintain KD so just follow the mentioned tips.

  • Play with the regular squad
  • Work on skills
  • Improve close range and mid-range gunfight
  • Get a stable device and data connection

Conclusion – 

Hope So after reading this post you can easily know the steps which can describe to you how to hide KD in PUBG. In this blog, we also mentioned the extra information which can help you to get more information related to this topic from here. Follow the steps and hide your Kill ratio in PUBG without any problems.